As a world leader in mass IoT solutions, UnaBiz champions the convergence of technologies

“UnaBiz’s acquisition of Sigfox 0G technology, deployed by more than 70 operators worldwide and connecting more than 10 million sensors on behalf of 1,500 B2B customers, significantly strengthens the group’s position as a world leader in IoT,” he immediately announces. CEO Philippe Chiu, who co-founded UnaBiz with Henry Bong in 2016.

Before acquiring the former French Licorne, the exclusive operator of the Sigfox network in Singapore and Taiwan, the Singapore-based company closed a Series B with SPARX Group (a Japanese investment fund that manages more than $15 billion in assets) for more than $50 million. around the world). And now it hopes to develop its solutions strongly in the fast-growing sector of connected objects. According to Statista, in 2023, the turnover of the IoT market will be $212 billion worldwide, and by 2025, 38.6 billion devices will be connected (at the end of 2018, this number was 22 billion). What a glimpse of great prospects!

Develop innovative and sustainable OG solutions

“After a six-month post-acquisition period dedicated to the integration of Sigfox technology, one of our priorities is to invest in the development of innovative 0G solutions from a sustainable perspective,” Philippe Chiu demonstrates. At a time when energy is expensive and we are concerned about the carbon footprint, 0G, which consumes 330 times less current than a 5G station, is more relevant than ever. “If the Sigfox connection is the only one with such low power consumption, we can further optimize it. OG is only the first step and we should be able to go further. That’s why we will invest in collaboration and research with partners, especially in batteries.”he says and adds “Sustainable development also means the ‘Recyclability’ and ‘Disposability’ of related objects, and ultimately the possibility of designing objects whose elements can be recycled or biodegradable.”.

These solutions will be dedicated to UnaBiz’s four main markets: security, logistics, Smart Metering (remote meter reading where UnaBiz operates, such as connecting more than one million water and gas meters for Nicigas in Japan) and Facilities Management (consolidated). buildings) – a market that is developing very fast and in which the leader of IoT solutions has made a tactical choice to invest massively.

From 0G to 5G: convergence of technologies

It offers its customers a variety of connection technologies: this is where UnaBiz’s strength lies. The company offers several types of connections (LPWAN, including Sigfox OG, Cellular and Satellite), each with its own characteristics and use cases. “Our expertise is to offer the best technology for use. They require more or less power and offer different amounts of bandwidth. Protocols are also not the same depending on the country. There are several parameters to consider when proposing technology.”, argues Philippe Chiu, who does not intend to limit himself with the Sigfox OG offer. On the contrary, bet on the convergence of UnaBiz’s different types of connections in order to respond as best as possible to its customers with a wider offer.

“Companies that need IoT don’t care much about the technology as long as it works. If 0G has its place, manufacturers rest assured that we offer other solutions. It does not bind them to one technology. The rollout of new offerings aimed at the global market will allow our customers to benefit from economies of scale and freedom of choice in terms of protocols, products and solutions. This is the essence of the technological convergence movement.Philippe takes a look at Chiu.

UnaConnect: UnaBiz’s multi-technology platform

From 0G to 5G via LPWAN networks, UnaConnect is multi-technology. It is a purpose-built cloud platform “combining data from all kinds of sensors and networks. This is central to our desire for convergence.” the co-founder of the company emphasizes. For example, Japanese energy company Nicigas has deployed more than a million sensors, most on Sigfox and others connected to LTE-M, but their data is not growing in the same way. Launching a platform that offers the ability to configure connected objects while allowing data to be encrypted regardless of the technology used is to ensure data homogeneity. “This is a big added value for us because it provides multi-cloud data management and customers can choose between data to be processed on-premises or in the cloud.”

Bolstered by this recent fundraising and a team of more than 240 employees (including 125 in France – Paris and its R&D center in Labege), UnaBiz can now strengthen collaboration with its partners and operators worldwide to accelerate major projects. -scale IoT deployments. An ambition he now has the means to.

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