New movies and series to watch on Amazon Prime Video in January 2023

A selection for every taste with movies and series for January on Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon Prime Video is once again updating its catalog of series and movies. Who is on the SVOD service menu for January 2023? We will mention among others Jurassic park, The Lost World, madmen, Reservoir dogs and Eyes Wide Shut among safe bets. Device, Test and Hunters may be worth a look.

What a day indeed. // Source: Jurassic Park

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Movies coming to Amazon Prime Video in January

January 1: Jurassic park, The Lost World, Jurassic Park III, Jurassic World

The first movie is a classic. The second is beautiful. Then it got worse. But if you like big dinosaurs…

January 1: Eyes Wide Shut

Stanley Kubrick’s last film. Did you know? The film director died before he could finish editing.

January 1: Love is a party

With Gilles Lellouche and Guillaume Canet. It’s about porn and a peep show.

January 1: Lead in the head

Sylvester Stallone solves problems by eliminating garbage. A brave man.

January 1: Loyalty Reward

Edward Norton, Colin Farrell and Jon Voight. A cop is torn between his loyalty as a cop and his loyalty to his dirty business brother-in-law.

January 1: Time is up

Rachel McAdams has a time-traveling husband, which puts a strain on her marriage.

January 1: Unsupervised mom in college

I think we will pass.

January 1: Sex tape

Here too.

January 2: Shazam!

He’s changed, Chuck.

January 9: game night

A game between friends gone wrong.

January 11: Escape Game 2: The World is a Trap

What a disgusting escape game to make.

January 15: Reservoir dogs

Quentin Tarentino’s classic. To see without hesitation!

January 15: Boulevard of Death

Another Quentin Tarentino film, perhaps less well-known than the previous one.

January 15: Zoe’s unusual Christmas

A Christmas movie will be released on January 15. Well done, Amazon.

January 15: yesterday

Warning! This is a 1984 movie. A classic for some. Cleaning for others.

January 15: Halloween

I would leave it for the Halloween period, but after all, who am I to advise?

January 15: american killer

The actor has Michael Keaton, why not!

January 15: Fog

The Stephen King classic has been adapted into a movie. Not bad at all.

January 18: knife runner 2049

Not necessarily released with the best reception in the world, we wish him the same fate knife run : to be a cult.

20th January: Poison: May the carnage

Genocide. But one we imagine.

20th January: Godzilla ll – King of the Monsters

Hey, big monsters beat each other up. This is funny.

January 25: Breathing 2

Continuation of 1.

January 27: Shotgun wedding

Movie of the month, according to Amazon’s press release. Frankly…

January 30: Aquaman

What’s left of the DCEU?

The series will arrive on Amazon Prime Video in January

January 5: This is us6 seasons

The final chapter for the Pearsons.

January 6-13: Cosmic Love1 season

with Nabilla. Dates based on astrology. I want to die.

January 6: last night1 season

No DJ history here.

January 6: Setting: In the fog

An atmosphere Fog.

January 11: Test2 seasons

Cricket series because why not.

January 13: Hunters2 seasons

The series follows a team of Nazi hunters.

January 15: madmenFrom 1 to 7

A series that has become a classic. All seasons are coming!

20th January: The Legend of Vox Machina2 seasons

And to round out this monthly selection, an animated series.

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