Avallonnais e-commerce platform: The Chamber of Economy takes over

Following the observations made during the pandemic and the need for some to develop online commerce, the Community of Municipalities of Avallon-Vézelay-Morvan (CCAVM) decided to launch an e-commerce platform in January 2021. After a year of development, the digital platform, avallonnais.moncommercantchezmoi.fr, was activated. It offered a digital storefront to traders in the area.

Today, more than 160 stores have been approached

The platform hired external service provider Stephan Jules to manage and revitalize the website. When it was launched, it had about forty merchants. Then 150 in September, when it also opened to the Serein area, with 45 product categories.

When, Republican Yonne painted a mixed picture, asking traders about the platform’s early results. But at the end of December, the platform referred to 163 stores and “showed positive attendance figures, assures Jean-Michel Beauger, elected to the CCAVM in charge of economic development. We have about 115 visits per week and a small number of “businesses from sales made.’

The goal is not to claim ownership of the platform, but to move it forward

Stephane Jules, the platform’s host, died suddenly on October 14, leaving the tool without local support, raising the question of the tool’s sustainability. They then decided to entrust the management of the two inter-municipal platforms to the Chamber of Economy of Avallonnais (CEA).

The latter, an arm of the Yonne Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI), was developed two decades ago to help local businesses. Its missions: support for business founders and buyers (project managers), as well as business leaders who want to transfer their business; as well as assisting local elected officials with their economic development projects, advising business leaders and youth on apprenticeships.

award The Serein Community Council approves the installation of a company and joins the e-commerce platform

By early 2021, ECA was in financial trouble and its future uncertain. Since then, the presidents of the two inter-municipal bodies concerned (CCAVM and CCS) have reached an agreement and a new intermediary has taken over the reins of the structure. “We are in logistical and financial support, notes Jean-Michel Beauger. We have a special person who deals with this.” The CCI already has such a platform, which today does not cause any problems, still assures the elected official: “We would not have done it without their consent, the goal is not to claim ownership of the platform, but to advance it. “

award In financial difficulty, the Avallonnais economic chamber needs municipalities

Future digital workshops

Currently, the new provider is analyzing the pros and cons. “He noticed that there were a lot of businesses, but few were active because traders didn’t capture them enough.” He will provide suggestions at the marketing level, especially on digital workshops and platform development.

On the side of the Serein Community of Communes, its president, Xavier Courtois, is pleased with this new portage: “Politically, it made sense for me to have the leadership be the CEA.” And to ensure that its new missions ensure the sustainability of the structure. As for the paid tool, Jean-Michel Beauger specifies the calendar: “We have a completely free platform for 2023 and 2024, we will review at some point during the year”.

Myriam Deborbe

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