Red Sonja: MJ Bassett’s film reinvents the heroine’s origins (to remove the part about her rape)

Far from the periphery of Hollywood, big productions greedy for unrealistic budget envelopes and special effects, Red Sonja It originates from a small village an hour’s drive from Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. Compilation of The Hollywood Reporter It explored the tumultuous process of getting this unusual comic book adaptation off the ground—a whole series of non-isolated sex scandals, rewrites, burn-in delays, internal problems within the production community responsible for the project. , Movies of the Millenniumand so on.

This impressive tribune details the entire file Red Sonja, from the starting point of the gestation of this feature film, which started domestically about fifteen years ago, the situation of Bulgaria as the host country, small productions were broken in this category. A long and fascinating series, unfortunately too dense or too out of context. MJ Bassett. Journalist Scott Johnson specifically discusses the personal history of his transition Bassett toward transgender female identity, marital status of owners Movies of the Millennium and the political history of Bulgaria vis-à-vis the former Soviet empire in Eastern Europe. Apart from a literal translation, the portrait is too broad to be directly attributed to the film’s sole event. Red Sonja, but the article as a whole is available via the source link and paints a fairly complete portrait of all the philosophical, human and economic geography surrounding this little adaptation project. Good read.

Plus, you can be a little more specific for the information, or perhaps complete the timeline of this new attempt to recover heroin. Roy Thomas in the movie, in the middle of the synopsis, a few key points emerge:

  • when it comes to work Joey Soloway, some details. After new accusations emerged around the lawsuit Bryan Singerwas considered for some time in the staging of the film Red Sonjaand is rented by the owners at a high price Movies of the Millennium Production had taken a 180-degree turn to control the field. A damning journalistic investigation published by the editorial office has revealed new allegations of assault and pedophilia. Atlantic. The studio later bowed to pressure and complaints from some of its employees, none too happy to be associated with its name. Singer and many are campaigning for the principal’s dismissal. Millennium then decided to choose the opposite proposition: the solution to overcome the problem of sexual harassment accusations was to change the film. Red Sonja with a feminist and militant plea # in the continuation of a great ideological transition on the heroes of the cinema after the exposure of the movement #I also. solowaycreator of the series Transparentidentified as a non-binary and LGBT+ cause activist, then passed for an eligible candidate.
  • But his name disappeared from the official production sheets quite quickly. according to The Hollywood ReporterTwo versions of the story collide when it comes to explaining his departure and recruitment MJ Bassett a few months later. according to Millennium, soloway it felt out of place in the project. He, in turn, explains that while preparing the project, on the contrary, he was deceived by a line of thinking and presents the first version of his script. Red Sonja. soloway the idea of ​​making a documentary series about the maternal origins of the biblical Abraham, born out of his own research into the symbolism of the hero as a representation of the female deity, would actually be more interesting. However, the director remains attached to the production project, but without any specific participation in the filming or intervention in the ideas he develops Bassettwhich has sole control over beneficial decisions.
  • This estrangement goes even further: when he takes office, a new director is hired to fill the vacant role soloway has mastered the script completely. Here’s how the article was received THR summarizes this rewriting in the intentions and general mechanics of substantive discourse.

“Bassett’s half-rewritten script steers clear of themes of gender identity and sexuality. The quirky and friendly director is also very direct: “I really didn’t like the previous script, which dealt more with political issues around sexuality. “Of course, in my personal life, these are things I’m interested in, but as a storyteller, I’m not sure it’s the right way to go.”

Bassett also removed one of the plot points of the 1985 film (note: and the Marvel comics, but we won’t argue): Red Sonja being raped by passing thugs. “I don’t see the idea of ​​rape as a motivator for the character. This is not a strong motivation. Sonja is just a person in a world of womanhood.’

Note that the long way is detailed in the article MJ Bassett to get the rights to film their new adventures Red Sonja – a character that the director adored since childhood and has been promoting since the implementation of the plan. reboot ordered by Movies of the Millennium. This status as a comic book fan, which distinguished him from a command worker in the standardized habits of the market, also allowed him to distinguish between good and bad stories of the barbarian in comics. Marvelthen on the shelves Dynamite Entertainmentofficial owners sonia for a little over ten years. Bassett It hasn’t given up the famous chain bikini that has been used as a costume for the character since its inception, but despite this, it worries many designers or screenwriters that they can’t see beyond the plastic. Red Sonja and an outlet for lusty teens in need of dating.

The writing continues a little further along the lines of the script.

“With Red Sonja, Bassett wanted to avoid the subject of gender identity, which some audiences might have expected to see used: a female character imprisoned in misogynistic depictions for decades. A powerful woman, not gendered at all? Does the director recognize this logic. Instead, it explores Sonja’s journey in the face of climate change. turns it into a more general existential allegory for the survival of the species..

In the latest information about the production of the film Red Sonjaproduction designer Clint Wallacehe just quit his job as an art director Top Gun: Maverickalso passed marvel studios with regards to Doctor Strange: Into the Multiverse of Madness, explains that he also had complete freedom to create special effects. Namely, the concrete and economical special effects, which should replace the abundance of green screens of the big production with practical methods, which present as a breath of fresh air compared to the guy’s Hollywood technique and his bulimia for synthesized images.

Wallace evokes the image to be sought in its tones crazysteampunk imagination and architecture Frank Lloyd Wright, a famous pioneer of prairie style and nature-friendly home construction. A complete program.

Re Matilda Lutzgrandstand The Hollywood Reporter Unfortunately, the actress did not have the right to additional filming in the costume, despite the fact that she visited the studios allowed by the production. After refusing to be safe Hannah John Kamenthe time allotted for the role, Bassett He would choose this Italian actress, whose natural sincerity and the sympathy she inspired immediately captivated him. It is reported in the forum Lutz it took thirteen pounds of muscle to interpret Red Sonja for scripted sword or ax fights in a movie theater.

Now all that’s left is to finish boxing the film and find a distributor for the US. Currently, the project does not yet have an official release date, but the eclipse should be completed around the Bulgarian capital in the next few months.

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