The pet cemetery reopens and will be expanded for animals under 40 kilograms

The animal cemetery of Prosnes (Marne) is open again from January 5. Recently changed owners: he is very busy with pets.

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The Northern Cemetery in Reims (Marne) is well known. Here are the tombs of the famous Veuve Clicquot and Count Drouet d’Erlon, who gave his name to the nerve center of the city of Coronation.
There are other cemeteries in the agglomeration. If they’re lesser known, that’s not to say they’re not worth the detour.
Thus, in 2019, in the village of Prosnes (Marne), which we have already mentioned, there is a unique cemetery in Champagne-Ardenne. The pet-friendly Quiet Valley has just opened its doors since Thursday, January 5th. , 2023.

The previously converted area is 3000 m². There are hundreds of good cellars there, and arrangements are now being made to accommodate new concessions (as long as the annual fee is paid).
Note that the place is reserved for people who have lost a pet (and buried it here). The politics of the house (if it can be called that) is that it is a place of contemplation and intimacy that cannot be accommodated by the interest of third parties or their simple “tourist” visit (even if it is devoid of any ill feeling). ).

“It was more of a slowdown than a shutdown.”, entrusts France 3 Champagne-Ardenne with its new manager, Amélie Viquiert. It’s no longer Munier (named after the owner and founding couple), but Quiet Valley remains a family affair, as it’s their daughter-in-law (see below).

“My mother-in-law already had a job. Cemetery [ouvert en 1995; ndlr] should have been secondary.” Recently, therefore, there have been no more recent entries, if at all “People have always come to meditate and it’s preserved”. It is no longer considered complete with acceptance: even an extension of an additional 6,000 m² is possible.
The network key is given to each concession holder. They can come to pray day and night, it’s not a problem.”

Of “from hamsters to rabbits, through birds and reptiles, to cats and three or four dogs”anything is possible as long as the weight of the animal is less than 40 kilos. “It’s not in the ground, it’s in the barn.” The standards are very strict indeed (the river flows past it). “A simple basement is 390 euros, a triple is 1170 euros.”
Graves can be covered with marble (Sacit is a funeral director’s partner in Valley Cormontreuil). They are always ornate and flowery (see heavily illustrated Facebook post below).

As for the coffins themselves (to be paid in addition to the shell), their price varies according to their size and cushions (optional). “As for us, maybe a small pillow and a blanket. Size XS – for new (Nac) pets like rabbits – €184.85 with padding.” It’s cheaper without it. “For a large dog we are at €286.41 including padding.

Caring for this animal cemetery full-time has become the main job of Amélie Viquiert, who is also a former sales team supervisor. “It changes a bit…” And there’s a lot of work to do: he doesn’t count the hours. Fortunately, he can count on his wife to support him (who already helps parents quite a bit). “he has a landscaping job”.
Among the ongoing projects: taking care of the vegetation “well grown”receiving owners for new introductions and collecting their impressions, “his ideas about flowers, benches, other things; to satisfy them”. Not to mention the entire administrative plan.
“The car park has been renewed, the gate will be changed, new cranes and equipment will be available…” Big news: the columbarium may soon be offered. It remains to fully develop it and determine the prices. Sakit Vadi is located at the exit of the village, between the fields and the river, on the D235 road (see map below).

What to satisfy “all pet owners and they can gather themselves in a place they like”. The new manager says that you can contact the Facebook page or mobile phone number 06 82 55 07 81 for any questions or suggestions.

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