What to do in case of an accident with a wild animal?

What to do with an injured or dead wild animal?

You have a car to shoot a boar, stag or deer.

Here are the steps and safety instructions to follow in the event of an accident with a animal res nullius (i.e. masterless).

Start checking if the animal is still alive collision with your car. If a boar or deer is injured, move away from the vehicle to alert the gendarmerie to avoid a potential attack.

If the animal shot is dead, secure the area with a warning triangle and wear your yellow vest.

Then call the gendarmerie or the police and make a report or record your statement. The authorities will give you a statement to send to your insurance company.

Do not forget to collect proof of accident especially if the animal escaped: photos, videos, fur, etc.


    If the collision resulted in the death of the animal, you may want to take it away. The law states that a small animal such as a rabbit, fox or duck must be left behind. On the other hand, a Unprotected species over 40 kg (boar, deer, deer…), you can take under the condition of reporting to the gendarmerie to avoid being accused of poaching.

If your car is roadworthy, contact your insurer helpline number register for your green card to take advantage of any coverage provided in your contract.

That’s right, there’s no need to worry breakdown, towing or repair costs If you have taken out assistance insurance as part of your commitment.

How to report a car accident with a wild animal to insurance?

It should be noted that a claim must be submitted to the insurance company.

according to Article L113-2 of the Insurance Code, “The insured is obliged to warn the insurer […] of any claim that may arise in relation to the insurer’s guarantee.

case collision with deerwild boar or any other animal, owner or guardian, you must carry out statement by registered mail within 5 days of loss.

Your insurer will then provide an expert opinion to verify that the damage was indeed caused by a wild animal and that it was not malicious. insurance fraud.

Good to know

    case’accident with game pursued by hunters, they can be held accountable. Therefore, it is appropriate to file a complaint against the association or hunting society of which they are members.

What kind of compensation is paid after a car accident with a wild boar?

The wild animal accident management car insurance depends on the type of damage and the terms of your insurance contract:

Compensation for material damage

After a collision with a deer, the insurance pays you compensation if the damage is covered by insurance. all risk contract and optional in an extended third-party agreement.

Unfortunately, if you have only received an insurance payment from your insurer, you are not entitled to any compensation. third party agreement. On the other hand, the Guarantee Fund (FGAO) intervenes to compensate you.

Compensation for bodily injury

After a car accident with a wild boar or deer, you can benefit from your medical care thanks to the driver’s bodily guarantee.

In the case of injuries to your passengers, these are covered by your liability insurance.

What is deductible in the event of an accident with a wild animal?

With third-party insurance, FGAO reimburses you, but a €500 deductible.

With all risk insurance, your insurance compensates you and deducts the deductible specified in your vehicle contract. Your insurance can then apply to the FGAO to reimburse you for this deductible.

But this approach is only interesting for you the excess is more than 500 euros. Indeed, the organization does not intervene below this amount.

Accident with a wild animal: who is responsible?

After you notify your insurer of your claim, the insurer appoints an expert to verify whether it is actually covered. accident with unidentified animal.

If the report confirms the facts stated in your declaration, then your liability is completely cleared. Different conditions apply if the shot animal belongs to a third party.

Indeed pet owner or guardian is responsible for the damage caused (Article 1243 of the Civil Code). An animal is considered lost or escaped while in his custody.

for a accident with a pet, the material damage to your car is covered by the pet owner’s insurance if you are insured by third parties. With all risk insurance, compensation is paid by the insurer.


    case a collision with an animal on a leash or under the owner’s control, you are responsible for the accident. Pet damage repairs will be covered by your liability insurance.

What is the result of the bonus malus when it collides with a deer, boar or roe deer?

Your auto insurance expert’s report confirms whether you are yes or no for an accident with a wild animal.

If the collision is purely accidental, then no penalty applies and your discount-plus factor does not change. We are talking about force majeure to the extent that the shock becomes an unexpected and unavoidable aspect.

The same thing, if the accident a negligence in the event of an accident with a pet.

But during a collision with an animal a area marked with wildlife crossing signsthen your insurer may consider that this is not a force majeure event and impose a penalty on your insurance premium.

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