PHOTOS – Short Hair: The Best Short Haircuts to Adopt in 2023

For a long time it was relegated to the rank of “old” or even “marginal”, short haircut gradually he regained his letters of nobility. This year, beauty icons like Charlene de Monaco, Jennifer Garner, Selena Gomez or even Marina Foïs did not hesitate to get rid of their long manes to show off a new look in line with the times.

If it’s one of the biggest hairstyle trends right now, it’s because the short cut adds to the perks. Modern and easy to maintain, it breathes a touch of “rebellion” into elegance… The highest added value? It suits all styles, all hair types and all face shapes. You will understand it, from the short square to the bangs through the bob and pixie, each finds its own account. Here are the trendiest short hairstyles as well as tips from an expert hairdresser Gianni Coppa (from the R Factory Paris show) to show them boldly.

⋙ PHOTOS – The most beautiful short hairstyles of the stars

Short pixie haircut

Hosea, modern and rebelthe pixie cut represents a classic which always has a small effect. Very fashionable 90s, this slightly tomboyish cut is now experiencing a real revival. Kristen Stewart, Michelle Williams, Paris Jackson, Lily Collins… What do they have in common? They all cracked up to get a pixie cut one day. Short and tapered layers are designed for straight hair, as Gianni Coppa explains to us: “It will be ideal for thin hair, as it is worn in a messy version with a styling product and gives the impression of a lot of material.“.
But the good news is that it suits all face shapes, you just need to adjust it. So for a round face a unstructured version while a pretty square face will favor a bet long version, moved back. “The pixie cut will suit oval and thin faces well, giving them fullness and small heads, as this cut allows you to re-proportion the shape by restoring the upper volume.Gianni adds.


© Mirador Thanlee B./SPUS/ABACAKerry Washington rocks a hat at the premiere of ‘The School For Good and Evil’.

It comes directly 90sThe short bob (or “pan cut” as we like to call it) is inspired by the Anglo-Saxon, tomboy spirit. It is simply a bob cut very short at chin and chin level. Super stylish and easy to maintain, the bob worn just below the earlobe has often attracted attention. Social networks in 2022. This cut is perfect for adding some edginess to dull hair. “Its length is defined by a fringe placed on the forehead and accentuates the look. It will be ideal to break a very large forehead… Bob will also sublimate rather hollow faces, give shape and volume.“, Gianni admits. On the style side, “bob is suitable for both thin hair, where it gives structure, and thick hair, where the cut will be narrower“. With small fringes or curls, it easily adapts to all styles. For maintenance, Gianni Coppa recommends using a thermal protection styling cream.

⋙ PHOTOS – The most beautiful short hairstyles of the stars

Short hairstyle

Isabelle Adjani shows off a cut on December 5, 2022 in London.
© PA Photos/ABACAIsabelle Adjani shows off a cut on December 5, 2022 in London.

Very fashionable for several seasons, cut the shag It should reach its peak in 2023. An expert at the R Factory Paris show calls it halfway between a layered cut and a modern version of a mullet cut “underground“besides”ultra stylish“. Extremely tapered, easy to comb and suitable for all hair types : wavy, curly, smooth… But it would be “ideally performed on fairly dense and flexible hair“like naturally curly hair. Billie Eilish, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Isabelle Adjani are perfect ambassadors.

Her hairstyle is meant to be steamy and textured, using a salt spray to bring out that ‘frizzy’ side.“says the scissor professional. Pay attention to very daring women who want a characteristic look: depending on the length, it can also be associated with a mullet, which promises the most informed look!

Short square

Louane is super hot with her short hair at the NRJ Music Awards night.
© Niviere David/ABACAPRESS.COMLouane is super hot with her short hair at the NRJ Music Awards night.

Usually cut on the jawline and chin, the bob is a structured compliance, classic and completely timeless. It can be more or less long and regardless of your face morphology, there is sure to be one that suits you perfectly. “It camouflages too square jaws and slims down a fairly round face.“says Gianni Coppa. For styling, he recommends using a professional a serum or one smoothing fluid. Good idea: pair it with a fringe, another on-trend hair asset.

⋙ PHOTOS – The most beautiful short hairstyles of the stars

Short boy haircuts

Zoe Kravitz is a fan of the short pixie cut
© De Boer Sarah/Startraks/ABACAZoe Kravitz is a fan of the short pixie cut

Like Maisie Williams or Emma Watson in an advertisement for the new Prada perfumechoose a ultra short cut ! Seen on the catwalks, this almost layered cut has a bright future ahead… Especially recommended for oval face shapes and small faces. Warning”this cup requires very regular maintenance” warns Gianni Coppa. You can use a to shape style paste.

Short top hairstyle

Marina Foïs recently fell for cutting the ball.
© Boyer David/ABACAMarina Foïs recently fell for cutting the ball.

The case cut is similar to a short square with some rounded volumes, especially in the rear. If it can be worn in a variety of ways (swept, curled, or crimped, etc.), a hair professional will call it “perfect for enhancing curly hair“. This hairstyle also has the advantage of sublimating several types of faces: elongated, oval, triangular…

Ideal for fairly square faces, it softens the shape of the face thanks to more rounded volumes“. Only round faces will have to go their own way, at the risk of making their features even more rounded. To fix it, Gianni Coppa recommends R Factory curl cream.

⋙ PHOTOS – The most beautiful short hairstyles of the stars

Photo credit: Instagram @jennaortega

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