Environment. In Normandy, animals that are symbols of the region are in danger

The otter is a species classified as “endangered” in the Channel department. (©P. Cut – Flickr)

“67 species over the past thirty years terrestrial mammals among the 116 species present Metropolitan France defined in Normandydiversity similar to that of neighboring regions: Picardy (69 species), Brittany (67) and Pays de la Loire (66)”.

First scale list of reunified Normandy

This is the context set in part by GMN, the Normandy Mammalogical Group, which commissioned its production. red list Mammals of Normandy. The association notes that there are twenty species Marine mammals “Seen in Normandy waters or found stranded on shore.”

This is the first time such an inventory of endangered species has been carried out at the scale of a reunified region, we learn from GMN researcher Christophe Rideau. In 2014, red lists were drawn up Lower Normandy and Upper Normandy.

A small evolution

Based on more than 151,000 observations of terrestrial and marine mammals collected between 2011 and 2020, the ANBDD (Norman The red list for Normandy, initiated by the Agency for Biodiversity and Sustainable Development) has changed slightly compared to those created about ten years ago.

But that’s mostly because change in territorial scale : “Going from two or three departments to five to not have the same scale of reflection means that ‘threatened’ species are no longer so.” But we cannot make a direct comparison. The only thing that is clear is that it is less bats Threatened by conservation works and better protection forest backgrounds, but it gets worse again. These species remain very fragile.

67 species were studied

The preparation of the regional red list is the same as the methodology adopted by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature). The assessment ultimately focused on 67 species: 60 land mammals, 7 marine mammals and 3 bats. It found that “over 20% of the species studied are under increasing threat.”

Fourteen species are considered threatened and classified as “CR/EN” or “VU”, which translates to “critically endangered species/endangered species” or “vulnerable species”. Three species are considered extinct in Normandy: the beaver From Eurasiaforest cat and mink From Europe.

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The proliferation of threats

Dormouse, ermine, otter, noctule… These species, above all, have become rare in humans increased threats emphasizes that he gives weight to them Released report for 2022. First by making a change their place of residence and their food suppliesthrough removal and degradation wet area and more broadly, aquatic habitats, a woodworking bad management, retardation woodlandusage pesticides, urbanization and land reclamationthe overfishing


14 species of mammals present in Normandy are considered threatened, i.e. 20.9% of the mammal species in the region according to this red list.

“In the Manche department,” says Christophe Rideau, “the most emblematic endangered species are the Miller’s crospos (small water dog), the otter, the ermine, all three considered ‘endangered.'” Along with marine mammals, another mouse and bat: Risso dolphin, common dolphin, gray seal, bottlenose dolphin, garden bug (found only in the Chausey archipelago in Normandy), chick pipistrelle (known here). Val de Saire and surroundings) are considered “sensitive”.

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