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Shut up, it’s growing! is a youth comic inspired by the famous France 5 program of the same name dedicated to nature.

Shut up, it’s growing! takes young readers on a fun and entertaining adventure in nature.

Four children discover an abandoned village a magical place where nature asserts itself after deadly floods. They will do it interesting discovery who will inspire them to pursue a lifetime of research! Jungle Editions already impressed us with their youth album Of amber and firewhich he put nature and heart are the focus. And if the adventure side is underdeveloped here, this beautiful and inspiring story, too in the mood of the timeno less successful.

A friendly group of budding gardener-investigators

Timeo and his friends are part of itgardening club : “cardikids”. He never told his best friend Lou about it. He would laugh at her, sure if he saw her busy fishing to turn a bike into a pot! The plant world doesn’t really care about the latter. he Above all, he is interested in sports and series. And yet!

He was interested mysterious activities about his friend Lou decides to ask him for an explanation. Surprisingly, Timaeus understands this his fears were unfounded. Indeed, Lou not only does not make fun of him, but looks interesting. So interesting that he joined the gardening club in turn!

While hiking in the forest, the small group discovers secret passage A very strange surprise awaits them. They face them large plant sculptures, one of which depicts a young girl. What are these statues doing here? Who created them? And what do they represent? The children are determined to find answers to their questions and solve this mystery.

Playful approach

We love the atmosphere From this comic, both in colors – definitely very “natural”, and in the mood of the characters and simplicity of tone. Isabelle Bottier and Pauline Berdal are truly committed to raise awareness about respect for the environment in a fun way and subtle, without big gags and with a touch of humor. So Benny makes us laugh with his eye-catching hair and eyebrows! And having Minus, big sweet dogit’s also fun.

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That’s basically it through videos filmed by children We learn something about the codes of our time within the gardening club. For example, origin of the diet of carnivorous plants, the reason for the dew or even the conditions for the appearance of the first plant. We are also discovering it trees are very shy !

Nature and friendship are the focus

And it passed Lou’s interesting character What does the message receive? With a bunch of gardeners who saw it coming like hair in soup its urban appearancethey were afraid that his character would be too clichéd and come across superficial city dweller Respect for nature for those who care least…

Critical Silence, grow-2

But on the contrary, the girl reveals herself more nuanced and deep that. Indeed, he is quick to take an interest in the group’s activities, and even enjoys sharing their activities! What about to inform young people that sometimes mere ignorance prevents you from caring and becoming more aware of the impact of your behavior. sharing and transmission allowing you to build bridges and rally around beautiful movements.

Shut up, it’s growing! Junior, Isabelle Bottier & Pauline Berdal, published on December 8, 2022 by Éditions Jungle.

Criticism Silence, grows



Fun and inspiring

The authors understood this well, by learning to know and understand, then we can love and protect what surrounds us. We spend pleasant moments under the sign of friendship and respect for nature in this luxurious and peaceful environment, from which we do not want to leave.

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