Top 10 actors who played in the most movies and TV series, businessmen of Pelosh

Have you ever acted in a movie? Yes to me, a film of my family’s vacation in Noirmoutier in 2001. I won’t lie to you, it wasn’t crazy and I was only paid in fries, but it was still a great and meaningful experience. However, that’s nothing compared to some actors whose careers are packed. Actors who have played in many, many, many movies and series. Makes Noirmoutier wonder if they still have time to go on vacation…

James Hong (over 650 performances)

American comedian James Hong is probably the one who appears in the most movies and series. And if there is a lot of all the rotten ones in the pile, there is also a lot of good ones knife run, Mulan, Friends, Kung Fu Panda or the latest Everything, everywhere, at once. Because yes, at 93 brushes, the guy is still working and continues to improve his record. He is not going to overtake him.

Eric Roberts (over 600 games)

Less well-known than her sister Julia Roberts and daughter Emma Roberts, Eric has a more established filmography than the two actresses. Over 600 appearances in films and TV series, which is simply insane, especially since he has such great roles as Buck Runaway TrainSalvatore Maroni Dark Night or himself stumbled. After that, there are also many looks at really less good works, but that’s also a risk when you favor quantity over quality.

Danny Trejo (about 420 appearances)

Ex-trafficker and (eventually) ex-convict Danny Trejo is one of Hollywood’s most iconic figures. It must be said that he is really pissed off with his physique as the armed arm of the cartels, but this physique gives him Machete, Spy Kids, Heattypical series Desperate Housewives and bad breakageeven a cool video game genre Fallout New Vegas and GTA Vice City. For someone who started his career as a prisoner, combining quality with quantity to such an extent is quite impressive. By the way, did you know that Danny Trejo is the deadliest actor on screen? This is incredible.

Christopher Lee (over 280 appearances)

Do I have to introduce Christopher Lee yet? He is one of the actors with the best career, sick roles: Saruman The Lord of the RingsFrancisco Scaramanga in The Man with the Golden GunCount Dooku in the Prologue Star Wars or Lord Summerisle The Wicker Man. Many comedians would sacrifice their father, mother and even their dog to get even a tenth of their career, and I understand them.

Robert Loggia (over 230 games)

The youngest is a little less well known – especially since he suffered from Alzheimer’s disease in the last years of his life, which slowed his career – Robert Loggia nevertheless has an impressive filmography. He played scarf, Independence Day, The Sopranos, Bilateral or Lost highway. Have you ever seen them? Well, here’s a role you definitely know: Robert Loggia played the (maternal) grandfather in the series Malcolm. So that ? You see, right?

Christopher Plummer (216 games)

As a Canadian actor, he managed to write his name in the list of big films Melody of happiness, An army of 12 monkeys, Benjamin Gates, Millennium, thereWhere The Man Who Would Be King. He said he was 90 years old “A better actor than ever”but unfortunately he died a year later in 2021. It’s stupid, maybe we missed his best movies.

Danny Glover (over 200 performances)

This is the second Dennis of this ball that makes me want to change my name to get into movies, but enough about me: Danny Glover, it’s heavy. Now this is the legendary Roger Murtaugh Lethal Weaponbut he also played a role Escape from Alcatraz, Color Purple, The Tenenbaum family or the excellent (but underrated) series Mozart in the jungle. And at 76, he’s still ready to go Lethal weapon 5. Tireless, man.

Donald Sutherland (194 games)

another great actor you should see in movies like The Hunger Games, The Dirty Dozen, Advertising Astra, MASH Where Pride and Prejudice, Donald Sutherland won an honorary Oscar for his outstanding career in 2018. You can say this is class.

Samuel L. Jackson (+ 190 appearances)

So we’re just dealing with a legend of the big screen. Samuel L. Jackson, you’ve seen him in crazy movies pulp fiction, Django Unchained, The Dirty Eight, A day in hell, Unbreakable, Jurassic park, Star Wars, Kill Bill 2they are the avengers Where Jackie Brown. JUST THIS. In addition to acting in many films, Sam (yes, I call him Sam) has won many awards and even has the amazing record of saying the word more than 170 times. “mom fuck” during his career. A little vulgos, but chic.

Michael Kane (176 games)

We conclude another great gentleman of cinema. A double Oscar winner who has starred in films that have made billions at the box office. It’s Alfred in the trilogy The Dark Knightalso have roles Primary, Prestige, Interstellar (thanks Christopher Nolan), Sons of Men, Hannah and her sisters, Kingsman or even lame (but popular) Can’t be caught. His career earned him a knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II in 2000, which is absolutely delightful. More than using the word swag anyway.

You may have noticed that there are no women in the movie, which perhaps reflects a bit of the misogyny in the movie. Very small. In short, if you like this kind of facts, go watch these movie records, you will enjoy it.

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