Arcep will measure the consumption of your internet box


Personally, I turn off my TV box completely every day because it consumes so much.
I don’t understand that the bcp modem+box is always on = 50-100€/year depending on the operator.


No wonder a gas station just to connect to the internet…


When Free’s TV boxes launched, they looked like a PC from the 2000s, only to run a custom Android that was so confusing!
I never use it, it’s turned off and put away in the closet.


We are still waiting for the speed test which should be implemented on the boxes announced from 2019…


Internet box on connected and programmed socket:
on office days, the box opens automatically from 6 am to 7:30 am
at 5:30 p.m. and reopens on telework
working days from 8 am to 1 am.


I am a supporter of ecology. I am environmentally responsible.
But the dictates of dictatorship and ecological sects are starting to tire of it.

Murphy’s law

It’s interesting to focus on internet-only boxes… as if they don’t know how much they’re consuming anyway (this is mentioned in the white paper).
On the other hand, radio silence on all other equipment. home, they are also on standby: the TV, the desktop computer (it works even when the power supply is turned off) and, above all, the network adapters of our electronic equipment (battery or not) that are constantly connected to electricity…


Real savings can be made on the items that consume the most energy: electric heater, fridge/freezer, electric oven.
This is a bit like the famous 20/80 “rule”: 20% of the uses consume 80% of the electricity. is used.
Note: This is an opinion, not a scientifically proven fact.


“Electricity prices continue to rise.” =>> Lie, the price of electricity and gas is falling. Yesterday we were between €8 cents and €135 per MWh for France. This clearly points to a return to normal prices in the spring (unless the energy companies abuse it and line their pockets on the backs of customers). This summer we are a long way from €600-700 per MWh…

good 100 g

is this a joke solving such trivial issues while our world is burning is heartbreaking! As always, instead of questioning the models that led us to this monumental failure, we prefer to place some citizen/consumer blame…


My freebox revolution is always on and I’m not going to turn it off. I use wi-fi on my cell phone as well as my radio box in my bathroom.
On the other hand, I just turn on the decoder. when i need it.
And cut the lights in stores? ads (in life and online)? stands in supermarkets that are not in closed “refrigerators”? and finally supermarket aisles should have full heating or air conditioning, I don’t think we’re putting the cursor in the right place…


And which consumes nothing or almost nothing… (I measured everything connected to my house with a dedicated device)
A transformer that gives nothing doesn’t even consume 1 watt (measured to zero). with my device).
In my case, I saw problematic devices: a refrigerator and a freezer, a gas boiler (or forget it, but it works with electricity) and something crazy: a loupiote porter on the street.
In all cases, it was very old equipment that was old and changed a few, the decrease in consumption is very clear. And for a new boiler with connected thermostatic valves and an external sensor, I got 35% in terms of gas in 2021.
Next step: look at heat losses with a thermal camera. In my opinion, with such an approach, we really reduce our energy consumption.


We will have to stop with this kind of persistent guilt, even without waiting for the investigation, I can assure you that it is insignificant and worst next to the refrigerator, radiator, air conditioner or hot water tank. This is because we maintain the idea of ​​green washing, we believe that by turning off this type of appliance, we will save a crazy amount of electricity. We convey the idea that the more restrictive it is, the more effective it is for savings, which is never true.

ultra account

Murphy’s Law:
(specified in the technical document)
But it is not detailed according to uses.
Murphy’s Law:
On the other hand, mute the radio on all other equipment in the house
When our world is burning, the solution of such trivial issues worries people
Haha what about…


In this case, it doesn’t really concern you… it aims to hold operators accountable and stop the peddling of crap.
Consumer index like household appliances will not be bad.


The problem of this age is that reason, pragmatism, science and ultimately reality and truth are no longer the criteria. We swim in a filthy ideology full of false illusions that we try to impose as truth on the collective mind. A kind of sad idiocracy where intellect is no longer established as a guide to our decisions and actions…


A few personal readings: Livebox 4: 10w, 7w if wifi cut. Annual consumption without cutting anything: 87 kwh, my washing machine or the equivalent of 500 km in an electric car. 87kWh costs me about fifteen euros a year.
PS: I’m not saying don’t turn it off… personally, I turn off the unnecessary, that’s how I was brought up.


wrong, one box consumes max 12w, so for 1 year of H24 lighting you will get it for 15€. Great economy…

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