Ideas for walks in Nord and Pas-de-Calais on the weekend of January 14 and 15

Steene’s band returns at Dunkirk Carnival. Pinocchio on Zephyr in Hem, in sports and in nature: the challenge of escaping from the North, a solidarity concert in Croix and a spectacular exhibition in Dunkirk and a Laughter Show in Mouvaux! Well come out!

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Festival of Lights 2022 in Lyon

And the pick will be Cornelian again this week. Between the carnivals that return to the region, a family show, another to fight the darkness around, a nature walk, a modern art exhibition or even a solidarity concert, we will not miss in the region.

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Dunkirk Carnival with Drum Major Joe Boont’che

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It’s carnival time, and this weekend in a small town in Flanders is one such event

At Steen, it’s really back this Saturday, after a hiatus of more than three decades since the last group took place before the 90s. Suffice it to say, the residents are impatient. The ball kicks off this Saturday at 1pm with a Blues Zulous concert in the Raymond-Devos Room before the band heads to the Village for 3pm. Traditional herring shooting will be held at 17:15 at the town hall, and rigodon at 18:00. All with drum major Pilou 1er de Hoymille and cantinière Val. The program promises to be more fun.

Family show at Zéphyr in Hem

With this musical tale by Ely Grimaldi and Igor de Chaillé, we will take you on the extraordinary adventures of the famous wooden puppet… Pinocchio and his friends Cricket and the Blue Fairy. You will be immersed in a world of mischief and laughter with this timeless and modern tale.

This spectacular musical show is a true anthem of childhood amidst emotion, poetry, humor, acrobatics and songs.

Nature and sport walk

With the restoration of the Nord Evasion challenge. It is a sports competition organized by the Departmental Athletics Committee and the Northern Department to allow Northerners to explore the natural and tourist areas of the region while doing physical activity: trail running or nature running. . There are nine races on the program, including Lecelles, Raismes, Douchy-les-mines and the start of the first race this Saturday at Gravelines: “In the footsteps of Vauban”.

It will offer sports enthusiasts the opportunity to explore the night fortifications, natural woodlands, the beach, the dune belt and the Aa park. The next events will take place from February 5 to November 19, 2023. Last year, the challenge brought together 11,000 athletes, 16 of whom participated in all the events on offer.

A show to strengthen our zygomatics

An exceptional show with LAUGH SHOW this Saturday January 14 at 20:30 at the Etoile de Mouvaux. What is LAUGH SHOW? It is a group of comedians from the Jean Blondeau theater school created by actor Stéphane Pezerat, who appears in many Dany Boon films, and features 2 guest comedians, in this case Tom Boudet and Gaëtan Petit. is well known. And all these actors offer us humorous scenes for one evening: Theater, sketch, one man.

A very funny evening not to be missed.

Jubilee exhibition at Dunkirk

We opened an incredible museum in Dunkirk forty years ago. A white building that sculpts space and reflects light beautifully. “Like Long Echoes Joining from afar,” is the title of this exhibition celebrating 40 years of the Space for Art and Contemporary Action (LAAC). An exhibition for Gilbert Delaine, a collector who had no wealth at the time, but who had an idea and knew how to convince the city to shelter modern plastic creativity in the middle of the 20th century thanks to cultural patronage. . The exhibition shows a great variety of up-and-coming artists, including many from the region (Herbin, Dewasme, Pignon, Duchen). Arman, Nicois, Vasarely, Aixois, Arp, Strasburgois, even Miro Soulages, Poliakoff, Niki de Saint-Phalle… 13 young artists are invited to confront their art with the magnificent works of the collection.

A concert for a good cause at the Croix on Saturday

Gino Samyn, director and professor of the Conservatoire de Croix, accompanied by the group “In Live: 5 singers and 4 musicians” will appear on the stage at the night dedicated to the 80s. The purpose of this concert is to finance the project created there. 4 years ago by Gino Samyn, he created a music orchestra with the children of an orphanage in Mbour, Senegal. Every year he goes there with other musicians to give music lessons, and the rest of the time, the musicians of the presidential guard take over the lessons and concerts in the bush schools.

Therefore, to continue funding this solidarity project, this concert is being played on Saturday evening at the Croix. Reservations can be made at

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