What is this comedy with Jean-Pascal Zadi worth? [Critique]

It took many years to see the first French shark movie in our cinemas. the year of the shark It is offered to us by the Bucherma brothers with the first big casting. On the bill we find Marina Foïs, Kad Merad and Jean-Pascal Zadi.

Summary: Maja, a Black Sea police officer, sees her worst nightmare come true: early retirement! Her husband, Thierry, has already planned a campsite and a mobile home. But the disappearance of a vacationer alerts the whole coast: there are sharks in the bay! With the help of his young colleagues Eugénie and Blaise, he jumps at the chance to offer himself one last mission…

A very special style

They marked their world with monster movies, Teddy. And that’s the least we can say Zoran and Ludovic Buherma they stay true to their cinema in this feature film. Again, the directors offer us a fairy tale. It is far from reality, and we understand this from the appearance of the character’s name Marina Fois : Maja Bordelave.

Have something you’ve seen and reviewed? Too little for them. They already do genre film. What is complicated to finance at the moment France. But they do it with a very special touch. A la carte, sometimes awkward humor. But be warned, the film is not as much of a comedy as it was sold to us in the trailer.

The film has its share strange characters. It’s strange in the sense that some are distributed to non-professional actors. It places the lines in an odd way at times, but it’s always charming. We are thinking of the actor, of course Ludovic torrentwho plays Pepin Teddyand who is responsible for the narration this time.

After starting with a dramatic comedy Willie 1er, the two brothers quickly returned to their first love. Starting with a monster movie, broken but quite effective, we feel that this time it is a little more comfortable financially. And you know what? The film is not cheap ! We could be afraid of a good old man shark in terrible computer graphics. No, the brothers wanted a real shark, as it were Jaws. A felt shark. For this, they called someone to a animatronic. And we believe it.

“Before, we didn’t even accept our references John Carpenter etc. We had the idea of ​​a shark movie before that Teddy » – The Buherma brothers during the preview of Club 300 Allociné

Covid, American cinema and campaigning

If we try to analyze the film as well, a Allegory of Covid. And this was confirmed by the brothers during the preview. Indeed, Covid is represented by this shark that has come to a place that has not known it before. The place, France, is represented by a village Southwest. Then the characters try to juggle a phenomenon they’ve never encountered before.

Village, they love Boukherman. They say: they have arrived village. That is, of course, their cinema is similar to them. And as you grow up with them American cinema and their monsters enjoy mixing the two. Thus, the figures of American wolves encounter each other in the countryside. Often monsters are too big for the place they land on, a space and sometimes strange reactions.

“We liked the idea of ​​bringing together figures of American wolves and the French countryside. With a monster too big for where it comes from. » – The Buherma brothers during the preview of Club 300 Allociné

More control

Their style is self-affirming and the implementation is visual increasingly careful. Implementation ideas are interconnected and there are more Teddy. The charm and surprise of the film is a little less strong than the previous film.

Maja Bordelave, played by Marina Fois, is willing to do anything to track down a killer shark.

Fortunately, when a previous film is buzzing (and good), great actors are more inclined to consider a script sent to them. This is the case Jean-Pascal Zadiewho says he loves Teddy and so he signed the year of the shark. But he is the one who carries the whole movie Marina Fois. And it’s funny, because watching the movie and her performance, you’d wonder who could replace her, because it seems like the role was made for her.

Finally, the year of the shark des Boukherma has a little less surprise and charm than his previous feature film. However, their style asserts itself and they gain control. The film, and fortunately, does not look cheap. It’s simply a love letter to genre films. They work and it’s a wonderful movie that tries. I can’t wait to hear about their next project. Which monster will be played on the screen? Unless it goes in a completely different direction… And if you want more with Jean-Pascal Zadi, the latter is currently in the series. In placeOn Netflix.

Movie fragment the year of the shark

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