Movies 2022: MagDuCiné’s best editorials

Who says that the beginning of the year, looking at the last year. So, as tradition dictates, here are eleven of the best movies of 2022 selected by MagDuCiné’s editorial staff. The best place we’ve seen a lot of big names this year, between Paul Thomas Anderson and Dominik Moll, Ruben. Ostlund and Park Chan-wook, Bruce Wayne and Elvis Presley…

8th equation: Cut it!By Michel Hazanavicius

Cut it! The phrase has become so associated with the seventh art that it is today its classic antonym. Cinema is collective. A film cannot see the light of day without a thousand tricks invented during the shooting. Michel Hazanavicius pays homage to Méliès’ art by revisiting the Japanese film. Cut it! studies the method of construction of a cinematographic work. This meta dimension resonates with the mise en abyme on which the script is based. The subversive humor that cuts through the entire piece also offers a sensitive look at the filmmakers. »

8th equation: Leyla and her brothersBy Said Roustaee

“It has already been crowned with great success in 2021 Law of TehranSaeed appeared on French screens again with Roustae Leyla and her brothers. After a bitter and dark thriller about the ubiquity of drug trafficking in Iran, he once again indicts his country with virulence. We follow this family of four brothers, as well as Leyla, who tries to survive in a country suffering from an economic crisis. And crises exist on several levels in a feature film. Roustaee accurately describes the downfall of a society undermined by archaic values ​​such as patriarchy, symbolized by this father who is the executioner of his own children. This family, which is on the verge of explosion, is therefore a simple reflection of the country of Iran, which is stuck with traditions. Unfortunately, we can emphasize the director’s sharpness because real-world news compels it. In the film, the character of Leyla is a prisoner of the state of femininity. In real life, her translator, Taraneh Alidousti, has just been arrested for advocating freedom and women’s rights. »

8ex aequo: No filterBy Ruben Ostlund

“International title” Triangle of grief From Ruben Östlund’s film, which won the Palme d’Or at Cannes, it refers to the small wrinkle triangle found between a person’s eyebrows. At the beginning of the film, Carl, a young model candidate, is rejected by the jury from a young age because he is considered too old with the “Triangle of Sadness”. The opening scene sets the tone for the Swede’s latest film, a highly sarcastic, caustic film that condemns the love of the bourgeoisie and the wealthy. Östlund’s characters are funny caricatures of themselves, of the society the filmmaker sees as corrupted by money, class consciousness, and power. In the first part of the journey for the multi-millionaires with his prosperous lover Carl and Yaya, played by the since-deceased young Charlby Dean, we see these “Rich and Beautiful” at their most outrageous. According to the filmmaker, a Marxist who has already planted his small seeds with his previous films brilliantly outside, with another palm branch. Square, including: cynicism, racism, class contempt and tutti quanti. In the second part, the journey thickens for the main characters. A violent storm shakes the luxury yacht and their worst nightmare befalls them. The metaphor of the working class and the turnaround may seem crude and facile; it’s actually done quite smoothly. First of all, as an unexpected epilogue, it is very funny and explains the award given to him. Östlund really pulls off the guts of an auteur film that’s more fun, almost popular. Triangle of grief, No filter In French, in our view, the best of its author, it fully deserves its place at the top of 2022. »

8 equations: Yellow hairBy Andrew Dominik

“Discarding biographical understanding to convey his own version of psychological as much as physical abuse, Andrew Dominik rocks the cottages with his raw and melancholy portrayal of Marilyn Monroe, far from the limelight. Not everyone will like it, but it is a subtle bias that will be embedded in the deepest memories. In David Lynch style, it’s all in the atmosphere, the production and the soundtrack, just to set up a suffocating climate that lends itself to a lot of fantasy. Thus, Blonde is only the reflection of a growing evil in Norma, the foreign body that suffocates her and forces her to suffocate her, forcing her to remain only Marilyn, a grave from which she cannot escape at her expense. . The constant struggle to separate reality from fantasy. The identity crisis is sublimated by the music of Nick Cave and Warren Ellis. A sensuous work that resonates on all floors, occupies spaces and sweeps away utopias on a cursed icon, Ana de Armas is to Andrew Dominick, Patricia Arquette is to David Lynch or Gena Rowlands to John Cassavetes. »

5th ex aequo: Like BestasBy Rodrigo Sorogoyen

“Three years after a very admirable MadreSpanish filmmaker Rodrigo Sorogoyen condenses his theme even further in his best work yet and our favorites of 2022. Rural thriller against the background of xenophobia and social misery, Like the best builds a heavy tension from the first minute, and the audience will share the suffering of the two main characters until the end. The cast is breathtaking, not just the French Dénis Menochet and Marina Foïs (who are definitely in the dramatic register) who express themselves in Cervantes’ language, but also the two Spanish actors who camp out as larger-than-life idiots and hateful asses. With no backlash and minimizing graphic violence, Like the best depicts with cold mastery the spiral of human passions leading to incorrigibility. The film based on real events is perfectly suited to our modern times. Impassable gaps, impossible dialogues, deaf hatreds that threaten to explode. And Sorogoyen achieves this by delivering visually stunning sequences. Not to mention the movie poster is absolutely stunning. Just a great movie. »

5th ex aequo: Everything everywhere at onceBy Daniel Scheinert and Daniel Kwan

“Aided by extraordinary ingenuity and particularly careful staging, Everything Everywhere at Once reminds us why we love cinema. Particularly funny, poignant and utterly surprising, the film alternates between poetry, nonsense and drama with great efficiency. We will especially remember the genius montage that constantly refreshes and refreshes the scene. Just art! »

5th ex aequo: ElvisDe Baz Luhrmann

“It was released in June 2022 Elvis It’s a film by Baz Luhrmann that’s colorful enough to pay tribute to the King.
Camped by a very believable Austin Butler, Elvis Presley is told from childhood to death, from poverty to planetary success, which will lead to improved health. Opposite him, Tom Hanks, bedecked with a false nose, plays the poisonous impresario Colonel Parker, who forces his patron, turned into a hen with a golden egg, to extremes in order to immediately return the smallest dollar spent. gambling ‘silver. Because Elvis Presley’s story is not just one of rock, hits and fabulous stage costumes, but also an untimely death at the age of 42, his career is on the upswing and he is sliding towards the status of a music legend.
With Elvis, Baz Luhrmann achieves a magnificent feature film, full of stylistic effects that will give the impression that the almost three-hour film passed in a blink of an eye, as short as the life of this great musician. . »

3rd past aequo: BatmanBy Matt Reeves

“Taking an already widely used icon (as evidenced by repeated iterations over the past 80 years) to reinvent it seems like a challenge on paper. However, what Matt Reeves has done is a crazy bet Batman : a new translator (Robert Pattinson), a new version of the dark knight, at the same time and above all new inspirations. So leave the appeal to the sanctimonious superhero literature and make way for the astonishing references: Nietzsche, Trump, the attacks on the Capitol, social networks and the corruption of the powerful are so many elements to collide in a plot of Homeric proportions, but also deeply depressing.
No wonder Nirvana’s cult hit is Something on the way It soaks up nearly 3 hours of the story with all its presence, as it acts as an atmosphere, as well as the letter of intent of the entire project: to depict a refined city consumed by crime, fear and deep darkness. To bring back to the screen at least that, and a real richness in storytelling, needed something sorely lacking in Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan’s signature iterations: the fear of the dark. »

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3rd past aequo: The decision to leaveBy Park Chan-wook

Park Chan-wook returns behind the camera to win the Best Director Award at the recent Cannes Film Festival. The decision to leave is a mystery investigation in which Inspector Hae-Joon, as experienced as he is, struggles to keep his cool in the face of his attraction to the mysterious Yara. The director manipulates the codes of the thriller well, sprinkles a bitter, complex, murderous romance into the feature film. With powerful visuals, well-crafted screenplay and scintillating scenery, The decision to leave It is definitely the big achievement of 2022.

2nd: Licorice pizzaBy Paul Thomas Anderson

“Ranchopizza is a concept, but this one Licorice pizza the expression is culturally constructed by vinyls. Paul Thomas Anderson recounts his teenage years like other filmmakers before him, adorned with happy faces that don’t want to stop on the road. Alana Kane is somehow seduced by Gary Valentine’s 50’s moniker. If many viewers have been wondering since the second week of January 2022 if we’ve already made the best movie of the year with this joyous romance, it’s because it has everything you need to forget what it’s about. It’s like suffering: faith in everything, especially in what we feel, a passion for others, the happiness of drawing a beautiful nostalgia with them. »

1st: 12 nightBy Dominic Moll

12 Night is a film of obsessions: for an impossible investigation, for these men who try to live with death every day while remaining rational men, not madmen, for these women who struggle to be free, for those who try to bully them. First of all, the burnt body of a woman is unreasonable for an audience following this story of the daily life of police officers mixed with a terrible crime, and for many it is completely banal, because once again death and a little freedom become commonplace. the brutality lurking in the shadows of a deadly night is never far away. 12 Night fights against this habit, simple calculation and gives all his space to the fight against this woman, those who want to solve her crime and the society that wants to destroy her. A great film full of empty spaces, unanswered questions…”

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