Netflix France in August 2022: new movies and series to watch

Do you like Korean made? August on Netflix will delight you. If you’re a Tom Cruise fan, you’ll get Top Gun and pretty much the entire Mission: Impossible saga.

The subscription video (SVOD) platform will host several South Korean productions in both movies and TV series throughout August. And with Top Gun: MaverickNetflix has smelled the right shot with Tom Cruise: so the site will present the first one Top Gunbut also almost the entire saga Mission impossible.

For the rest, watch out for the release of two movies that probably won’t make cinema history, but might entertain you. Day shift and Finally alone. Starring Jamie Foxx, Dave Franco, Snoop Dogg, Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg. We recommend watching Children, Our day is Future, Office of Student Services.

Otherwise, you can go back to the best Netflix series or mainstream movies from the SVOD site. These are safe bets.

The series will arrive on Netflix in August 2022

August 2: good doctor (Season 4)

A medical series with an autistic scientist. And this is 4 seasons.

August 5: twenty five twenty one

A Korean series about a young high school girl who wants to become a professional fencer until the financial crisis of the 1990s comes to derail her plans.

August 5: Sandman

Sandman The King of Dreams tells the story of those who touch Morpheus as he tries to right the cosmic (and human) wrongs he has committed during his long existence. Yes, it’s a fantastic series, you got it.

August 10: Lock and Key (season 3)

Continuation of the series with the third season. Always more magic keys for the Locke family. It is a comic book adaptation by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez.

August 12: Model Family

Another atmosphere in this Korean series. This time it is a thriller about a father who is on the verge of bankruptcy and divorce. Now he finds the money of the unfortunate deceased and involves himself in the criminal organization. Heavy day.

August 12: my first times (season 3)

Love stories when you are a teenager.

August 13: Brooklyn Nine-Nine (season 8)

You don’t need a picture, I guess?

August 19: echoes / Echoes

The miniseries that Netflix chronicles as follows: a psychological thriller about two identical twins, Leni and Gina, who are hiding a dangerous secret. They have switched identities since childhood, going so far as to lead double lives as adults. And so the two women share their homes, husbands and a child until the day one of them disappears. Their perfectly choreographed world then falls apart.

August 19: Cleo

Cleo is a woman who wants revenge and answers to all her questions in the context of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

August 19: Apple / The Girl in the Mirror

Alma, a young woman with amnesia after a bus accident. Not him, but almost all his classmates died. Guess what happens next? He will try to move on with his life and find his identity.

August 24: under fire / Under the embers

The story of Poncho, who investigates his brother’s murder, encounters firefighters and then finds love. By the way, it also falls on the serial killer and his family. It’s not easy.

August 24: Unforgettable Ollie / Lost Ollie

An excerpt from the novel Ollie’s Odyssey by author and illustrator William Joyce. A toy, a little boy who goes through many adventures and dangers to find his owner.

Movies coming to Netflix in August 2022

August 1: A tall man

Jean Dujardin, who has a height problem, meets the great Virginie Efira.

August 1: Walter

A comedy where we joke with Alban Ivanov during a robbery.

August 1: Children

Alain Chabat regresses as a teenager because he’s drunk. friendly

August 1: saga Mission impossible

If you like Tom Cruise, you’ll be in heaven. The whole saga is there, except shedding.

August 1: Top Gun

Take my breath away ! Always with Tom Cruise.

August 4: Our day is Future

A film by Romain Gavras with Vincent Cassel and Olivier Barthelemy.

August 4: Wedding Season

Two people who pretend to be together, but end up falling in love, oh my, finish me off.

August 5: Destiny of the Ninja Turtles: The Movie

Ninja Turtles, Ninja Turtles
Ninja Turtles, Ninja Turtles
Ninja Turtles, Ninja Turtles
KOWABUNGA the cry of the ninjas

August 5: Carter

The story of a deadly pandemic, North Korea, the CIA and a man who calls himself Carter. South Korean movie.

August 12: 13: the musical / Musical

Otherwise there is Glee.

August 12: Day shift

Jamie Foxx, Dave Franco and Snoop Dogg reunite in a film where the former are led to believe that he is a pool dealer, when in fact he is a murderous member of an international vampire-hunting syndicate.

August 16: Ouija

Wow, horror movie.

August 16: The Ouija Board: The Origins

Oh, the origin.

August 17: One life or another / Look both ways

Lili Reinhart plays Natalie, who lives in two parallel realities: in one, she gets pregnant and doesn’t leave her hometown. In another, she doesn’t get pregnant and goes to live in Los Angeles.

August 17: Royalteen: Heir

Romantic movie. In this film, Netflix tells us that the heroes must learn to own up to their mistakes, overcome their fears and hack the internet. What do you mean by hacking the internet?

August 20: Fullmetal Alchemist: Scar’s Revenge

If you like Japanese cartoons adapted into live-action movies.

August 25: Made in China

Comedies about the Chinese diaspora and more. French movie. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

August 26: Seoul weather

Persecution in Seoul in the late 80s.

August 26: When I: finally alone

Starring Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg. Suffice it to say that it will go in small blagounettes, funny situations and embarrassing moments.

August 28: Office of Student Services

The joy of studying in a tough neighborhood of students, teachers, and college administration. A very good surprise!

August 28: Easy girl

With Zahia Dehar in an unexpected and surprising role.

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