this breathtaking serial is a hit but netizens are afraid that they will never see season 2

Employer It was among the most anticipated series of December on Netflix. After being a blockbuster hit black manReleased last October, Noah Centineo changes his register by jumping into the shoes of Owen Hendricks, a young lawyer newly recruited by the CIA. From his first days, he has to take care of Max Meladze, a former agent who was arrested for murder in Phoenix, Arizona. He threatens to reveal the nature of his longstanding relationship with the intelligence agency if he is not released immediately. Owen will soon find himself in particularly dangerous situations as he tries to complete his mission. The spy series, available since December 16, was a hit and almost overshadowed Wednesday. One has to wonder if Season 2 was planned by the creator and the streaming platform.

Looking forward to season 2“, “I need 2 seasons“: Netflix subscribers are already demanding the sequel Employer

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As soon as it airs on Netflix, Employer attracted many subscribers. Viewers were deeply shocked by the finale of the first season. Indeed, many are interested in the fate of one of the main characters and are confused by how the series ended. “Why such an ending, when is season 2?“, “If Netflix doesn’t renew The Recruit, it’s the end of the world. An incredible cliffhanger… And I want to see Amelia Salazar patch things up with Owen Hendricks. I don’t think it’s over between them. She acts like a cool woman who doesn’t care, but she doesn’t“, “The end of The Recruit series??? But what is it? in shock“, “Employer, end, leaving people in doubt like this is terrible!“, we can read especially on Twitter. Faced with this explosive finale, Netflix subscribers have only one thing waiting for them: season 2. Employer. “When is season 2 of The Recruit coming out on Netflix? Because don’t tell me there’s no sequel“, “I need season 2 ASAP“, “After seeing The Recruit, you need season 2 ASAP“, “Netflix, I just want to let you know that The Recruit series was great! Noah Centineo is awesome! Your mission is to produce season 2, and that’s an understandable order“, “The Recruit it’s nervous swing season 2“.

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Employer : No season 2…yet!

As Netflix subscribers, they eagerly await its renewal Employer, nothing has been decided yet. But judging by the huge cliffhanger at the end of the last episode, it looks like the showrunner is all set to return for a second season. The creator of the series, Alexi Hawley, confirmed his desire to return with new episodes. “That’s what I want. If there’s one thing I always try to do, it’s make it unexpected“, he told the press diversity. Same story for Noah Centineo, who is ready to re-enter the service for a new episode blast. “The goal is always to make something that people will love and appreciate, always wanting more. If there was a season 2 that would be phenomenal“he explained Collider.

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