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The France Espoirs team always dreams of people. During the week, the eleven runners selected by Pierre-Yves Châtelet took advantage of every moment of the training course in the mountains. “It was great, we had a good time”Léo Kraemer (SCO Dijon) summarizes in front of his microphone DirectVelo. In 2022, only Louis Rouland (Bourg-en-Bresse Ain Cyclisme) took part in this pre-season meeting. Without thirteen French Espoirs members of the WorldTeam or French Cyclo-cross Championship favorites, the national coach had to cast a wide net. “The naysayers are always wrong. This can be a springboard for runners who are here. They will probably be held for the race, otherwise they wouldn’t be there.”assures the national coach from the holiday village of Fleurs et Neige, located in the Aussois (Savoie) ski resort.


A lucky few were surprised to be called. “Being there is one thing. I did not expect to be selected, I was surprised and happy. It shows that hard work pays off.”Léo appreciates Kraemer. “I didn’t expect a call from Pierre-Yves. It was a nice surprise”Knows Antoine Hue (VC Pays de Loudéac). “I got a call from an unknown number while returning home from cycling. It was 06 so I answered. It was Pierre-Yves.”smiles Nicolas Rousset-Favier (Vendée U).

Selected for several races last year, Axel Huens had to convince his new Belgian team Conti Circus-ReUz-Technord. “They didn’t want me to be without a bike for 5-6 days, but they understood that I wanted to be here. The French team is important to me”. Thus, his coach Christophe Premont and Pierre-Yves Chatelon found a common language. In mid-February, WorldTeam arrived with a French-Belgian bike that will compete with Intermarché-Circus-Gobert. If the little snow would allow him to drive on the road, he was content with the home coach more than once.


In Savoie, tricolors increased physical activities. “When we arrived on Monday evening, we started with a yoga session“, reports Pierre-Yves Chatelon. He was led by Camille Bruyas, a physiotherapist and known as one of the best runners in the world. “This is one of the added values ​​of the French team. coach notes. Not much in the “movement” of pro teams yet. This is interesting.”

Before leaving this Saturday, they chained on foot to the Fort Victor-Emmanuel and the monolith of Sardiere, snowshoeing to the Dent Parrachée shelter, downhill and then skiing. Suffice it to say, they were well on their way back to the settlement each day. “We’re not burnt out, but it’s exhausting. It’s not the same type of effort as cycling. I was sick last week, so he’s getting oxygen again.”Pierre Thierry (Morbihan Fybolia GOA) says. “We are not used to walking for five or six hours”Antoine Hue says. “We don’t work the same muscles, which is helpful”Paul Hennequin (Nice Métropole Côte d’Azur) assures. “Before coming, children think they won’t go to work because they don’t have bikes. But actually they work more. They eliminate holiday fat and excess”smiles Pierre-Yves Chatelon.


Blues left Maurienne with memories both in her head and on her phone. “There is nothing like this in Britain. We take pictures every fifteen meters, there are beautiful views”, empty Antoine Hue returning from a snowshoe hike. Paul Hennequin made his senior debut with the French team behind him. “It makes for good discussion. I didn’t know anyone, there was a Breton core, it went very well.”

In an environment where places are expensive, they came without thinking. “We had a good laugh, made some small mistakes while snowshoeinglaughs Nicolas Rousset-Favier. It’s a change from cycling where the competitive spirit is always present, even during training. We have nothing to show for it, we are there to enjoy it.” With both the sports part and the activities offered by their host Manu at their residence, the young tricolor guard had no time to get bored in Upper Maurienne.

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