“It’s a massacre”: neighbors condemn the state of the animal shelter in Luc

“VSThere is slaughter, there are dogs, pigs, goats, all of them are in a bad condition.” Sabrina Ribeiro does not take off.

At 799 rue des Mayons in Luc, a woman in her thirties has been running an “animal shelter” since 2020. The second one did not want to answer their requests Var-morningthe editors collected many damning statements against him.

“Animals often stray and the land becomes a real dump”continues Le Monde de Tina, co-founder of the Lucoise animal association that launched the warning.

On site, the site looks more like a slum than an animal shelter. The presence of about thirty dogs on the ground makes noise to the residents.

Two emaciated-looking goats are in a garage near a secondary road, the ground littered with rubbish amidst bony cars, caravans and makeshift cabins.

Photo: Camille Dodet.

“Several times we came face to face with one of the running dogs”An angry neighbor reports that he can no longer use the land he rented for outdoor fun in the summer.

“Hurur is systemic and many are often isolated to this place”, continues this resident. To know, “the homeless from Luc and Cannet who will live on land.”

“The last time one of his goats came to our house to die. It died on our land for two days.”, says another. An upset neighbor sent a letter to the city hall of Luc-en-Provence. In vain.

“We are regularly called for stray animals in the Department: dogs, cats and even pigsconfirms Henri Obadia, the deputy mayor of Luc in charge of the matter. Complaints have been made. We can’t do anything at the municipal level because it’s on private land leased from an owner who doesn’t live nearby.”

No association status

“He refuses any dialogue and threatened me several times when I went to observe and take pictures.Sabrina Ribeiro continues. He had five pigs that escaped in December. We brought three people to a safe place, two were killed.”

Animals walk regularly. Some of them are mowed by vehicles moving in the direction of Lecasud on the departmental road. Photo: Camille Dodet.

Despite all the reprimands, the young woman who runs this popular shelter without a permit continues to act. “I was able to get a cat from him.”says Lukdan pensioner, who does not want to be named.

“It was an obstacle to get my cat, he was so creeped out that he entrusted the animal to me. Then he said that he feeds the animal on coffee and beer…” The cats would be crammed into one of the trailers and into the cabin.

From the start to L’arche de Cloé

The woman at the head of this shelter began her commitment to animals with Vanessa Leboucher, who runs L’Arche de Cloé in Arcs-sur-Argens.

“His intention is noble. He wanted to do well, but events overtook himhe gets angry. He moved to Le Luc in 2020 and it was going well at first.”

Until April 30, 2022, when the two women stopped working together. “He forcibly took animals from a person just because he quarreled with himArcoise says. It was too much and it’s a shame. Because he manages to move people with his natural charm before scaring them with his explosive personality.

According to our information, the owner of this “shelter” also has large bills to pay to veterinarians in the area and is the subject of a court and police investigation.

“Does it have to be drama to move forward?

On the other side of Mayons Road, Chantal Thomas and her husband also find shelter. They only accept severely disabled animals. A peaceful paradise where blind cats coexist peacefully with amputated dogs.

“We are a few hundred meters away from the shelter in question. Sometimes, when we pass by, we see dogs fiercely fighting with each other.he grumbles. They put a few on the weakest ones, who constantly go to the vet in very bad condition.

On Christmas Sunday, another animal lost its life after escaping from the shelter. “When my son came to see me, he found one of the dogs in his care dead. Sleeping in the hallway. Probably hit by a car…”Chantal Thomas regrets.

Heartburn for this fiery protector of animals. “It’s been two years of nonsense. It has to stop”it is taken away.

“Does it have to have drama to go forward? That there’s a serious car accident because of their animals? Or that one of them violently attacks a person so that the gendarmerie and justice get involved?”

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