? Reducing greenhouse gases: the scenario is still possible

Currently, about a quarter of the world’s electricity comes from natural gas-fired power plants, which are a major contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions (10% of energy-related emissions at the highest figures) and climate change. .

With collection data (In information technology (IT), data is an elementary description, often…) 108 country (Country comes from the Latin pagus, which designates a territorial and tribal division…) and a group he leads that quantifies emissions across the countryMcGill University (McGill University in Montreal, Quebec…) consists of researchers whoUniversity (A university is a higher education institution with the purpose of…) Carnegie-Mellon, Johns-Hopkins University, University of Texas (Austin) and University of Maryland estimated the era. life (Life is a given name 🙂 who’selectricity (It is a physical phenomenon due to different electric charges of electric current…) since gas (A gas is a collection of very loosely bound atoms or molecules and…) produced each time year (A year is a unit of time that represents the time between two occurrences of a related event…) a common (Total is an absolute quality without exception. In accounting terms, a…) 3.6 billion tons of carbon emissions carbon dioxide (Carbon dioxide, commonly known as carbon dioxide or carbon dioxide…) (CO2) in the world (May refer to the word world 🙂. team research (Scientific research is primarily… calculated that this amount (Quantity is a general metrology term (count, amount); scalar,…) if measures are taken, it can be reduced by 71%mitigation (Loss of signal intensity and amplitude…) is carried out all over the world.

Increasing the efficiency of power plants, a key element “We were impressed when we saw the importance of gas reduction. greenhouse effect (Greenhouse effect is a natural process and for a certain absorption of energy…) we can achieve it by 2050, even by 2030,” said Sarah Jordaan, associate professor at the department. Civil engineering (Civil engineering represents all techniques related to civil structures. The…) and othersinstitute (An institute is a permanent organization established for a specific purpose. It…) sustainability in engineering and design (Design (French style) is a field focused on the creation of objects,…) Trottier of McGill University and lead author of the recently published paper Nature Climate Change. “If we want natural gas (Natural gas is a fossil fuel, a mixture of existing hydrocarbons…) to play (The cheek is the part of the face that covers the oral cavity…) role in the sober future carbon (Carbon is a chemical element of the crystallog family, symbol C,…)even if there is a transition period, we need to increase the efficiency of power plants and reduce emissions methane (Methane is a hydrocarbon with the chemical formula CH4. It is the simplest compound of….) is produced by natural gas extraction and captures and stores CO2.

“We have found the most effective way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions tight (A greenhouse is a generally enclosed structure intended for production…) carbon capture and storage, followed by improved power plant efficiency,” adds Andrew Ruttinger, PhD student (A PhD student is a dedicated beginning researcher under the supervision of a director…) in chemical and biomolecular engineeringCornell University (Cornell University is a private American university…) study participants. “However, the mitigation measures that will work best in any given country will vary from country to country Context (The context of the event includes the circumstances and conditions surrounding it;…) regional and existing infrastructure.”

Necessary changestogether (In set theory, a set intuitively defines a collection…) of chain (The string of words can have several meanings 🙂 The team calculated that the five largest emitters – the US, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Japan – have the largest reduction potential (39%). And these countries, with the exception of Japan, are among the largest gas producers and consumers in the world.

“Climate change is a global challenge. To have a low-carbon energy system, we need to reduce emissions throughout the supply chain, from extraction to use of gas,” explains Arvind Ravikumar, associate professor in the Department of Engineering. oil (Oil is a carbonated liquid rock or mineral oil. Exploitation…) and geosystems at the University of Texas at Austin. “Our analysis shows that we need to do more to reduce current levels of emissions, but by accurately identifying the source of emissions in the gas supply chain, governments can take nationally determined policy actions to reduce their own emissions.

In the article “Global mitigation opportunities for the life cycle natural (Natural is a semi-compiled programming language published by the company…) gas powered power”, published by Sarah Jordaan et al Nature Climate Change.

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