Innovative womenswear store at home at Nat’Achat in Saint-Genest-Lerpt

France Bleu Saint-Étienne Loire – This is a very original concept, Nathalie Muler, you receive your customers in your home. How exactly do you organize yourself?

Nathalie Muller: This is a two-pronged concept. I receive my clients by appointment during the week. Just call me to set up a time slot. Good thing I have time to deal with it, give them good advice and it’s a bit of personal selling for them.

I also organize “showrooms” every three to four weeks on weekends. And there, my living room becomes a reunion! Customers come a little when they want. It’s a very friendly moment.

It is true that you have a very original concept. You put yourself fully on stage on the Internet. Do you think it works better than a traditional website?

Let’s just say it’s more vibrant and more representative than the time-consuming website I used before. Every day I publish a short video on my social networks, Facebook or Instagram, which has several hundred followers. And my daughter enjoys improvising as a model!

You make fairly regular trips to Italy to provide yourself with clothes. You come back with hundreds of coins every time. After that, do you find buyers easily in the Loire?

Yes, customers know me. They like them a lot because they are fabrics that you can’t find anywhere else, that I hand pick right there in Italy. If they need anything, I can pick up their special items.

Between these private sales and these salons you’re organizing, do you think much of this upcoming sales cycle?

Yes, this is the highlight of the season. We have already started with private sales and we are continuing our efforts with this new discount batch!

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Nathalie Muller and her company Nat’Achat can be found on social networks Facebook
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