Weather News: California floods: situation to worsen this week – METEO CONSULT – DETAILED 15-DAY WEATHER FORECAST

After a very wet start to the year, the situation in California is critical due to a series of winter storms.

Many atmospheric rivers Follow each other since 1er Heavy rains in the Golden State in January cause flooding in places. 3 new systems are planned this week and shouldn’t help the situation.

San Francisco has already had up to 2 months of rain

Northern California was particularly affected by these repeated downpours. The city of San Francisco already receives 223 mm per month, compared to the normal for this season of only 112 mm. Further south, the excesses are less significant, even in Los Angeles in 10 days, 90% of the normal average monthly accumulation for January, which is already reduced by 73 mm. Santa Maria, north of Santa Barbara, recorded 87 mm of rain during the latest disturbance on Monday. Many of the normally dry rivers in these regions have become flooded, and the entire plains of Northern California are completely submerged.

Gale force winds in the Sacramento area

These powerful depressions are powerful not only for flooding, but also for gale-force winds. So last weekend, the Sacramento region suffered a lot of damage. Winds of more than 100 km/h were measured in the federal capital of the state. Dozens of trees in the city center were uprooted, the ground flooded and no longer supports the root system. Then half of the city was plunged into darkness.

Up to 2 meters of snow fell in the Sierra Nevada

On the other hand, these precipitations are a boon for the ski resorts of the Sierra Nevada, which are covered with a lot of snow. The average snowfall is already 160% of what it should be for this time of year, making it the heaviest snowfall in 10 years and 3 years.c It has not been given for 40 years. This is good news for the state’s water supply. Indeed, California is largely dependent on water supplies from melting snow. The National Weather Service says many reservoirs are now above their historical averages, and levels have risen rapidly over the past month.

What to expect in the next few days?

With 3 more winter storms on the schedule this week, these next 10 days could be the wettest for the state since 1871. Officials fear not only flooding, but also severe damage from strong winds in the mountains and along the coast. Winds above 100 km/h and tornado events are possible. Once again, Northern California will be the most affected. We’re expecting between 150 and 300mm across the coastal ranges north of San Francisco this week, which could get another hundred millimeters. The terrain north of Los Angeles is likely to receive more than 150 mm. Sierra terrain should receive up to 150 feet of fresh snow by Sunday.

So the next ten days will be tough for Californians. The National Weather Service has warned of hazardous conditions that could lead to major flooding, mudslides and mudslides. No improvement is expected before next January 19.

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