Help to save Bask’s “little heritage” in danger

Not classified and therefore not saved! Thousands of small achievements of the past fall into disrepair due to lack of funded projects to work on. with Meluzin
the Department Council of the Pyrenees Atlantiques
offers a tool for financing of restoration works of small inheritance as welltechnical assistance and for improvement is open to the publicwith the help of all the foundation of heritage

Melusine what is this?

With the name “Mélusine”, it is actually a magic wand wave Department Council
wants to give a small legacy by facilitating the financing of works. The second generation of this aid, with a total value of 300,000 euros, has just been launched by the department of Pyrénées Atlantiques.

It is necessary to mention the remarkable heritage revealed by heritage foundation
After the raffle organized by Stéphane Bern, the entire space was occupied. According to Jean-Jacques Lasser, president of the departmental council: “This small heritage was not one of the priorities. Not only did it deteriorate, it was even threatened with extinction. It was necessary absolutely try to save this very rich little heritagee washers to churches. Therefore, we have decided to restart the next round of tenders. You should see it as a county council initiative. It was a way to perpetuate what history has bequeathed to us“.

Arancou Fountain (Before Work)

Alexander Motto

Among these projects we find the fountain of Arancou, built in 1818, the mayor Alexandre Borde demands a system Meluzin
three times. “This a remarkable fountain that we want to gradually restore. We were selected for the first installment by the Mélusine project. The first slice is the entryway. So, the second will be a screw spring and the third will be an artesian well. We are already at 60,000 euros, Meluzin
should allow department and with Heritage Foundation
, to get back about half of the amount. Well, here we are on the road to Saint-Jacques. There isn’t much to see when you get to Rancourt. Before seeing our magnificent heritage church. Pilgrims will stop at the Gîte and say how beautiful the fountain is! ! Maybe we can even swim there..”

Arancou Fountain (Before Work)

Department Council of the Pyrenees-Atlantiques

This year, the district council decided promote citizen participation and integration projects. According to the department, this approach is suitable for simple site preparation works such as brush clearing, landscaping and more specific technical interventions on the building with adequate supervision.

How does Melusine work?

Last year 33 applications were received Of the more than 56 applications in the department, the majority were for hydraulic buildings, and a quarter were for religious buildings. (half of the inquiries refer to the Basque Country).

To ask for help, you should knock on the right door as Marta Fleurant, project manager. heritage foundation
New Aquitaine. “There is dare entrance doors. County council or Heritage Foundation. You can go through one or the other. The request will be submitted to the selection committee, which will open up the help of the department board. 30% of the work amount and opportunityLaunch a collection of donations from the Heritage Foundation”.

Arancou Mayor Alexandre Borde in front of the village fountain
© Radio France

Alexander Motto

“This collection is open to the public, private and associations” says Martha Fleurant* again. It allows everyone to participate. Within three months, this collection is added by the department. One euro collected is a euro contribution. If you have a collection of €4,000, the departmental council matches up to €4,000, giving you a total of €8,000. So it’s totally beneficial for the project manager… And of course for the legacy.*

Must have small assets to help visible on a public highway, unprotected and without distinction between private and public. Marie de Merlis of the Basque Country Heritage Foundation confirms that help is available to everyone. “Emailit was like a factory a breath of fresh air for a small unguarded heritage. People have needs like fountains and individuals. Both municipalities, associations and individuals who responded to us and we can help thanks to Mélusine.

Mélusine’s inquiry sent to the Council of Department Bergouey washer
© Radio France

Alexander Motto

Mélusine is a name reminiscent of fairy tales and legends, so could this act as a magic wand? this acronym actually stands for Public Use and Memory of Notorious and Emotional Places of Personality. For Marie de Merlis, the comparison is not usurping.a magic wand that gives great results bringing a dormant legacy back to life“.

The application deadline for this magic wand is January 31st. Information (rules and application files are available on the page Meluzin
Department Council of the Pyrenees Atlantiques.

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