Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts and Fandom 2022

Happy New Year 2023 everyone! Like every year, this year we’re going back to the basics Wizarding WorldofHarry Potter and his fandom throughout 2022.

2022 is the year of releases and announcements

20 years Harry Potter In the cinema

It’s been a year already… Fans Harry Potter It hit the ground running with the 2022 show Go back to Hogwartsetc. Despite its surprising content, the documentary managed to evoke nostalgia and emotion among fans.

The third film fantastic animals : event of the year

speech of Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets the April 13 It was a major fandom event for 2022. This highly anticipated third film in the saga was meant to raise the bar after the disappointing second installment. A lucky bet? Opinions differ on the Gazette, which premiered in London on March 29. If the film is generally received positively by the entire editorial board, the plot still disappoints.

As Bdragon summarized with us: “ Exceptional efforts, so I look forward to Optimum in the next one, if there is one ! Since November, there have been doubts about the continuation of the series, although nothing is official.

The Cast of Fantastic Beasts 3: Dumbledore's Secret at the Premiere Press Conference
The Cast of Fantastic Beasts 3: Dumbledore’s Secret at the Premiere Press Conference

The legacy of Hogwarts : a year full of promises… we hope to catch

If Fantastic Beasts 3 It’s the year 2022, there’s no doubt that a video game will be released Harry Potter: Hogwarts Legacy (The legacy of Hogwarts) will celebrate the year 2023! The fandom has long been waiting for an open world RPG worthy of its name. the November 11a large creature is arranged to raise part of the curtain in a game that turns out to be very promising.

The only problem: the game’s release dates have been pushed back several times. In Augustmanufacturers are delaying the release until February 2023 December 13 we learn it won’t be released on PS4 until April and Switch until July… Hopefully the game will now be released on time and without too many bugs. The release on PS5, Xbox Series and PC remains on February 10th.

2022 is the year of great newspaper reports

This year, special correspondents of La Gazette will visit London, Philadelphia, Vienna, Orlando, Brussels, Montreal…

In February, we are going to Orlando to visit Universal Park. Our team definitely chooses the attraction Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorcycle AdventureIt was opened in 2019 as the main attraction of the site.

February 18 In Philadelphia, in the heart of celebrity Franklin InstituteLorrie Kim explores the new Harry Potter: The Exhibition for us, combining elements of the saga. Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts andcursed child.

If it does not reflect the unique experience of the Studio tour, the exhibition remains a good synthesis of the extended universe. December 16 It reaches Europe, Vienna, we rediscover it. He will come to Paris in April.

In March We visited Minaliman’s last exhibition dedicated to him in London Dumbledore’s Secrets, where we had the pleasure of meeting the two creators, followed by the film’s world premiere. .

the April 10our video team goes around the Grand Rex in Paris to welcome the fans who come to watch the Marathon Fantastic Beasts for release Dumbledore’s Secrets.

End June 2022, Newspaper enjoyed going on the Studio Tour once again harry potter, For the opening and temporary event of botanic greenhouses in the suburbs of London Mandrakes and Magical Creatures. You can also find this pilgrimage in a healthy environment.

In november we reinvent the experience Harry Potter: The Forbidden Forest this time it’s based in Brussels and we’re also in Paris for the opening of the Arribas pop-up store on the Champs-Elysées!

Whom Newspaper we were very happy to be able to go to magical world events again, we also went to the Magic Bugs event, Dinner in the Great Hall (these last two on the Studio Tour) and the Yule Ball in Montreal.

2022 projects and fan conventions

The May 7 and 8 The first fan festival was held in Paris. Newspaper participated and proposed a number of measures. The toy library was a regular success!

Of May 19-22, Newspaper It was also at the Imaginales festival in Epinal where Alix and Marjolaine held a conference on Fandom and Transmedia with La Garde de Nuit.

the June 1The Sonorus team has announced the audiobook release of the first volume of the saga Harry Potter 7 3/4, a fanfic written by Alixe. Behind the microphone is 35 to share the chapters of 4 volumes. fans Harry Potter20-45 years old.

National and international Quadball competitions (the old Muggle Quidditch) were able to resume their normal rhythm in 2022. The European Cup and the European Games were held in Limerick, Ireland respectively. June 4 and 5and July 22-24.

In July and AugustThanks to the Straw Hat podcast and the Gazette vacation notebook, you’ve had a great summer reading and playing!

Straw Sorting Hat

the September 24the Poudloire cup organized by the association geek for you It was held in Blois for the 6th year in a row.

The November 5 and 6, Newspaper Beauregard, near Caen, was attending a festival of magicians. We offered games, conferences and activities in a private room.

2022 is the year of new muggle books, games and crafts

For your library

Released in Japan March 17, 2022 new edition Harry Potter Inspired by anime in “bunkobon” format.

the June 21 magic Decoded by Harry Potter fansis an accurate, well-documented, and essential book for anyone interested in the evolution of fandom since its inception.

Creative hobbies continue to be popular. Gallimard is released August 18 two books dedicated to these activities and Joustra offers new creative leisure kits.

the October 18 Alan Rickman’s posthumous memoirs are in print in bookstores. They are not indifferent to filming Harry Potter and his actors! A few days ago, October 13Tom Felton’s autobiography is out in English (will be in French in April 2023).

the October 27French edition Order of the Phoenix Illustrated by Jim Kay is finally out! An opportunity to salute a British illustrator who bows.

the October 30 our favorite book appears (if we refer to the lists of Santa Claus of the editorial staff). Harry Potter: The Magic of Minalima detailing the journey of the two designers Wizarding WorldFrom their meeting in 2001 to their work on the final film in the saga Fantastic Beasts.

For your toy library

In 2022, Lego offers us long-awaited sets such as the Hogwarts hospital, Grimmauld Square, the Ministry or the Screaming Shack. the August 31 the impressive new Hogwarts Express set (5129 pieces) is now available for sale!

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Collector

Board games are not released with Harry Potter Similo March. Asmodee now offers a new extension of the very successful Cortex and Stupéfix or even the excellent “Battle of Hogwarts”. Finally, look out for a Werewolf-style game at Ravensburger.

For prominent display on your mantel or shelves

The trend of beautiful stamped objects Harry Potter continued last year. Swarovski offers decorative objects like the Hogwarts Express on a glass base for €400!

The Monnaie de Paris and the British Royal Mint have released new coin collections. The Fossil brand offers rich watches and jewelry.

New Harry Potter coins and medals from Monnaie de Paris (October 2022)

For your kitchen and aperitifs

In januaryBottled vegan Butterbeer is available at flagship locations Wizarding World Thanks to the initiative of the Protego Foundation. And sinceApril You can sip a glass of mead on the Hollywood Studio Tour ($14)!

It’s 2022 where the fandom continues to grow

We wanted to end this retrospective by touching on important topics being discussed in fandom in 2022. As evidenced by discussions at conventions or conferences such as Epinal, inclusion, fight against discrimination Where Environmental Protection and animal welfare were the topics on the agenda and we are delighted to:

  • then” Over 10 years in the closet our editor Pantalaemon writes that homosexuality It finally became canon after Dumbledore’s publication Dumbledore’s Secrets. To the point of being censored in the Chinese version of the film.
Albus Dumbledore (Jude Law) in front of the LGBT Pride flag
  • ASPIC’s most listened to podcast in 2022 is an issue podcast fatphobia in Harry Potter.
  • Researchers are increasingly addressing the issue of social and racial discrimination using the saga. Elizabeth Ebony Thomas and Sarah Park Dahlen supervised the collective work Harry Potter and the Other: Race, Justice and Difference in the Wizarding World was published in June 2022 (University of Mississippi Press).
  • In June 2022 Still, a lifelong fan and fanfiction writer, Hillnerd reflects on the evolution of fandom over the past 25 years. He is pleased that society is maturing on issues of diversity and identity.
  • Finally, From September 26 to October 5JK Rowling sent multiple tweets to resolve Mermaidsan association supporting young transgender people and their parents.
    JK Rowling’s continued stance against transgender people remains a terrible disappointment to most of her fans. A topic discussed and explored at the Harry Potter Conference held at Chestnut Hill College 21, October 22.
  • Finally, for The Newspaper our editor Ay wondered whether the magical society is compatible with nature. As for the fandom side, there is still a lot of work to be done on this issue. For example, during events or through derivative products.

Therefore, 2022 has seen the development of these themes in the fandom, and we hope that this will continue. to wait Newspaper Thank you for your loyalty and I wish you a magical 2023!

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