What Netflix has in store for you this week! (Films and series schedule)

This week, Netflix will not count its hours to guarantee us maximum entertainment. Thus, the streaming platform will delight us with many new features that promise us great emotion, excitement and, of course, twists.

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  • Vinland Saga – Season 2

Hungry for revenge, young Thorfinn joins the mercenary gang of Askeladd, a brilliant political strategist who assassinated his father.

  • tram – K-drama – Season 1

A sudden tragedy pulls the MP’s wife out of her personal life, forcing her to confront family secrets and her own troubled past.

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  • Kai the ax hitchhiker – True crime

Caleb “Kai” McGillvary has gone from public hero to public enemy and is wanted for murder. This documentary will shed light on the identity of the man we christened Kay, the ax-wielding hitchhiker.

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The Polish series will make its big return to your small screens this January, and this time our young inventors will be taking a look at male taste!

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  • Makanai: In the Maiko kitchen – Season 1

After graduating high school, 16-year-old Kiyo leaves Aomori to travel to Kyoto with her friend Sumire. maiko (apprentice geisha). But when it is not accepted, the wish is in vain. Collapsed and preparing to return to Aomori, Kiyo is noticed for his cooking skills and is hired. makanai, cooking in the house where the maikos live. In turn, Sumire quickly becomes a great apprentice geisha and becomes popular on the streets of the traditional Gion district. Then embark on the incredible and delicious adventures of makanai and maiko.

  • Kung Fu Panda: Dragon Knight – Season 2
  • Vikings: Valhalla – Season 2

In Season 2, we reunite with our heroes shortly after the tragic fall of Kattegat, an event that shatters their dreams and changes their fates. Suddenly, Scandinavian escapees are forced to test their ambitions and courage beyond the Kattegat fjords.

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The latest season of the Spanish thriller series Alex Pina, creator Theft of money ! This new work takes place six months after the last confrontation. Coral, Wendy and Gina realize that peace is a deceptive respite between two periods of terror. When their new life is shattered into a thousand pieces, they realize that the past never goes away and that if they want to be free, they will have to bury it forever. Bury the past… or Romeo – your choice.

  • breaking point – Part 1

Formula 1 team tennis documentary series

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  • Trial by fire – Series inspired by real events

After the deadly fire at the Uphaar cinema, two grieving parents must come to terms with the loss of their children and fight for justice.

When a young man loses his dog on the Appalachian Trail, his father accompanies him on a desperate quest to find the beloved animal before it’s too late. Based on a true story full of humanity and everyday heroism.

  • Disconnect: Wedding Planner – African romantic comedy

After falling victim to a scam, a desperate man finds himself in a mad race against time as he tries to organize a lavish wedding for a major investor.

  • The man on the other side
  • Memory deleted – Psychological thriller

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