Pau: a lifetime test for future emergencies at the Navarre clinic

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It is an important step before the inevitable transfer of emergencies from the Marzet clinic in the city center to Navarre, north of Pau, “at the beginning of the year, after receiving the approval of the Regional Health Agency”, Pierre Bascelli. deputy director of the enterprise.

16 fictional victims

At the end of the day on Monday, December 19, the manager thus brought together volunteers from the facility and the Red Cross to simulate three hours of a classic day in the emergency room. “The goal is to fully understand the circuit in Navarre,” he explains.

The handling of stretchers in wide corridors was tested.

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At Marzet, emergency nurse Vanessa agreed to step on the other side of the mirror and play the victim. “I’m coming here to work in a few weeks, so I wanted to see what it was like,” says the young woman. Like him, each of the 16 fictional patients discovers their role in the parking lot behind the clinic. “I have a pain in my wrist, it’s been hurting for two hours,” she reads in her file. After a brief briefing and a quick hand makeover, it’s off to the emergency room.

Others will have to wait for Red Cross ambulances to pick them up, like a young man simulating a motorcycle crash or a man imitating a man falling from a tree. “I took the categories that we really deal with in the emergency department: daily falls, abdominal pain that causes anxiety…” explains Pierre Bascelli.

The editorial staff advises you

After a short ride in an ambulance or on foot, patients gradually arrive. Two new glass doors have been opened next to the entrance of the maternity hospital, one for patients who come on foot alone, and one for those admitted by ambulance. These two types of people will be accepted to be registered by the agents. A nurse will also be present to conduct the initial triage of patients.


No time to argue: an asthma attack victim arrives by ambulance. It is serviced directly in one of the two discharge boxes. “Where’s Benton?” And Green? “The doctor laughs, the famous American TV series “Emergency”.

More seriously, this exercise allowed him to see that only one laptop was provided in the nurses’ station. “We need a second to follow us in the boxes. Me, I don’t want to waste time going back to the office every time,” explains healthcare manager Carine Duboe. “That’s what tonight is all about: getting our bearings, exploring the buildings and working on our future organization,” he said.

A new break in the visit, fatigue is reported to the reception. A perfect event to experience the handling of stretchers in this new location. “It’s bigger here, that’s for sure,” admits Karine Duboe, walking past three treatment boxes. There is no one in the plaster room or sewing room at the moment – the injured young woman has already left.

As an extension of the emergency room, eight beds are ready for short-term hospitalization and emergency medical care – like a fake car accident victim who actually needs to spend a night under a doctor’s care.

For the health manager, the exercise also allowed him to “integrate newcomers joining the team.” Navarre will be staffed daily by three nurses, two physicians, a nursing assistant, a health manager and a receptionist. At night there will be only two nurses and only one doctor.

Return to the waiting room where the man with the blue forehead and Nurse Vanessa are still waiting. “Just like in a real emergency department,” concludes an agent from the clinic.

First aid workers of the Red Cross Society participated in the training.

First aid workers of the Red Cross Society participated in the training.

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An exercise for the Red Cross as well

“Hello sir, where is the pain? can you shake my hand What day is it? Crouching next to a man sitting on the ground, under a tree he had just fallen, a Red Cross first responder asked him questions to analyze the patient’s condition. After discussing with his colleagues, he decides to immobilize him on a stretcher before taking him to the emergency room.
“How can I keep his head in place?” – asks the young woman, turning to her colleagues. One of them takes over this manipulation, and the other lowers the stretcher. As for Navarre clinic staff, the real-life exercise organized on Monday, December 19, is designed to test Red Cross volunteers. “It allows us to practice in almost real conditions and we can explore a new emergency location,” explains the volunteer.
“It’s important to get everyone to work together. I would like to repeat this exercise in Marzet, maybe with firemen? Here we are in reality and more in theory,” says Pierre Bascelli, deputy director of the Marzet and Navarre clinics.

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