Paris International Adventure Film Festival, January 27-29, 2023 —

International Adventure Film Festival – This festival is international in nature, film and adventure. Also, would it be more relevant to declare “adventure film” or “adventure film”? When we go on an adventure, we have an adventure, right? Let’s review the program and try to answer this important question, adventure or adventures?

Festival, film and adventure – Cycling, but not only

Believe us if you want, adventure is on a bike. But there are many other ways to experience this slightly exciting thing called adventure. In the program of this festival: 40 films, 9 conferences, 8 dedications, 40 adventurers come to tell you about their work. life. 3 days of the festival – from 27 to 29 January 2023 – and 10,000 people are expected to celebrate the adventure.

Sylvain Tesson: The president, the adventurer, who began his adventure by rolling on a bicycle

Sylvain Tesson. You know ? In his first book, he talks about a bicycle tour around the world with his assistant Alexander Poussin. It was a very long time ago. They are not the first to roll on the ground. Nevertheless, they opened up a field of opportunity in France anyway. Their shared adventures, and his subsequent adventures without Alexander, continue to inspire others who set out to explore with no destination or journey in mind. Whether on foot, boat, horse, motorbike or all of the above.

Sylvain and Alexandre didn’t start their adventure rolling in the dirt. They started younger, in college, in Passy, ​​a suburb of Paris. When they went to attack the roofs of the church. Then they went to the bivouac, suspended under the bridge of the Apple, and then somewhere between the ground and the top of the Eiffel Tower, without going through stairs or elevators.

Go (& Return?) by bike.

If we understand the pitch of the films correctly, at least four are bicycle journeys (or adventures).


from’Alaska to Patagonia For Sophie and Jérémie. We brought their adventure right here. Two years on the Continental Divide. From the extreme north to the extreme south of the American continent. Over 28,000 km on the bike. Film by Sophie Plank (France) Saturday, January 28, 11:00 a.m., room 400, duration 55 min.


Yellow-Mongol It is a film suggested by Cédric Tassan. He was there on the mic for Free Rice. Cédric Tassan’s film was shown on Saturday, January 28, at 12:30, room 400, duration 47 min.

The Good, the Bad and the Gnarly

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Here, the gravel replaces the mustang for a wild ride in the American West. Music by Enio Morricone? Film by Ben Page (United States) Saturday, January 28, 21:25, room 200, duration 5 min.

Vacuum world

Traveling more than 8,000 km, Fabien travels from Tarifa to the Northern Cape in an effort to become plastic free. It is not easy if we consider that the rubber of bicycle tires is a form of plastic. Film by Hervé Pfister (France) Sunday, January 29, 15:40, room 400, duration 74 min. Fabien signs his book during the festival.

Matthias Dandois will also be there. Want to offer an urban adventure on BMX? He will be speaking in room 400 on Friday, January 27th at 7:40 pm, immediately following the opening ceremony.

Beyond the movies

The program of the conference is as fascinating as the films. Isabelle Autissier, David Le Breton (also on the microphone of Rayons Libres, there if you’re interested) or freediver Guillaume Néry. Finally, we want to talk to you about this sacrifice that Kares Le Roy offers, on Saturday, January 28, from 17:00 to 18:00 free, unconditional, Bivouac room. Subject: Immortal Iran.

We’d almost like to suggest that you take a step back during this festival and take a look at all of this non-cycling content for once. Because on foot, in the mountains, in a canoe, we are sure that you will find a lot of inspiration.

An adventure or an adventure?

A short trip to Larousse reminds us that the word adventure has four meanings. Above all, adventure involves the challenges of a large part of the unknown, sometimes extraordinary aspects, involving one or more people as a company. Then an accidental event of a singular or surprising nature, of interest to one or more persons; story, adventure.

Also, any enterprise where the risk is significant and the success of which is doubtful (which brings us closer to the first meaning). Finally, an adventure, don’t forget that it is also a love affair that is often superficial and has no future. We’ll let you decide whether to opt out with or without the “s”, whichever seems more important to you, singular or plural. And then we’re not here to judge whether or not your adventures are in the future.

Practical details of the Paris Adventure Film Festival: CentQuatre is at 5 rue Curial 75019 Paris. It starts on Friday, January 27 from 12:30 to 10:30 p.m. It then continues on Saturday 28th January from 10.30am to 10.30pm and Sunday 29th January from 10.00am to 7.30pm.
And you can find the full program here. It is organized by adventure specialist Terres d’aventures (TerDav for short).
Prices: 1 film, 8 Euro | Pass 5 movies, 35 Euro | Pass 10 movies, 55 Euro | Pass to 15 movies, 65 euros.
Lecture by Sylvain Tesson: €10 – Other lectures: free (with reservation).

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