Netflix competitor is leaving Belgium: what are the best SVOD sites still available here?

When ? Its owner, Lionsgate, has yet to announce a closing date. The decision to leave a number of territories, including Belgium, was made on November 3, 2022. At that time, the news had passed. careless.

What is this new €4.99/month Netflix competitor?

12 services and 20 SVOD subscriptions compared

Incidentally, this is bad news for viewers looking for atypical, alternative programming, misunderstood. Launched in 2021 under the Starzplay banner, rebranded as Lionsgate+ in September 2022, the site deftly marries bold new, underrated nuggets (Dr. Death, Heel) and classical (Spartacus).

In the context of the crisis, it is also a platform that is about to launch at a low price (€4.99 per month). Given this retreat, French-speaking Belgium is home to 12 major SVOD services priced from €2.99 to €24.99 per month.

Which should be preferred?

Monthly price Yearly price Synchronous screens Image quality Notes
Cinetek €2.99 €30 / €59 1 HD Access to 10 movies of the month + 12 movies (if €59 per year)
Amazon Prime Belgium €2.99 25 € 3 4K HDR Includes: other Amazon services
shadowz €4.99 49 € 2 ? Horror movies
Crunchyroll Fan €4.99 €59.88 1 SD, HD Asian anime
Crunchuroll Mega Fan €6.49 €64.99 4 SD, HD Asian anime
Amazon Prime France €6.99 €69.90 3 4K HDR Includes: other Amazon services
AppleTV+ €6.99 69 € 6 4K HDR
Student soon €6.99 €69.99 1 SD / HD depending on the movie
Essential coming soon €7.99 €79.99 1 SD / HD depending on the movie
Disney+ €8.99 €89.90 4 4K HDR
Netflix Essential €8.99 €107.88 1 HD
Movie Member €9.99 95 € 4 HD
Discovery of Dramapassion €9.99 €119.88 1 SD South Korean dramas
Family Soon €9.99 €99.99 4 SD / HD depending on the movie
MUBI €11.99 €143.88 2 HD, 4K depending on the movie
Netflix Standard €13.49 €161.88 2 HD
Dramapassion Premium €14.99 €179.88 1 HD South Korean dramas
Premium coming soon €14.99 (includes: 3 VOD rentals) €119.99 (includes: 25 VOD rentals) 4 SD / HD depending on the movie Includes: 3 VOD rentals per month / 25 VOD rentals per year
Netflix Premium €17.99 €215.88 4 4K HDR Includes: Access to Be tv channels
Go TV €24.99 (includes: Get TV channels) €299.88 (includes: Get TV channels) 2 HD Includes: Access to Be tv channels

Amazon Belgium revives interest in Prime Video

Launch of Amazon’s Belgium site in October 2022 exchange totally a bargain. The Prime subscription, which is mandatory to access the SVOD Prime Video catalog, is cheaper through than through

  • Basic subscription at €2.99 per month or €25 per year.
  • Basic subscription on €6.99 per month or €69.90 per year.

These financial terms are reviewed and amended reductionit is very easy to accept the narrowness of the selection of films and series, the cheerful irregularity of the catalog.

+ Prime Video offers 5 seasons of The Handmaid’s Tale (La Servante Écarlate) in Belgium.

Netflix costs twice as much as Disney+ for 4 screens

If Netflix and Disney+ are generally presented as siblings enemies There is no price competition in Belgium on SVOD:

  • Disney+. €8.99 per month. 4 simultaneous screens. 4K HDR resolution.
  • Netflix Essential. €8.99 per month. 1 screen. HD resolution.
  • Netflix Standard. €13.49 per month. 2 screens. Full HD resolution.
  • Netflix Premium. €17.99 per month. 4 screens. 4K HDR resolution.

To get similar conditions (4 simultaneous screens, 4K HDR) you have to pay Netflix… €17.99 per month. be double of the monthly amount required by Disney+. It’s dizzying.

Obviously, the catalogs differ significantly, and it’s clear that exclusive Disney+ series are rarely as compelling as exclusive Netflix series.

Go tv for HBO series

For €24.99 per month, Be tv Go is a hybrid service that combines live Be tv channels and an on-demand catalog. It is above all the cradle of French-speaking Belgium famous As an HBO series, a video game adaptation Our last (from January 16, 2023).

10 Most Anticipated TV Shows of 2023 on Netflix, Amazon, Apple, HBO…

The big downside is that this SVOD catalog is too much volatile. Series, especially HBO series, come and go and come back over the course of months.

A selection of specialist services

You shouldn’t neglect the trail of niche SVOD services to pay less and/or find programming that fits your taste perfectly.

First example: Shadowz (€4.99 per month) only streams horror movies.

Second example: La Cinetek (€2.99) offers you the opportunity to discover a sharp selection of ten films selected by filmmakers every month.

the third example: Crunchyroll (€4.99) is a major specialist in streaming Asian anime.

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