5 lessons inspired by animals by Hugo Clément

He is “on the front” like his show. With a desire to inspire without panic. In this new year, what could be better than returning to Rabbits Don’t Eat Carrots (Ed. Fayard), where Hugo Clément constantly invites us to discover the animal world, its surprises and models to follow. If we were…


Rather, the crows we see everywhere in our cities, plunging their beaks into the garbage cans, tasting the leftovers of a dish with sauce… By observing them, we realized that greed drove them further: we crows crack nuts. But yes: they stop at red lights, put nuts in front of car wheels, run and jump when the light turns green… and come back to collect the nuts that are free from their shells! Corvids are among the most intelligent species by our standards, crows play (we see glass-capped skis on rooftops), use tools… What if we look a little better than the species around us, like crows? “It used to be ridiculous to be interested in animals,” cries Hugo Clément. There is a lot of sexism in this hate, we talked about “mother with a dog” or “an old girl with a cat”, we made fun of Brigitte Bardot. Fortunately, it’s over. We look at the animals we eat: 80% of the French are against factory farming. Associations opened our eyes that 90% of pigs live without seeing the light of day, locked in cages, 99% of rabbits… animals?” I remind you that we are not lions and can eat vegetables. Even politicians started talking about their pets. But it is also necessary to be interested in what passes without looking like a crow. And to understand that we need all animals: the disappearance of one species means one less brick in our house, two two bricks in our house, etc. The less alive, the greater the risk of disintegration. our health is ours: we are primates. To quote Romain Gary in The Letter to the Elephant: “In a world created entirely for man, there may be no place for man.”


Darwin was misread. All scientists repeat this: it is not competition that characterizes the animal world, but mutual assistance! Proof? bat. This little night owl shows great empathy: if one of its compatriots loses weight or looks hungry, all its companions spit out a little of their food for it… The UN wants people to learn to share too: 30% of our territories. the planet must be “sanctified” for wildlife by 2030. It is wishful thinking for now because even our protected areas are only 0.1% protected. Lack of habitat is one of the main reasons for the disappearance of animals. “The first reason for the decline of birds in France, explains Hugo Clément, is intensive agriculture – because of pesticides they have no more insects to eat, the disappearance of hedgerows has deprived them of shelter… – followed by concreting, their habitat and light pollution. But there is also hunting. France is the worst country in Europe for the number of species that can be hunted: we allow the hunting of species that are in decline and even endangered. This is a complete aberration. You have to learn to share the gaps, you have to feel overpowered by crushing the other. “Of course, there are sympathetic hunters, it annoys the journalist, but how can you go and dig a badger in your well and kill it with great cruelty, without even eating it afterwards… This is not innocent: if you are a sadist. animal, research proves it, you become more sadistic with people. This is the importance of uniting against such acts. “I advise all citizens to join the unions,” Hugo Clément continues. The more members, the more vocal they will be in the political debate. I invite us to discuss and talk about our concerns. I almost always wear the same shirt, I don’t eat meat anymore, but if I do it alone in my corner, it’s not enough. You have to tell the reason, bet on the team, do it together. In short, all Batman!

As thrifty as DAVON?

“As the title of my book says, did you know that rabbits don’t eat carrots? Hugo Clement asks. It is the invention of Tex Avery, which seems funny as an image that does not correspond to reality at all. Rabbits love nothing more than dry grass. Carrots are a bit like burgers to them, greasy, too sweet…” In the US, life expectancy has simply dropped, especially because of obesity, which has reached 40% of the population. 14-18 war… Let’s copy more bunnies! “We are in a mentally and even physically obese society, assures Hugo Clément. Everything overflows and one must achieve chosen or suffering sobriety. Unfortunately, by not making any decisions, we will be setting ourselves up for failure, and the poorest of us will suffer the consequences. How to save society after that? Anyway, this overconsumption is a mess. We must all choose cheerful frugality together. »

Do wizards like whales?

“In the book, I tell Kathy’s story: one day, this second person looked straight into the eyes of the person who caught and “trained” her and dived into the bottom of the pool to commit suicide. Because, yes, dolphins can decide to stop breathing. Since then, this distraught man has been fighting against water parks. How can we still keep zoos? To think we know an animal because we see it in a cage? Cetaceans locked in a small basin have nothing of their normal behavior, they suffer in chlorinated water! Take whales for example: did you know that they can travel thousands of kilometers and dive to a depth of 3,000 meters? But the magic is seeing them suddenly, far away, with all their power, mystery and freedom. It’s also a delicious lesson in humility. Honoring this magic seems to me to be the best way to combat the objectification that is ubiquitous in our society. The objectification of which women are largely victims and which affects our mental health: we are suffering from an underpaid, mistreated person on the other side of the world when buying and selling. To feel good, you need to go to the forest, to the seaside, to slow down, to take a step back, to try to get out of this race. »


If the fact that Police 27 is a hit in the water drives you crazy, check out the monsters. Always in action! This is the recommendation of a journalist who informs: “I am never depressed because I act, assures Hugo Clement. Hope to be helpful. I always say to depressed youth, “Get busy! You will meet people who think like you, and it makes you happy to act with them.” In particular, unlike in Mexico or Brazil, environmentalists in France are not likely to die for their ideas. Recall that between 2012 and 2021, 1,700 environmental activists were killed, some for saving trees, some for the river, even butterflies… “There are a thousand ways to act, Hugo Clement continues. It could be simply letting grass grow in your garden, insects coming back, fighting against cutting down trees… It could be telling yourself, well, we’re not going to end the world for insects. on holidays only in Europe or decides not to eat meat one day a week. You can present yourself to the municipal council… Maximize it! And don’t forget to enjoy life. A good warrior is a happy man. And Hugo Clément is off to the beach of Biarritz again. Among the animals to be copied, fortunately, there are people like him.

“Rabbits do not eat carrots”, Hugo Clément (ed. Fayard).

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