800€ discount on Samsung Galaxy S22+ with Orange plan!

2023 is off to a strong start for some. Among them are those who benefit from the offer of Samsung Galaxy S22+ with orange plan. They can now access a high-end smartphone with savings of up to €800. Time is running out: special offer ends January 10th. MonPetitForfait suggests reviewing this mobile offer to save time and make a decision as soon as possible.

For promotional smartphones, Orange does things like no other. Although competitors offer financing for several years, here one payment is enough. Only the Orange plan requires a commitment of more than two years. Customers in orange are the immediate owners of the Samsung Galaxy S22+ once the purchase is confirmed. Delivery by phone is freethis is also available Click and collect.

€800 discount on a premium phone with 256 GB memory

Orange store is running out of stock. All the more reason not to take your Samsung Galaxy S22+ for too long. The promotion presented here also applies to the 256GB model, as the 128GB version is currently unavailable. it is possible to do Buy from €299provided you choose the right mobile plan for it.

This is the 256GB version of the Samsung Galaxy S22+.

The price of the phone is 1099 euros without going through Orange smartphone promotions. Normally, subscribing to the 5G 220GB package allows you to get a Samsung Galaxy S22+ for just €419. Thanks to a special discount until January 10, it rises to 299 euros. So there is really a potential saving of €800 for those who choose this formula. Otherwise, Orange offers to buy it Without mobile plan for 849€i.e. an exclusive and immediate discount of 250 euros.

Buy the Galaxy S22+


Need to lower the price a little more? There are orange purchase offers for this. In exchange for an old smartphone, each customer can buy not only discount according to the value of the phone, as well as a 50€ bonus. Depending on the models, this may allow you to pay nothing for the Samsung Galaxy S22+.

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There are two 5G plans available for the affordable Samsung Galaxy S22+

Once you’re sure you want to buy the Samsung Galaxy S22+ on sale, all you have to do is subscribe to the Orange plan. You must apply to get the best price on the phone 5G plan with 220 GB. It costs €49.99 per month and imposes a two-year commitment. The price rises to €64.99 after 12 months.

Mobile plans for Samsung Galaxy S22+


This mobile plan is the best offer from Orange. Its 220 GB It can be fully used through the 5G network It continues to be deployed all over France. 100GB from overseas departments and the European Union remains valid. The Orange plan also offers an optional second SIM card.

On the other hand, telephony serves well, with Unlimited calls to mobile phones in Europe, USA and Canada. In addition, customers can call landlines in more than 100 foreign countries. Finally, if the Samsung Galaxy S22+ is ever lost, broken, stolen or broken, Orange is committed to providing its customers with a replacement smartphone.

Orange package for Samsung Galaxy S22+ in brief:

  • 220 GB of data in Metropolitan France, 100 GB still valid in the French overseas departments and in the EU;
  • Unlimited calls to European mobile phones, as well as the USA and Canada;
  • a second SIM card is available upon request, with no Orange SIM activation fee.

There is another way to pay for your cheaper mobile plan. This is a 5G 150GB plan with a cost €29.99 per month for a year, then €44.99. The commitment remains the same for 24 months. On the other hand, you have to pay more for the Samsung Galaxy S22 +, then it goes to €499. Here too, smartphone recovery can bring a nice reduction in your phone bill.

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