8 short series for people who never have time

Don’t want to start a series with ten seasons and twenty episodes each? We can understand that. That’s why Numerama has selected 8 episodes for you to watch so fast that you won’t even notice how time flies.

Serials are often criticized for being long and time-consuming. This is partially true, we present to you. But the world of the small screen also hides many little nuggets whose viewing time is perfect for one watch too much in a short time, without it taking you long.

So, if you don’t want to get into a long drawn out drama, like it Tajor endless medical epics like Grey’s Anatomy, this option is made for you. We’ve put together an ideal SVOD guide for curious and curious people looking for episodes to watch in a few hours without fuss.

If you’ve already watched the series mentioned, don’t panic: we’ve thought of everything, with additional recommendations just in case.

For fans of science fiction and suspense: Get fired (AppleTV+)

Number of Episodes: 9

expected time for follower : 7 hours

Imagine: your company suddenly decided to develop a device that can split your brain in two. Then you will have to deal with two personalities: one for work and one for your personal life. This is the mysterious starting point Get fired, which plunges us into the open space of Lumon Industries. Worn by the talented Adam Scott (Parks and Recreation), the series available on Apple TV+ is one of the greatest science fiction works of recent years. If not for nothing Get fired It took pride of place in our best series of 2022.

You’ve already seen it Get fired ? Then we recommend icing Years and Years on Canal+, which tells the story of a 15-year-old English family amid new technologies, illegal immigration and far-right candidates. A true sci-fi slapstick in 6 episodes, to see in 6 hours.

For fast talkers: Short (Channel+)

Number of Episodes: 82

expected time for follower : 2 hours 45 minutes

Created in 2011 by comedians Kyan Khojandi and Navo, the miniseries remains a comedic pinnacle and is always a pleasure to (re)discover. Almost ten years after its first broadcast, Short he hasn’t aged a bit, he analyzes all aspects of our lives with the same urgency as usual. Romantic, family or friendship relationships, mental health, work anecdotes, daily struggles… With his unusual humor and extremely fast delivery, Kyan Khojandi perfectly embodies the main character of this film. deficiency so beautifully written. In short, you need to watch ShortAvailable on Canal+ and also free on YouTube.

You’ve already seen it Short ? we advise you to apply gone crazy, a Canal+ animated series adapted from the comic by Theo Grosjean. A concentrate of humor and relevance, where you can find the voice of Kyan Khojandi. You will definitely recognize yourself in the concerns depicted in the 20 episodes gone crazyWatch 40 minutes on Canal+.

For detractors of racism (and indeed for everyone): Ousekin (Disney+)

Number of Episodes: 4

expected time for follower : 4 hours 15 minutes

We told you when we left: Ousekin simply the best French series of 2022. OusekinThe original work by Disney+ is the first fiction to tell the story of Malik Oussekine. On December 5, 1986, this Algerian student was killed by the police during a student demonstration. His death will rock French society, and his family will seek justice. The four episodes of this remake are exemplary, benefiting from a remarkable cast. 35 years after the event Ousekin resonates strangely with recent acts of police brutality and draws damning parallels with our current society.

You’ve already seen it Ousekin ? We recommend watching In their eyes, on Netflix. Created by Ana DuVernay, this story of a true American miscarriage of justice against the background of systemic racism is a punch in 5 hours, its 4 episodes will not leave you unscathed.

For history buffs: Look for the woman (art)

Number of Episodes: 30

expected time for follower : 1 hour 30 minutes

Ada Lovelace, Lise Meitner, Elizabeth Magie, Ida Pfeiffer… These names may be unknown to you, but still: all these women have left their mark on the past centuries thanks to their inventions, stories or scientific discoveries. Antecedents have been written that men have forgotten or set aside as history. Arte wanted to bring them back to life thanks to this animated mini-series of 30 ultra-short and instructive episodes in the style of comic books. socks Conceived by Pénélope Bagieu. Look for the woman is a collection of humorous little lozenges that will make you want to lead the feminist uprising even more.

You’ve already seen it Look for the woman ? If you’re interested in feminist and LGBTQIA+ topics, we recommend you take a look. Tender meat, the first French series to feature an intersex protagonist. This 10-episode teen series provides a needed look at an important topic. Watch 4 hours 20 minutes for free on France TV Slash.

For new superheroes: Miss Marvel (Disney+)

Number of Episodes: 6

expected time for follower : 5 hours

A “normal” teenage superhero turned Spider-Man lookalike and brilliant main character: Miss Marvel One of the best series on Disney+ so far. The 6 episodes of this first season feature Kamala Khan, a young Muslim and Pakistani high school student who discovers amazing abilities. Don’t stop at his teenage vibe: Miss Marvel is a refreshing teenage drama with a racialized protagonist as well as an important search for identity. A colorful series that partially renews the dark atmosphere of the Marvel universe.

You’ve already seen it Miss Marvel ? Waiting to find out Agatha: Hive of Chaoswe advise you to dive into a strange sitcom Wanda Vision. Superheroes Wanda and Vision live a perfect life there, in a small suburb of America. But they quickly begin to doubt their reality… Wanda Vision It consists of 9 episodes that will be watched for 5 hours and 45 minutes on Disney+.

For athletes on Sunday: dog (SCO)

Number of Episodes: 10

expected time for follower : 3 hours 40 minutes

Discreetly released on OCS in September 2022, dog nevertheless, it is one of the best surprises of the year in terms of French creativity. The series plunges us into the heart of the 1980s, when the charismatic Jane comes from the United States to land in a quiet small town in the Toulouse region. Thanks to her aerobics classes, she starts a small revolution in a neighborhood Desperate Housewives French version. But isn’t Jane hiding darker secrets? Combining industrial espionage and women’s liberation, dog, Available on OCS, it would be a mistake to miss, a smart series with finely balanced humor.

You’ve already seen it dog ? We advise you to get acquainted with the cheerful characters It’s funny, was unfairly canceled by Netflix after just one season. Created by Fanny Herrero (Ten percent), this series, which will be watched for 5 hours, tells about the daily life of four comedians in Paris who are trying to enter the world of stand-up. A breath of fresh air in 6 episodes on Netflix.

For those who are waiting for the 5th season Stranger Things : Parallels (Disney+)

Number of Episodes: 6

expected time for follower : 3 hours 45 minutes

This selection proves it: 2022 has been a great year for French series. Ambitious sci-fi series by Quoc Dang Tran for Disney+, Parallels depicts a group of teenagers whose lives are upended by new dimensions. They will then try anything to find their life… Huge comparison Stranger Things Where Dark in his speech, Parallels in fact, it has its own quirky atmosphere, enhanced by clever direction and excellent casting. With this series, Disney+ shows that science fiction can also be written perfectly in French.

You’ve already seen it Parallels ? For a more mature atmosphere, we recommend you skip 6 episodes Devil’s Hour, on Amazon Prime Video. Peter Capaldi (Doctor Who) wonderfully presents this borderline paranormal tale in which a woman wakes up every night at 3:33 a.m., the devil’s hour… Devil’s Hour It’s a mystery thriller where you’ll love putting the pieces of the puzzle together for 6 hours.

For eternal romantics: Heartstopping (Netflix)

Number of Episodes: 8

expected time for follower : 4 hours 20 minutes

We warn you: Heartstopping it’s a romance that drips like a good marshmallow. But that’s exactly what makes this adaptation of Alice Oseman’s graphic novel so charming. The series is about the meeting of two English teenagers: Charlie, an introverted musician, and Nick, a very popular rugby player. Their on-screen chemistry is so palpable that it’s hard to resist this sweet and delicate sweetness, done in pastel colors. Thanks to this gentle and benevolent universe, Heartstopping does much for LGBTQIA+ morale and representation, whose romances often involve tragic fates. Indulge in the cuteness of Nick and Charlie on Netflix, you won’t regret it.

You’ve already seen it Heartstopping ? We advise you to expand the British experience Star struck, a 12-episode romantic comedy in which a young New Zealander arrives in London. At New Years, Jessie goes on an unexpected night out with Tom. Problem: Tom is a well-known movie actor, already in a relationship… In local irony, Star struck it will be yours soon romcom Lovely. Watch 4 hours and 15 minutes on Canal+.

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