ChatGPT is disrupting the AI ​​market and serving as a lifetime POC to democratize cognitive technologies

Trained on a large dataset and based on a neural network, ChatGPT is a kick in the AI/ML/Analytics anthill and a great booster for AI-based use cases and its democratization.

The paths taken by the evolution of digital transformation in 2023 seem well marked if we refer to prospective studies published at the beginning of the year. Between the continued migration of workloads to the cloud, improving cybersecurity and compliance, the adoption of AI and Analytics, private 5G and its use cases… the topics overlap the most.

However, among all promising technologies, AI and Analytics should be one of the priority projects for companies, along with cybersecurity. Especially since the field is getting global publicity and hype that, while not opening the market, should open minds and educate. This is, of course, ChatGPT.

Admittedly, the topic of artificial intelligence is still obscure for many leaders, but ChatGPT’s recent achievement serves as a (successful) real-life test and validates the model, at least for conversational AI. For Bern Elliott, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner Research, “ChatGPT is the perfect combination of two hot topics in artificial intelligence: chatbots and GPT3. Together, they offer an amazingly engaging way to interact and create content that feels surprisingly human. Each is the result of distinct and significant improvements in their technology over the past five years.”

AI adoption will start with customer service and support

Recall that GPT3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3) is a natural language processing model developed by OpenAI. Unlike traditional rule-based systems, this is a machine learning model that runs a pre-trained neural network on a set of text data, making it capable of generating human-like texts. It can be used for a variety of applications, such as creating text, answering questions, and even creating simple computer programs. Since its inception, debates about its possibilities and dangers have flared up in the media and social networks. However, the proof is here: the capabilities of conversational AI enable large-scale operational application today.

Companies are not going to deprive themselves of this. According to Gartner’s research, companies want to move customer service and support as a priority: “Data and customer data analysis are top priorities for achieving customer service and support goals in 2023.” Researchers from the research firm surveyed 283 customer service and support managers between August and October 2022. 84% of customer service and support managers rated customer data and analytics as “very or extremely important” to achieving their organizational goals in 2023. Eighty percent of respondents rated the effectiveness of digital channels as “very or extremely important,” along with employee performance, development, and quality assurance.

Advanced analytics and data-driven decision making

However, customer contact is not the only area of ​​intended use. As businesses face increased competition, pressure to cut costs, and various crises, they must turn to artificial intelligence to help them overcome these challenges and optimize their management. Along with automation to eliminate staff shortages and reduce costs, one such use case is advanced analytics and data-driven decision making.

However, it is important to note that while AI can bring many benefits to businesses, it requires significant time, resources and expertise to implement effectively. As the amount of data generated continues to grow, businesses and organizations will need to focus on collecting, storing and analyzing this data to make better decisions and improve their operations. Companies should also carefully consider their goals, the maturity of the technology, and the ability to integrate it into existing systems and processes. Risk assessment and establishing a clear ethical and legal framework are also important.

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