Golden Globe | Steven Spielberg won the best director award for The Fabelmans

(Los Angeles) American director Steven Spielberg won the Golden Globe award for best director on Tuesday for his semi-autobiographical film. Fablemen.

This intimate feature film is largely inspired by the director’s childhood. He plays a young American Jew who dreams of making a movie in the 1960s, while his parents watch as their couple’s brutal break-up.

Cate Blanchett won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Drama. tar.

Set in the tumultuous world of classical music, this feature film stars an Australian-American actress as a ruthless conductor at the top of her game as her life falls apart.

American actor Austin Butler won the Golden Globe for best actor in a drama on Tuesday for his brilliant portrayal of rock ‘n’ roll legend Elvis Presley in a biopic. Elvis.


Austin Butler

The comedian defeated fellow nominee Brendan Fraser WhaleFor Hugh Jackman SonFor Britain’s Bill Nighy Residence and for Jeremy Pope Inspection.

Irish actor Colin Farrell won the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Comedy on Tuesday for his role in the film. Banshees of Inisher.

In this tragicomedy, he plays an islander distraught by the sudden end of his friendship with a longtime friend who no longer wants to talk to him.

Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Comedy on Tuesday for her role in the surreal and haunting film. Everything Everywhere At Once.

In this sci-fi feature film, he plays a laundromat owner who is fed up with administrative hassles and family life. He suddenly discovers the existence of parallel universes, all threatened by his depressed daughter.

Celebrities meet despite recent scandals

From Steven Spielberg to James Cameron to Guillermo del Toro, many Hollywood heavyweights attended the Golden Globes in person on Tuesday despite scandals that have tarnished the awards’ image.

The night’s host, African-American comedian Jerrod Carmichael, opened with a joke recalling accusations of racism, sexism and corruption directed at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), which presents the awards.

“I will tell you why I am here. I’m here because I’m black,” he said.


The host of the evening is comedian Cerrod Carmichael

“I won’t say it’s a racist organization, but until George Floyd died, they didn’t have a single black member. So do what you want with this information,” he added.

The Golden Globes, hijacked by gratin last year and stripped of television, are back on NBC. American channel agreed to broadcast 80e publication after a series of reforms to the HFPA to increase diversity and prohibit its members from accepting gifts from studios.

Brad Pitt is expected

Many big names hit the red carpet on Tuesday night, including director Steven Spielberg, whose semi-autobiographical Fablemen Eddie Murphy, the actor who should be nominated for his favorite part of the best drama film award and his entire career.

They were attended by directors Guillermo del Toro and James Cameron, as well as actress Margot Robbie. On Twitter, the HFPA also announced the participation of Brad Pitt and Rihanna in the running for the awards.

But the ceremony is pretty low-profile: most of the “after-parties” usually organized by studios to drown their winners in champagne will not take place.

Controversial producerAvatar: The WaterwayJon Landau defended his presence on the red carpet this year.

“I think the HFPA has responded to the criticism leveled at it and is taking action,” he told AFP, praising the organization for its reforms.

Spielberg, Cruise, Cameron

However, the ceremony must deal with two signs of absence.

Brendan Fraser was nominated for his role as an obese and arrogant professor WhaleShe accuses the former president of the HFPA of sexually assaulting her and boycotts the event.

Manufacturer Top Gun: MaverickTom Cruise also didn’t have to attend after returning his three Golden Globes to protest the scandals.

His feature film, however, will attempt another big box office hit in 2022 Avatar: The Waterwayprevent Fablemen Winning the award for best dramatic film.

tarand biopic set in the universe of classical music ElvisThe king of rock’n’roll can also have a surprise.

As for comedies, Irish tragicomedy Banshees of InisherThe film, which depicts the sudden end of friendship on a small Irish island in the 1920s, will compete in eight categories for the first time in two decades.

The film is particularly confronting with surrealism Everything Everywhere At Once.

In-game Prestige

Beset by controversy, the HFPA has revamped its Golden Globes judging panel, including 103 new entrants who are not full members of the associations, including many women and people from ethnic minorities.

After the recent controversies, the prestige of these awards is at its peak at this ceremony.

In the past, success at the Golden Globes was a valuable marketing tool capable of launching a winning campaign toward the Oscars’ top prize.

According to Pete Hammond, a columnist for the specialty website Deadline, if the Golden Globe nominations are once again emphasized on movie posters, unlike last year, their influence seems to be permanently diminished.

“When every article in the Globes talks about the scandal […] That doesn’t make them credible to Oscar voters, I think,” he concludes.

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