Good decisions 2023: feed your pets the food they deserve

The New Year always brings good resolutions for us humans, but it can also mean good resolutions for our pets.

Between fad diets, radical resolutions, and attempts at lifestyle changes, resolutions of the year 2023 may be as complicated in respect as previous years. If you want to avoid the frustration of broken decisions, your companions can stick to it!

As with humans, the quality of animal feed directly affects their feed health, especially during their growth, but also throughout their life. Our little animals deserve to see their bowl full of love quality bran.

Choose kibble to provide exemplary quality meals to your loved ones, whether dog or cat Ultra Premium Direct. The products produced in the city of Agen, located in the south-west of France, have only one purpose: promote health and welfare animals. For this, it offers a variety of food recipes that are suitable for all dogs and cats. Find it the perfect kibble what was missing in your partner’s life!

Good to know

Spaying your pets changes their nutritional needs. If your pet has recently been neutered, it is important to adapt its diet to its new needs. don’t hesitate consult your veterinarian to determine your pet’s needs.

Dog food

Delighting both young and old

These croquettes consist of 50% animal ingredients and 50% fruits and vegetables. based on Lamb, highly digestible protein for dogs, they are formulated to suit your most sensitive dogs. You can find it contains salmon oil, for excellent leather and coat. Perfect food for all neutered dogs.

Grain Free Sensitive Dog Food All Sizes — Ultra Premium Direct — €28.90 — 4 kg

Take care of your overweight dog

Like many of their masters and mistresses, dogs are human. greedy. Unfortunately, overindulgence can have a negative impact on the health of our furry friends.

For suitable animals, this kibble recipe will be perfect. with less fat and more fiber, your pet will lose bulk while retaining muscle mass. Therefore, reducing portions will be useless: your dog will be able to continue eating the same amount of food, but less healthier !


Light Super Premium Dry Dog Food for Sterilized / Overweight Dogs — Ultra Premium Direct — €41.90 — 12 kg

For puppies who want to be Molossers

During the growth of a dog, its proper development requires special food intake. These croquettes are suitable for adult-sized puppies Not more than 30 kgoffer a quality, balanced diet designed for their growth.

Choosing food for your dog starts at an early age first class taking care of their health and well-being.


Super Premium Croquettes for Small and Medium Puppies — Ultra Premium Direct — €23.90 — 4 kg

Innovating while delighting your four-legged half

Gourmet, innovative, balanced: here is a recipe that will awaken your dog’s true nature. With a mix of croquettes and raw trout pieces, it appeals to your pet’s carnivorous nature, which will eat more croquettes if it can.

Raw food has many benefits for your pet:

  • Optimizes digestion
  • favors development of muscle mass
  • contribute for healthy skin and silk clothes

Protein Boost Fish – Lamb and Raw Trout – Ultra Premium Direct – €33.50 – 3 kg

For cats

For all cats in France and Navarre

Although dogs are man’s best friend, cats They deserve their good decisions in 2023. Ultra Premium Direct has not forgotten them and offers a delicious recipe that is balanced and suitable for all indoor or neutered cats.

To limit excess weight and related diseases, these croquettes are not too fat and are rich in animal proteins according to the nature of your beloved cat.


Grain Free Croquettes for Sterilized or Indoor Adult Cats — Ultra Premium Direct — €24.90 — 3 kg

The little cat will turn into a lion

I named the sweetest and most handsome creature in the world: kittens. This little ball of fur, like a puppy, has special needs to be the boss of your house or apartment. Besides, is it really our pet or are we its? pet human

Again, these kibbles will support your kitten’s growth to adult size. Since 70% of the ingredients are of animal origin, your kitten will benefit from it all food intake his body should turn him into a scary cat.


Grain Free Kitten Food — Ultra Premium Direct — €24.90 — 3 kg

Obviously, dandruff doesn’t do everything to ensure the well-being of your furry friends. optimal. If their 2023 resolution revolves around their diet, yours may revolve around your ever-growing love for them. More walks, less forced hugs : your relationship will never be good.

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Photo credits: Abgreat Ann, Blue Bird – Pexels

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