Integrate social networks into business

Since 2007, large French companies a decrease in traffic to their websites The number of Internet users continues to grow. That’s why it happens it is strategic for the company to move to where the Internet users arethat is, on social networks.

Find out in this article reasons why the company integrates into social networks in growth objectives.

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Advantages of social networks

Let’s discover together the reasons why social networks are used so much by companies.

Advantage 1: Easy to use

Social networks connect individuals and/or professionals. They are easy to use : being an active member in a social network does not require any special technical skills.

In addition, social networks were also free. Therefore there is no no financial barriersexplains penetration rate among students and youth in general.

Finally, social media offer messaging and discussion forums. they allow share media (photos, videos, music), passions, common projects, building relationships or even organizing events. The number of applications built around Twitter or Meta is also a measure of their success and seems to be related to ease of use and technical development of the tool.

Advantage 2: their capacity

The reached its size (measured by the number of registrants) and service community are the main success factors that develop around the network. There are some networks that do not reach critical size he went.

The success of a social network also depends on opportunities:

  • of certain networks against new entrants either by buying them (eg: Instagram by Meta), or by innovating faster.
  • from the social network It becomes a mandatory link for the Internet user by creating a phenomenon of habituation or addiction to the tool. It can be done with Collection of information about the Internet user that the latter will store on said network (photos, videos, bookmarks, e-mails, etc.).

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Usefulness of social networks for companies

If you’re not already using social media in your business, discover the many benefits social media can bring you now!

Utility #1: Communicate around your brand

Audience of social networks steady growth which makes it a tool in itself. These networks also allow implementation low cost communication measures. However, the company must:

  • think about data quality the ability to connect to the brand through delivery and presence on social networks.
  • to know to retreat in order not to fall into the advertising trap.

Utility 2: build a community around your organization or brand

There are three types of online communities:

  • they are trading communities (eg: online wine sales portal) where the relationship between individuals is weak, they come mainly to search for information or to buy products.
  • they are communities of interest many in terms of health that bring members together around common goals (eg: doctissimo).
  • they are imagined communities where members are connected in a purely virtual universe.

Marketing research has shown that companies are interested building brand communities (for example: Harley-Davidson, Nutella, etc…) allowsdeveloping new products, testing them, having ambassadors of the brand.

3rd benefit: acquiring a new culture

It gave birth to community sites and blogs chat market.

A challenge for brands sparks conversations then finding the right approach to participate without ever intruding and adding value.

The conversational market is a toolmonitor to identify signals from competition on future trends or handle complaints. Companies shouldlisten to your customers identify problems with their products and manage them as best they can.

4th utility: hire employees and build partnerships

A lot of information can be gathered from social networks. HR managers can, of keywords, choose from CVs posted online. They can also evaluate candidates for both to gain time also during interviewsavoid inviting the candidate to the interview.

Finally, social networks make it possible creates partnerships easily with other companies or influencers.

Risks of social media for business

Risks associated with social networks can take for work several forms.

At the first level securityespecially in relation to published and externally visible data without access risk control to unauthorized third parties. Strategic information may be disclosed. There are a number of risks Spamthey are website attacks to get the codes typo (note domains with intentionally misspelled names of known websites)

Finally, it can become the use of social networks by employees abuses and thus retards the productivity of the latter. Therefore, it is important to limit them.

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