Five must-see movies and series on Netflix after Glass Onion

The Glass Onion: A Controversial Story A hit on Netflix, the ability to recommend five other must-see movies or series in the same genre.

After the success of the film In disputes By Rian Johnson and the takeover of the license by Netflix, Inspector Benoit Blanc by Daniel Craig returned to broadcasting for a new investigation with drawers. The Glass Onion: A Controversial Story. The public responded to this new mystery, as the film is currently in the top 10 of the platform in France and the United States. We already know that a third movie is planned, but since it won’t happen for a while, the editorial advises five other movies or series in the same genre to take your pain away and turn your brain.

PS: We spared you a few obvious ones like adaptations Death on the Nile Where Crime of the Orient Express.

8 women

Release: 2002 – Duration: 1h51

There are eight of them, we counted

Although the whodunit is a genre of Anglo-Saxon essence, the genre has also moved closer to French borders and French screens, with mastered investigations matched by practice (though Revelation takes it perfectly with the -foot). One of the best expressions of this genre in France is film 8 women By François Ozon. He continued An old-school schematic whodunit with a ground unit inherited from the theater warrants a threat camera where the culprit is hidden in the middle of a handful of suspects (in this case, one culprit in the middle of the suspects).

Suzon’s character always replaces the traditional investigator with the complicity of the audience and examines motives, alibis, cracks, lies and unacknowledged truths. The investigative film then becomes a musical family drama with strong symbols, starting with the colors and flowers attributed to each of the women. And let’s not forget the cast, which brings together great actresses from different generations: Danielle Darrieux, Firmine Richard, Catherine Deneuve, Fanny Ardant, Isabelle Huppert, Emmanuelle Béart, Virginie Ledoyen and Ludivine Sagnier, sorry.

The Dirty Eight

Release: 2016 – Duration: 2h48

Dirty Eight: picture, Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt RussellMother fucks me

At first glance, the universes of Rian Johnson and Quentin Tarantino have nothing in common, although both love reference stunts and archetypal heroes. However, joyful The Dirty Eight it has all the classic whodunit, plus geysers of blood. A bounty hunter who stops to hang his catch for the day. A hotel lost in a blizzard surrounded by mountains. And six more colorful characters: another bounty hunter, a newly appointed sheriff, a Confederate, a Mexican, a cowboy and a “short leg.”

And the scenario of going to some kind of internal investigation, which will shed more light on Benoit Blanc’s holiday than one partBetween us from the bathroom. Outside of its social dimension, it’s not exactly the director’s first concern Kill Billeverything is there: side views, curls, long, wide, wide, internal, external and the flavor of a very bad fool’s game.

Moreover, Tarantino prefers dialogue tunnels and an almost obsessive fetishism of the snowy west (as long as Thing belongs to this category) to the observations of the language detective. And it’s all the better to be surprised when dealing with scenes of perfect suspense or outbursts of utterly cheesy violence. Sometimes you have to spill the beans.

theater of blood

Release: 1973 – Duration: 1h44

Theater of Blood: photo, Vincent PriceVincent Priceless

Even more than that Daggers are drawn, Glass onions reveled in using the whodunit genre to explode certain social conventions and shake up the bourgeoisie with a gleefully aggressive approach. It’s hard to believe that Rian Johnson hasn’t been nurtured on the field Theater of Blood, One of the most famous British “black comedies” of the 70s. While Agatha Christie embraces the idea of ​​a series of murders, Douglas Hickbox’s film inverts the paradigm by putting us in the perspective of the killer: the earthy Edward Lionheart, played by the excellent Vincent Price.

This actor and theater director, specializing in Shakespearean tragedies, decides to commit suicide after wanting to commit suicide. take revenge on the critics who regularly “kill” his plays. The irony is pretty sickening, especially since the character’s bluster leads him to orchestrate the murders of William the Elder’s texts. With ridiculous costume strikes, Lionheart stages himself and uses his enemies’ vices against them, only to hit where it hurts.

The result is even funnier, shriller and meaner, especially since it’s backed by Hickbox the efficiency of staging is always at the service of exceptional actors. Along with the perfectly playful Price, Diana Rigg enjoys playing the criminal’s accomplice.

Gosford Park

Release: 2002 – Duration: 2h17

Gosford Park: PicturesHunting game

Because you should never miss an opportunity to talk about the great Robert Altman, make way for him Gosford Parkas we will summarize a mix between Cluedo and Downton Abbey to cheer you up. The story takes place in the early 1930s at the beautiful bourgeois mansion of Sir William and Mrs. Sylvia McCordle, who organize a hunting party with friends and relatives, during which a gentleman is murdered. This will be the beginning of an investigation that will reveal everyone’s little secrets.

Starting with the idea of ​​Robert Atlman who wanted Agatha Christie has fun with the whodunit genre, Gosford Park is the main element of its kind. Beyond research, the film is interested in the ecosystem of this house, where it is plays a key role despite the servants (or rather,) by virtue of their restraint and mild contempt for the powerful. Small pleasure Cluedo thus leaving room for a more interesting social picture than this world of 1932 is about to disappear.

Gosford Parkthis distribution causing vertigo : Maggie Smith, Michael Gambon, Kristin Scott Thomas, Charles Dance, Clive Owen, Helen Mirren, Emily Watson, Ryan Philippe, Kelly Macdonald or even Stephen Fry. And he too One of Robert Atlman’s last filmsIt was celebrated all the way to the Oscars (Oscars for Best Screenplay, Best Picture, Best Director or Best Supporting Actress for Maggie Smith and Helen Mirren, among other nominations).


Release: 2021-2022 – Duration: 2 seasons and 13 episodes

White Lotus: Photo*great credit music*

It’s so clear that Benoît Blanc can land straight in season 3 White Lotus to investigate a corpse found near a luxurious swimming pool and uncover the dark secrets of a petty bourgeoisie on the verge of a nervous breakdown. It uses the same ingredients as the HBO series created by Mike White In disputes and The Glass Onion: A Controversial Storyto know a mix of thriller, comedy and satire in a dream setting.

White Lotus, is the name of a chain of luxury hotels located in paradisiacal locations (Hawaii for season 1, Sicily for season 2) that host the perfectly rich and neurotic. every season, new place, new group (Even if Jennifer Coolidge’s character makes a connection)… and a new body discovered in flash forward earlier in the season. The whole story will be fun after that It is very common for these people to acidify their varnishesbut clearly unsustainable and/or unbalanced.

White Lotus: photo, Jennifer CoolidgeThe one and only Tanya

However, a difference with the adventures of Benoît Blanc: whodunit is secondary White Lotusand the investigation itself is never central. So much so that 3/4 of people forgot there was a corpse in the game over episodes until the conclusion brought it back up. Recommended for people who are interested Glass onions mainly lives in its gallery of characters and the energy of its actors and actresses. Because only for Jennifer Coolidge, Aubrey Plaza, Michael Imperioli, Theo James, Murray Bartlett, Steve Zahn, Alexandra Daddario or even Connie Britton, White Lotus worth watching.

Our vision White Lotus season 2

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