On Netflix and Disney+: 3 exciting series to watch this Wednesday

You can start the year on a high note. CNET France’s editors have selected three series to watch now on streaming platforms to give you an evening full of twists. netflix and Disney+.

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Discover now Kaleidoscope, Lovers and Snowpiercer.

What series should you be watching or re-watching tonight on Netflix and Disney+?

Atypical Series: Kaleidoscope (Netflix)


The story of a heist over 25 years in which experienced robbers, pursued by the police, try to break into a warehouse guarded by a talented security team in order to recover the loot of the century. The series is structured around eight episodes covering the 24 years leading up to the robbery and the six months after.

Review by CNET France

Kaleidoscope offers a surprising viewing concept: each Netflix user is offered episodes of this heist series in a different order. If one says “Yellow” first, then “Blue” and so on. if he sees the episode, another subscriber will see “Green” first, and so on. Therefore, the story of the series is mixed and can approach in all directions, moving between time periods that are more or less distant from the work at the center of the story. All of this helps to spice up the plot, which is ultimately quite banal as we’ve seen and considered heist stories.

If the advantage Kaleidoscope hence the structure of his narrative, we have fun putting the pieces of his puzzle in order as the viewing progresses. Then we have a series that requires us to give it our full attention, because a momentary distraction can prevent us from making certain connections within the story. The upside is that the series is also backed by an impressive cast that piques our interest. In the end, even if we remove the disorder from the episodes, we have a good time following the organization of this gigantic heist. Kaleidoscope does not revolutionize the genre.

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Great Series: The Lovers (Disney+)


Vincent works in the department of Meurthe-et-Moselle and has just been dumped by his girlfriend, Louise, who is his boss. Alban still lives with his mother and works in the same building as Vincent. After Vincent mistakenly answers his cell phone at the scene of a car accident, he and Alban find themselves embroiled in a dangerous criminal plot that turns their lives upside down.

Review by CNET France

Vincent Dédienne and François Damiens make a hilarious duo in this French series (adapted from the English series. Wrong People) made for Disney+. In the shoes of Vincent and Alba, they embark on an adventure that completely overwhelms them but pushes them to excel, giving the series the opportunity to really explore its characters beyond just providing an action-comedy story. Lovers then it’s not just a comedy, but a series that is committed to developing its story and characters.

Outside of Dedienne and Damiens, the rest of the show’s cast is equally compelling. Overall, the show is effectively written and directed, and the six episodes that make up its first season follow each other in quick succession. The second season Enthusiasts comes this week on Disney + and promises more incredible adventures for its main characters. It will please viewers who like humor and action against the background of organized crime Lovers.

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Thriller: Snowpiercer (Netflix)


The world turned into a huge field of ice, and seven years later, the survivors took refuge in a constantly moving train. A 1,001-car train travels around the world at full speed, wreaking havoc on board with class warfare and social injustice.

Review by CNET France

If you find that the current temperatures are not seasonal enough and this winter is not cold, immerse yourself in the icy universe of the world. Snowpiercer. This series is adapted from a comic book Transperceneige Jacques Lob and Jean-Marc Rochette invite their audience to a train to nowhere, where the last survivors of humanity lead a particularly hierarchical life. The series now has three seasons, each as charming as the next.

Just because the series takes place on a nonstop moving train doesn’t mean it can’t always find a way to surprise its audience. Under his fake camera airs, Snowpiercer drives its heroes and enthralls the audience from one episode to the next. The characters are nuanced, with bad guys and good guys always changing. Then we cling to the carriages of this extraordinary train to watch with interest the dramatic adventures of the passengers. See without hesitation.

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