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Posted January 6, 2023, 6:03 am

A selection of eclectic events throughout France to get the year off to a great start.

Coloring the elements…

André Malraux Museum of Modern Art, Havre

How to paint rain, wind, snow, fog? All these meteorological elements inhabit canvas landscapes, but so delicate, moving, ephemeral that they are too delicate to freeze… This is the new Muma exhibition, whose works are displayed by artists, photographers, designers or videographers. reveals a special sensitivity to “air”. In addition to Boudin, Dufy and Renoir from the museum’s collections, we also find modern artists who are engaged in immortalizing the shocks of nature. Until March 5.

Autochrome, yesterday’s colors

Jeu de Paume Château de Tours, Indre-et-Loire

Autochrome, marketed since 1907, marked the arrival of color in photography. A real revolution. The great American photographer Edward Steichen wrote about it: “The most beautiful process that photography has given us to translate nature”. As the process was not used in the 1920s and 1930s, enthusiasm for this technology was both intense and short-lived. At the Jeu de Paume exhibition in Tours, powder colors bring together 176 autochrome works that fascinated both anonymous and well-known photographers. . Until May 28.

Al Thani showcases the Ca’d’Oro collection

National Maritime Museum, Paris

Why fly to Venice when his Renaissance masterpieces are installed in Paris until March 26? Taking advantage of its closure for restoration, the Al Thani Collection welcomes the treasures of the Ca’d’Oro museum, one of the Grand Canal’s most iconic palaces, for its third exhibition.

Venice Double marble portrait of Tullio Lombardo (ca. 1455-1532), collection of Giorgio Franchetti.Matteo De Fina/Galleria Giorgio

So head to the Place de la Concorde to discover this fragment of Venice, focusing on the original core of the museum, the collection of works and objects of Giorgio Franchetti and of course a number of absolutely unique sculptures.

A shower of tears at La Madeleine

Madeleine Church, Paris

He stays until the end of January to discover the installation “Tears of Joy” by the artist Benoît Dutour, which is visible every day of the week from 9:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. in La Madeleine church. About 300 cables are stretched out to hook and fasten about a hundred “tears” suspended from the hook, each one lit from above, each illuminated from above, carved from specially treated glass, giving the whole a magical and sacred look. These works will be sold at the end of the installation to finance costs.

Traveling artists

Palais Lumière, Evian

Beginning with the Belle Epoque, women gained more mass access to artist status. The action of the Union of Women Painters and Sculptors, founded in 1881, was realized in 1900 with the opening of two workshops for women, one for painting and the other for sculpture, at the Academy of Fine Arts in Paris.

By French Orientalist artist Marcelle Ackein

“Les Îles de Loos, Conakry” by French Orientalist artist Marcelle Ackein (circa 1923).Museums of the city of Philippe-Fuzeau / Boulogne Billancourt

Thus, their academic training enables women artists to gain professional status and obtain travel grants, shipping companies, or commissions for universal exhibitions. It is these traveling artists that we find at the Palais Lumière until May 21, with the period’s interest in Orientalism and the sheer size of the French colonial empire calling for its exploration.

Chef’s concert

Leather goods, Paris

We knew the addresses of restaurants opened by rock stars and artists. We’re less used to seeing the opposite: a star chef on stage. Meet at rue Boyer on Saturday evenings for a taste of the experience. It’s time for Chef & The Gang, a rock band formed around Philippe Etchebest, a famous chef and Top Chef judge, at the Paris Hall. The leader and occasional drummer would bring together a brigade of musicians one evening to dance our eardrums and who knows, maybe our taste buds too.

Ghada Amer, from one bank to another

Marseille, Bouches-du-Rhone

Embroidery, painting, ceramics, bronze and even garden creation are at the heart of Gada Amer’s work. In this first French retrospective, we discover the works of this Franco-American-Egyptian artist in three locations in Marseille: Mucem, Frac Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur and the church of the Center de la Vieille Charité.

“Pensamiento Mexicano #3” (2018), glazed ceramic by Gada Amer.Lepkowski Studios Berlin

Between East and West, Gada Amer, born in Cairo in 1963 and living in Nice since 1974, questions the processes of representation, dominance relations, assimilation, opposition or translation from one culture to another and has become a key voice on post-colonialism. and feminist issues in contemporary creation. Until April 16.

Back to childhood

Centquatre, Paris

With this “contemporary art fair” where people come not to think about the works, but to have fun, feel, have fun, art becomes a real popular entertainment. Palace of mirrors, parties, interesting cabinets, slot machines…

“Undressing, Dressing, Fixing, Free and Changing” (1977-2016), installation by visual artist ORLAN.quentin chevrier/courtesy Orlan et Ceysson & Bénétière Le CENTQUATRE P

In addition to fifty artists, five white cards are added to the program. Slow dance by ORLAN, play with the kinetic art of the great Julio Le Parc, experiment with POFs by Fabrice Hyber or try out an arcade game by Tsirihaka Harrivel… Until January 29th.

Christmas spirit

Jardin d’Acclimatation, Neuilly-sur-Seine

The holidays are not over at the Jardin d’Acclimatation: attractions and Christmas shows await families again this weekend with the last “round” attractions, the “Enchanted River” under the snow and festive performances at the Red Theatre. christmas mystery Just in time for the holidays, garden play is back with telepaths, magicians and acrobats. Finally, the last chance to try the “Christmas sled” that makes its first winter season. Until Sunday.

Our animal friends

Chamarande, departmental property of Essonne

As we talk about the sixth mass extinction, modern art takes this theme to question the relationship of man with other animal forms. This cultural space, which is the property of the Essonne departmental council, has even dedicated an entire thematic period for a year. “I am an animal” is a kind of epilogue.

“The kiss of an angel or a machine for thinking about the fate of migratory birds” (2008), creation of the Art Orienté Objet collective.Blaise Adilon/Object Oriented Art

All areas of the Domaine feature installations from the Art Orienté Objet collective, a French duo that has been exploring these questions since the 1990s, in other words, ahead of time and (almost) without limits. The video shows a blood transfusion between a human and a horse. Until February 12.

Sao Paulo in Provence

Luma Foundation, Arles

For the first time in France (and Europe!), the Luma Foundation is hosting a selection of works for its 34th year this winter with some warm and tropical air.e In 2021, the São Paulo Biennial was held. Fourteen contemporary artists from seven countries present work that questions the ways in which different realities can co-exist through multiple media including installations, sound experiments, paintings, videos, photographs and letters. Until March 5.

Cake by Jean Imbert

30 Montaigne

Two reasons to go for a walk on the 30th at the beginning of the year, Montaigne opened the Dior center last year. First, in the pastry shop, to taste galette des rois signed by Jean Imbert with pastry chef Romuald Bizart, to eat in or take away.

A galette signed Jean Imbert and Romuald Bizart in Montaigne, aged 30.

A galette signed Jean Imbert and Romuald Bizart in Montaigne, aged 30.MATTEO CARASSALE

The program includes a selection of new clothes and the opportunity to discover or rediscover an exhibition at the Dior Gallery with new works by artists Sarah Moon, Brigitte Nierdemair or Eva Copsy.

It’s time to book

Carole Bouquet – Bérénice at La Scala

The Jean Racine tragedy, directed by Muriel Mayette-Holtz, returns to the poster at La Scala from January 18 to 28 after a month of performances in September. In an ultra-modern set that defies tradition, Carole Bouquet returns to the stage with her grace and stature as the heroine, accompanied by Frederic de Goldfiem and Jackie Idon as Titus and Antiochus.


Christophe Aribert hosts in his “House of the Chef”.

Christophe Aribert has just opened Maison du chef, located above his two-star restaurant at Uriage in Isere. Five rooms complete the offer of accommodation in the castle, where this chef, who is a fan of plants and locality, offers delicious cuisine. Cafe A, more affordable and gourmet than its gastronomic table. Housed in a tastefully renovated old villa from the 1920s, the rooms are cocoons decorated in a tree theme. The best of the place: a private spa offering a hot pool and a (very) cold pool for hydrotherapy enthusiasts!

Last chance!

From Michael Kenna to Sumiyoshi

A variety of French landscapes in 50 black-and-white frames (at Chateau de Rambouillet), the life of the great statesman Eugène de Beauharnais during the Napoleonic era (at Chateau), by British photographer Michael Kennan, a specialist in square prints and long exposures. de Bois Préau, Malmaison) or the energy at the end of the Japanese calligrapher Akeji Sumiyoshi’s brush (at the Cernuschi museum). You’ll have to run this weekend not to miss one of these three exhibitions closing their doors this Sunday!, and

And elsewhere

Those little voices that are good, London design museum

To clarify what AMSR is, take advantage of a weekend in London and test this relaxation technique with visual, audio or tactile stimulation. London’s design museum lifts the curtain on this practice of the era and the small physical pleasures it afforded. Whisper, blow, whisper, touch, tap… We will learn that a new generation of artists has been born: the AMRTists. Tobias Bradford was able to replicate Marc Teyssier’s salivating tongue and faux leather case that allows you to pinch or stroke your cell phone. An exhibition that can be visited with all the senses. Are they all crazy? “Strange Sensation Feels Good,” through April 10.

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