Pictures. Nice: this future supermarket is controversial, it’s time to open here

Super U, which will house the future Eucalyptus stadium on its roof in the west of Nice. (©Marraud Architecture)

Applications, lawsuits, infringements… When it seems clear to the city hall of Nice (Alpes-Maritimes), the file does not keep talking. In the west of the city, across from Eucalyptus high school, the stadium will be demolished. Super U who will meet on his roof“quality sports equipment”.

This is what the town hall has supported since the beginning, it still defends itself with the votes of Monique Bailet and Franck Martin, assistants for the area of ​​Nice-Ouest and commerce.

Almost a 10-year project

“We want to provide commercial equipment that meets the needs of this residential area. Today we have a small and old U Express that exists as our sports platform,” said Monique Bailet.

They have a purpose yet this sports equipment was to be placed on the roof of the future supermarket. “This is a project that started a year ago 2014 and liked by all,” supports Frank Martin, who also mentions that the building permit was attacked by rival Casino.

It is expected to open in 2025

The appeal is ongoing and a decision may be known” June 2023if not in the first quarter,” recalls Clément Bourassin, manager of the future store that owns U Express on Avenue Sainte-Marguerite. He and Frank Martin supported the project before the national commission gave it the green light.

Completed archaeological excavations have not yielded any results. What to consider after starting work July 2023 during 18 months. Either expected or estimated opening Early 2025 “We would like to open as soon as possible.” A year older than Frank Martin thought during a recent interview Nice news.

Is it impossible to get sports equipment during the work?

The municipal administration insists that the stadium is in a dilapidated state. “No club uses it,” said Monique Bailet. As for school groups, he says the procedure will be similar to other cases: “Academic review will direct schools to structures that are open to the athletic department, either Eucalyptus gymnasium or Charles Ehrmann Sports Park. “.

And for the youth of the region? “They will be able to take advantage of many facilities in the city. Once the equipment is brought in, they will have more opportunities on the new plateau,” answers Monique Bailet.

A collective against the project

Can a collective of local residents pose a threat to this term? Few deplore the destruction of their sporting property. After an application that collects more 1000 signaturesdemonstrations continue at the site, with the next demonstration scheduled for Saturday afternoon.

Videos: currently on Actu

The city hall reminds that there can never be a question of canceling the stadium and sweeps away this opposition. with the back of the hand “This is an opportunity to give back to schools and clubs quality sports equipment that can be freely used by the youth of the neighborhood outside the club dens, as everywhere in the city,” continues Monique Bailet. While expressing that the door is open to discuss this.

Two pitches available to all

This sports platform will appear two pitches : one for handball, 40 x 20 m, surrounded by a synthetic surface athletics track, and another for basketball, 28 x 15 m, all resin on the ground. These fields will be separated by stands. Locker rooms, toilets and rooms will be used by sports clubs and teachers of the neighboring high school.

Super U, which will house the future Eucalyptus stadium on its roof in the west of Nice.
The roof of the future Super U in Caucade will house two stadiums, stands and 25 trees. (©Marraud Architecture)

The lighting will allow the athletes to occupy the field until 10 p.m, site closing time, after the store. “The entrance will be separate from the Super U,” warns Clément Bourassin.

250-space parking lot

It will be built next door and the entrance will be separate from the store. “This will make it possible to desaturate a completely clogged region,” the assistant rejoices. Pending its opening, it is possible to park in the blue zone, on Boulevard du Souvenir-Français.

Car park 250 seats can be used by local residents, students and users of sports equipment. But it will close at the same time as the supermarket. “For safety reasons,” the manager of the sign justifies.

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