9 Christmas movies to watch on Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video or Apple TV+

They are inseparable from the winter period: favorite films return as they do every year. Whether you subscribe to Disney+, Netflix, or Prime Video, you should find what you’re looking for with these 9 tips to reignite your Christmas spirit.

The streets are decorated with lights, a tree is set up in your living room and the gift shopping is done: you already know: we are in the middle of the Christmas season. Who says it’s December 25, says that thematic feature films are specially designed for the end of the year.

To save you one more review Mom, I missed the planeof Santa Claus is rubbish or classic Life is Beautiful, we present 9 films that, despite all their qualities, should enchant you with the spirit of Christmas or the snowy universe. If you have children or are a fan of animation yourself, we invite you to browse our selection of cartoons that are perfect for Christmas.

SoulfulThe Musical Parody with Deadpool (Apple TV+)

You begin to know the song well: the evil Scrooge is haunted by the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future until he becomes a better being. It’s Charles Dickens’ version of the tale that’s been adapted time and time again on the small and big screen. But this year, Apple TV+ decided to take a good shot at the anthill of this classic Soulful. The beginning will introduce you until Clint Briggs, an irredeemable soul who needs to be saved, turns the situation around to teach the current Christmas ghost a good lesson…

Hilarious and colorful musical comedy, Soulful Will Ferrell (Saturday Night Live) and Ryan Reynolds (Dead pool) starring. Looks like the two comedians are having a blast in this hilarious parody of Christmas movies. They take us through an avalanche of Broadway-worthy choreographed musical scenes, while also focusing on making fun of the characters singing out of nowhere. You shouldn’t be allergic to stories dripping with candy, though Soulful It could be the Christmas movie of 2022.

Crystal trapmainstream action movie (Disney+)

A remarkable story that has been parodied a thousand times, the duel at the top between Bruce Willis and Alan Rickman and the famous white shirt: Crystal trapthe first part of the saga hard death, inseparable from the spirit of Christmas. In the midst of this turmoil, New York City police officer John McClane deals with a hostage situation at the Nakatomi Corporation.

Crystal trap, it’s a bit of a lovable film: full of nostalgia, cult moments, punchlines and appeal from start to finish. Especially since the feature film features an exceptional cast and flawless production by John McTiernan (predator). well, Crystal trap is clearly not a family Christmas movie, but remains a bit of a favorite in the hearts of many fans (including the writer of these lines). We promise you won’t make it out of this glass tower on Disney+ unscathed. Here’s one last word to make you want to immerse yourself (again) in this monument: Yipee Ki-Yay!

The GrinchIt was made for a Christmas movie haters (Netflix and Amazon Prime Video)

Every year, as Christmas approaches, do you cringe at the thought of enduring more than a month of light garlands and merry choirs? That’s why you should recognize yourself as a little bit of the grumpy Grinch, the big green booby with no brains. Directed by the energetic Jim Carrey, this Ron Howard cult film (Willow) always carves a place of choice at the top of Christmas movies.

This tale of tolerance and the magic of the holidays perfectly captures the spirit of the character created by illustrator Dr. Seuss in 1957. This supposed misanthrope wants to spoil his Christmases before meeting Cindy Lou, a young woman with her iconic elastic smile who can touch his soft heart well… A little scary for the kids, The Grinch On Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, this is always effective in parodying the capitalist spirit of winter festivities.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobefantasy winter adventure (Disney+)

Who hasn’t dreamed of discovering an entire universe by pushing open an old wooden wardrobe door? Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lycy Pevensie made that dream come true when they quietly landed in Narnia. The problem is that the kingdom is ruled by an ice queen (a fearsome Tilda Swinton), to the detriment of humanity’s savior, the lion Aslan. The four brothers will have to work together to save Narnia and restore it to its former glory.

Snowy plains, epic battles, betrayals, you name it, amazing music, charismatic villain… Part One. The Chronicles of Narnia it has absolutely all the ingredients for a good fantasy film. And he’s the only one in the saga that’s really worth watching just for the utterly enjoyable final battle. The Lion, the White Witch and the WardrobeAvailable on Disney+, it’s honestly the perfect ride for family parties by the fire. And Santa Claus hands out presents in the movie, so that’s important.

Let romantic meetings explodeugly but cute gay love story (Netflix)

Just like changing the classics Really love Where Holidayyou really should take a look Let romantic meetings explode, which will definitely make you happy. Peter and Nick have been best friends for almost a decade. But as Peter prepares to spend Christmas with his family and suffers from comments about his celibacy, he decides to take Nick on board with him. Love can knock on their door then…

Yes, the script is visible and reviewed. Moreover, by reading these lines, you probably already guessed the ending of the movie available on Netflix. But Let romantic meetings explode It turns out to be a small nugget full of sweetness that only has a secret at Christmas. Philemon Chambers and Michael Urie (Ugly Betty) are a cute couple, and Jennifer Coolid (White Lotus) cements his status as a gay icon in this marshmallow-chewing romantic comedy. Have fun under a plaid to enjoy while sipping your best Christmas tea and delicious chocolates: guaranteed effect.

The Nutcracker and the Four Realmsfairy tale (Disney+)

In London, young Clara tries to overcome her grief after her mother’s death. On Christmas Eve, she receives a gift from him: a small egg-shaped box with a missing key. At a party hosted by her godfather, a genius inventor, she embarks on an unexpected journey to a magical realm she never knew existed. And surprise: she is a princess …

Without revolutionizing the genre (far from it), The Nutcracker and the Four Realms it still boasts quality entertainment. The Disney+ film benefits from a four-star cast, notably featuring Keira Knightley.Pirates of the Caribbean), Morgan Freeman (Those who escaped) or Matthew Macfayden (Inheritance). If the script really won’t surprise you, we still recommend not to miss this beautiful epic in a setting of great beauty, accompanied by Tchaikovsky’s famous music. And then, seeing Keira Knightley play the Sugar Plum Fairy and eat her cotton candy hair is worth the trip.

In Knives OutCluedo-style mystery investigation (Netflix)

Do you like solving puzzles or mysteries like Agatha Christie’s novels? That’s good, we do, and we appreciate things more when the plot is well-constructed. This is the caseIn Knives Out, centered around thriller writer Harlan Trombey. When he is found dead, detective Benoit Blanc is responsible for solving the case and thus reuniting the famous writer’s family.

From lie to lie, you’ll love following this investigative film’s narrative with clever twists and delightful atmosphere. Directed by Rian Johnson (Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi), In Knives Out above all, it opens up a rather impressive star bed: Daniel Craig (James Bond), Jamie Lee Curtis (Halloween), Chris Evans (the avengers), Lakeith Stanfield (Atlanta), Ana de Armas (knife runner 2049)… In short, you should have a good time looking at this puzzle, which is ideal for putting your decade-long Christmas family debates into perspective. And know that its long-awaited sequel, Glass onionsnow also available on Netflix.

Merry ChristmasInstructions for replacing Santa Claus (Disney+)

Imagine: one fine morning you wake up as calm as usual. But when you look at yourself in the mirror, you are surprised to discover that your hair has turned gray and a long white beard now adorns your face. Such is the fate of Scott Calvin. Needless to say, his life took a bit of a turn a few months ago when he donned a Santa suit to cover his tour…

We present you special effects Merry Christmas they are quite old. But this 1990s movie, now a series on Disney+, still deserves your attention. Centered around the relationship between Scott and his son Charlie, the film develops a rather competent (if somewhat comical) argument about the importance of family ties. And this American comedy ticks all the boxes of a good Christmas movie: reindeer, elves, the North Pole, good vibes and endless humor. If your kids doubt the existence of the big red man, Merry ChristmasThis movie is for you on Disney+.

Anna and the ApocalypseThe Musical with a Zombie Selection (Amazon Prime Video)

In between Glee and Shaun of the Deadthis teen movie should suit all fans of unusual Christmas movies. Anna, like everyone else, is a teenager always looking for freedom. But one morning, zombies attack the small town of Little Haven. He will have to team up with his high school classmates to survive this horde of undead on Christmas Eve.

Obviously, it’s better not to be allergic to the choreography and English humor that started at the dining room table. Anna and the Apocalypse, on Amazon Prime Video. But if zombie movies don’t scare you and you want to push the song, then you’ll love this completely off-the-wall comedy with an English only secret. We definitely recommend watching it on VO: the lyrics, as ironic as you like, are worth the detour. Attention: hemoglobin effusions are mainly in the program. But the only lesbian character in the group doesn’t die after 10 minutes like usual. And we applaud it loudly.

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