GAFAM, Silicon Valley: Their libertarian censorship of French media?

Paris kiosk front and main front pages of newspapers.

Paris kiosk front and main front pages of newspapers.


Insidious influence

While Twitter, Facebook, the New York Times and the Washington Post censored information about Hunter Biden, GAFAM could have influenced French media in particular through algorithms or certain subsidies.

It all starts with the ugly life of Hunter Biden, the son of the US president, scattered in hell. reach, glaucous shots of prostitutes and money; all, perhaps, without his father’s knowledge; even, that it covers. We are in the fall of 2020. The American presidential campaign is coming to an end: drunk reachHunter leaves behind a computer filled with videos of his drug orgy and impressive e-mails exchanged with the fixer’s corrupt oligarchs.

Political bombshell: Messages show future President Biden involved with these Mi’kmaq. A computer repairman reported New York Posta rare pro-Trump daily published in its entirety A. There, forgetting the whole “net neutrality” thing, refusing to mention the hole the future president’s son is (at least) stuck in, Twitter, Facebookthe New York Timesthe Washington post and all progressive media censorship information under the false pretense of “Russian propaganda” and “piracy”.

2022: Elon Musk buys Twitter and the Hunter Biden case explodes. the Washington post and New York Times finally admit it bitterly: no thugs, no Putin – but the evidence that Biden’s campaign apparatus controls so-called neutral social networks hides everything that annoys his candidate. Blacklists and severe censorship: The American voter is coldly kept in the dark about a major scandal.

But how does this American scandal concern France, especially the criminologist? But this is so – oh how much: let’s see why. Our daily press, websites and related social networks are increasingly funded by the Ministry of Culture. In 2021, 97 million euros were distributed – such an amount that we do not know which newspaper or website will survive the unexpected. Direct, indirect, exceptional, postal, for novelty, etc., are these aids at least fair? No: In 2021, the left-wing press (Humanity, Let it go, The world, Obsetc., whose shares are worth €30 million, and Idea Right… less than €50,000. using New talk From Orwell, the disgraced Ministry of Culture speaks without laughing about the phrase “helping pluralism of the press”.

But everywhere, whoever pays for the orchestra chooses the music: the media, which has become more and more enslaved on the security side, obediently copies the propaganda of the Ministry of the Interior: its information, one after another, is corrected, reflected, received without objection. The real insecurity of the state and the effectiveness of the Ministry of the Interior in France. Even Mr. Darmani’s worst atrocities are swallowed without hesitation. Example: it boasts of anti-drug shooting, deal points disappear. But of course, any drug is a commodity. If the police were to crack down on its sale, they would see the street price of this rarer drug skyrocket. But now – proof of the state’s lies – prices are falling! What kind of enslaved media dares bring this strange inconsistency to the minister? None.

But in terms of media enslavement, the worst is yet to come: Macron’s team is slowly reducing their subsidies and allowing our media to be funded… The same Gafam who supports Mr. Biden. well and choked Mr. Trump. So, over three years, Google and Facebook will give 132 million euros to “certain national and local publications” in France – certainly like today.

But this libertarian Ghafam is paying to sway public opinion. This is by controlling “Fact checking“, checks were supposed to correct errors, whether voluntary or not – in fact, it is a more subtle censorship device that appears to be the exact opposite. We know these tools: “Les Decodeurs” du Monde, “Checknews” de Libération, AFP-Factual, 20 minute “Fakes Off” etc. Newsgard of Microsoft (inhabited by former CIA and NATO veterans…), the Poynter Institute for Media Studies, international fact-checking network, Political factand so on.

If we are not careful, anonymous Ghafam agents will soon tell the French what to think; will draw the imperative line of “suitable”, which “slide” is the past. Any challenger to “their” candidate will soon be silenced. The ruthless libertarian mob of Silicon Valley has destroyed Mr. Trump – and they will do the same in Europe.

Public opinion is confused: where the media is thus subordinated, their influence fades. In the United States, where the surge began, only 26% of respondents now trust the media “most of the time” (Reuters, 18/06/2022). Somehow, Ghafam devalued these journalists and therefore saw them as useless. “Hecatomb in American media” headlines Le Figaro (12/6/2022).

Warning to antifa-grimés-journalists in the French media scene: contact your colleagues buzzfeed– France – this will be your fate. Karl Marx spoke of drowning in “the icy waters of selfish calculation.” But now these Gafams who give you money have no more political feelings than they did in Marx’s time – and always the same project: billions and always more.

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