What can a community manager bring to a company?

There are still companies that don’t know this community manager and its missions, although the role has been around for almost 15 years. Therefore, it is always interesting to promote this profession and understand the interest of companies hire a community manager.

For this little content VS it’s simply about answering what a community manager can bring to the company at large. As a reminder, let’s consider what a community manager is.

What is a community manager?

the Community manager is a profession that belongs to communication on the internet especially through social media. Thus, the community manager manages the online communities that represent the subscribers of the various social networks in which the company is present. Its mission is to create content and distribute it on social networks by creating a badge.

He has many duties to fulfill his role; put in place social media monitoring, competitions, physical events, etc. Create web events like It also provides e-reputation of the company and does a moderate job. It is clear that the visibility of a company in social networks falls on the shoulders of the community manager.

The community manager skills therefore it is many, it covers content creation photo and video editing, mastering social networks and their communication codes, moderation, tools to master, etc.

The role goes far beyond that, and to do so, feel free to read content dedicated to the community manager profession via the CTA below:

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What can a community manager bring to a company?

As soon as a company decides to go online, it mainly has to go through social networks increase your vision and drive traffic to their website.

The overall digital strategy to be put in place will consist of developing an online presence through the website and social networks. This also includes content strategy, where it will be a matter of defining angles and positioning on keywords from an SEO point of view, not the role of the CM.

Community manager develops visibility in social networks

The community manager will develop visibility of the company on social networks and one SEO specialist will promote it in search engines. Therefore, these two roles are very complementary and important. It is clear that a company needs to be visible as soon as it steps onto the Internet, because a website is not enough.

What does a community manager bring to a company?

Therefore, the community manager will provide social media specialist to the company in terms of online communication. Thus, it will indirectly improve your company’s business because it is not commercial and will not be based on performance. It will evolve your company’s image and reputation by publishing content to be produced above while developing a conversation with the community it will manage.

A community manager is a communicating profile

The most important concept for the company is to understand that the community manager will be the continuity of internal communication. He will develop it online, respecting the codes and conveying the values ​​of the company. Its missions will be linked to the commitment it will create with its community through content and events.

It is also a source of suggestions for all levers to be built to maximize visibility. achieve goals and business expectations. Therefore, he will be able to offer a new perspective to work on image and reputation enhancement.

He could work on, for example field community management consists of get to know your community develops many aspects such as affiliate marketing or improve its content, services and/or products. That’s the idea trust your community to develop.

Summary of CM’s contributions to the company

The contributions to the company can be summarized as follows:

  • Content Creation,
  • View contribution,
  • Work on image and fame,
  • Improving customer relations through social networks,
  • Provider of electronic reputation on the Internet,
  • Implementation of measures to create a commitment,
  • Prepare events and meetings,
  • Build your product/service offering by relying on its community, etc.


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