Marne: Pascal Laurent’s cats and other superior creatures are on display at the Imperial Cultural Center

Pascal Laurent comes to meet the public of Montmirail. ©LPB

It’s January creator month for Montmitail Imperial Cultural Center also. Here, four artists present their works. Each in his own field and each with his own talent. Guy Perchat beyond imagination creatures made of ancient tools to work Michael Thomasin revive vinyls with silhouettes of big stars. And then the visitors Imperial Cultural Center can also discover for the first time Capital of Champagne Brieworks pascal laurent.

Combining poetry and laughter, Pascal Laurent gives metal a softness that can seem paradoxical. And again, small animals from fairy tales will come out of the metal plate. Cats and dogs rub shoulders under the gaze of owls and birds. Metallic plants perpetuate nature both in summer and winter. It is a real universe of dreams brought by the artist with his works. She brings that touch of simple happiness that makes everything so joyful with a simple look.

A Briard at heart

Pascal Laurent loves Brie and its very special charm, and for good reason, he will spend his whole life there. Born in Paris, he came to Meaux very early to live there for an extraordinary number of years. He knows the Pierre Collinet region and sees the construction of the Beauval region.

In Meaux, like all children, he takes his first steps and perhaps his first throws. Cities were a large playground where button wars could be repeated, but Meldoise’s version was tougher and more brutal.

Today, the artist smiles and has wonderful memories: “We had happy childhood and teenage years. There was happiness in every corner of the buildings. Every day was an adventure. »

Very early Pascal Laurent fell in love with painting. He will listen carefully to his heart and the news, analyze everything he receives and restore it in his own way in the media.

A child of the 1960s, he is at the center of social, cultural and human upheavals. The post-war period was ending and everything was colorful. Neatly combed hair gave way to long hair that not all parents liked.

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The 60s and 70s were also a musical revolution. Youth trembled under the sounds of new music. It’s over with Glenn Miller, Piaf and Sinatra. The electric guitar sounded in all positions. It was during this period that young Pascal grew up and would live his best years.

And the little boy will see his happy carefree years end with military service. Then we enter the mold at the same time as the form. But he will not recover from the trauma.

On the way back, you have to think about work like everyone else, and it is in the SNCF that the young man will find his way. He would also spend his entire career there, moving from one service to another during a busy career. He has fond memories of it: “The SNCF civil service was like a second family. All this changed during partial privatizations. But it used to be a close family, and it’s not surprising to see people like me spend their entire careers there. »

Retirement allows you to devote yourself to art

A career in the SNCF never took Pascal away from his passion for art. The scholarship allowed him to devote all his time to it. One day, while passing by a house, he saw a metal cat sitting smartly in a small garden. That was the trigger. He was not going to buy it, but he made it himself. And the cat Laurent was born. Then another, and another. Pascal Laurent is a cat lover. They are found in metal, but also in flesh and hair.

Always improving his craft, he leads many adventures with metal. Other creatures will be born in his workshop. The plants all work as original as each other.

Creatures from the creator's imagination...
Creatures from the creator’s imagination… ©LPB

This momentum is unstoppable today. He creates again and again and wants to share it with the Montmiraillies by coming to exhibit it at the Imperial Cultural Center.

The exhibition has been operating since January 6 and will continue until the evening of January 28. Exhibition at the Imperial Cultural Center – 38, Montmirail rue de Montléan – 06 86 02 83 05.

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