Departing from Les Deferlantes, return to an eventful weekend around the flagship festival of the Pyrenees-Orientales

2023 edition of Les Deferlantes It is planned in Perpignan
. The festival will take place in the parking lot of the Parc des Expositions, where the Saint-Martin fair is held. Organizers promise a revised, transformed venue. This was announced to the press on Friday, January 6. Explanations promising the production of La Frontera on January 16. But in the age of social networks, viewers didn’t wait ten days to express their disagreements. When there is no fury like Muriel, a loyal member of Les Deferlantes since her debut at the Château de Valmy: “It’s a disappointment because we no longer have the impression of being in the festival spirit. Then the second reaction is the feeling of being taken hostage: because we’ve all already bought our tickets (three passes for €160 each, editor’s note), booked our accommodation and actually arrive in Perpignan. not what we paid for.

A milestone was reached with the announcement of the Indo-China group on Saturday afternoon. Its leader Nikola Sirkis asks the organizers to review their projects. He did not sign to play for the municipality of Perpignan, RN. The group threatens to cancel his trip.

More discreetly, Nicolas García, the mayor of Elne and vice-president of the regional council, tweeted in Catalan, suggesting that the contacts of the Barcelona singer Rosalia on the south side should not come to Les Deferlantes: “It’s like accepting to sing together. A city ruled by Vox” (a Spanish far-right party) wrote.

Contacts in Narbonne and Montpellier?

All weekend, the Frontera production explained in the columns of L’Indépendant that the team reaffirmed its desire to stay in the Eastern Pyrenees to ensure the development and proper functioning of the festival (park, transport, water points, etc.). Although, according to the information we have, would not communicate with Narbonne and Montpellier.

The organizers also posted a message on their network to respond to Indochine this Sunday. It clearly states that they will not reconsider their decisions.

They also opened the door to possible returns for audiences unwilling to explore the festival’s new formula.

There are more and more festival participants who want to redeem their tickets on social networks.
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Anna Bonnemasou-Carrere

The organizers of Les Deferlantes did not respond to requests for an interview since Friday.

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