Jean-Paul Rouve*** in Les Cadors: black sheep to the rescue

In “Les Cadors” (in theaters this Wednesday), Jean-Paul Rouve plays Christian, who returns to the life of his brother Antoine, who is embroiled in shady dealings at the port of Cherbourg. We met the comedian from Dunkirk. Featured pieces.

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Comedy or drama?

” I don’t know. I never know when I make a movie. Dramatic, social, bittersweet comedy… Anyway, not a gag comedy. »

A comedy duo?

“With Grégoire Ludig (Palmashow member), we didn’t go into comedy mode. We play as if we were in any movie. Then, the overall tone will make you laugh about it or not. The British do it very well. I like. Pick it up in France Head shot By Jean-Jacques Annaud. We no longer ask ourselves, but what is it in the end? It’s a comedy, right? We are in between. »

Grégoire Ludig and Jean-Paul Rouve.  Photo by Marie-Camille Orlando - Nolita Cinema
Grégoire Ludig and Jean-Paul Rouve. Photo by Marie-Camille Orlando – Nolita Cinema

Middle of the Dockers

“I knew that. When I was a child, my uncle worked in the port of Dunkirk, not on the dockers’ side, but in the office, in the import-export box. I remember when there were strikes among the dockers, the whole port was closed. They had real power. Still today. This world interests me. This decor brings truth. »

The story of a brother

“What fascinates me are human relationships. »

The character is the opposite of Jeff Tuche’s dramatic side

“Yes, I said that. Since my character has instinctive intelligence, this is a point in common with Jeff Tuche. It’s about the gift of feeling things, knowing where you are, knowing how to interact. I knew someone who did it, it was Johnny Hallyday. For all they say, so is Gerard Depardieu. In a quarter of a second, it catches everything. My character has no culture, no background, but he can put anyone off his feet. »


Michel Blanc – Jean-Paul Rouve – Grégoire Ludig trio

“We have the same universe. Grégoire, Michel Blanc and I are made of the same wood. We started with sketches. Michel ran a cafe-theatre. Grégoire started on the Internet, and like me, he got involved in television. We’ve all made movies. And we all made our films. We are like several generations of musicians playing the same instrument. »

Attachment to the North

“Yes, this is the region of my childhood. That’s why I made my film When I was little At Dunkirk, at a time when we didn’t travel much in the North. It’s fashionable now. When I arrived at Dunkirk with my cinematographer and first assistant, they were fascinated by the beauty and light of the place. It is very cinematic as it is partially destroyed. There was a lot of cinematic geometry in the reconstruction. There is also a port, boats, containers, fire from factories, water, sand dunes, it is beautiful, there is a natural melancholy. »

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