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D – Before the start of the 14th edition of the RORC Transatlantique Race 3. Marie Tabarly and the crew of Pen Duick VI on the starting blocks in Lanzarote. This event is a true sportsmanship and technical test for the whole team: “I don’t like to lose, we will do our best”, remembers the captain of the famous black ketch… But between these 3000 miles, he continues training for the Canary Islands and the West Indian Ocean Globe Race.

“The ship is ready, and so is the crew!” We really enjoyed the delivery trip between Lorient and Lanzarote. Although the conditions in the Bay of Biscay were difficult and we only sailed upwind, the atmosphere on board was great and we feel that the boat has improved in performance. It is more balanced, its new equipment is a big plus, we have had no technical problems: being able to focus on navigation with the team is a real pleasure! Marie Tabarly concludes, three days before the start of the first transatlantic race for her team selected for the Ocean Globe Race.

This first race of the season and the first transatlantic race for the “old fashioned” world team will allow the team to get into racing mode.

Mari Tabarly: “Our priority is to get our bearings and protect the crew and equipment… but we’ll do our best. Everyone will focus on what they need to do. I also use the opportunity to continue working on the weather forecast and routes.

We won the Tour of the British Isles last year in calm conditions: we’re never immune to a pleasant surprise! »

Technically, these 3,000 miles will also be instructive. A great ketch comes out of a great optimization project. A delivery trip between Brittany and the Canary Islands has already revealed the performance increase, but there’s nothing like a long-distance confrontation to get a clearer picture of the Pen Duick VI’s capabilities, especially in downwind directions.

Marie Tabarly: “The goal is to sail as cleanly as possible, but we must not forget that Pen Duick VI is a 1973 boat, built for cruising and heavy weather…

We will be racing in IRC 0 with modern full carbon boats like Teasing Machine, Tulikettu… We have the lowest rating. We will see what it will give. »

Autumn: Technical site in Lorient
December 14: Launch of Pen Duick VI, then delivered to Lanzarote


  • January 8: Start of the RORC Transatlantic Race
  • February 20: RORC Caribbean 600 departs
  • Training trip to New York with Esprit d’Équipe
  • March: Return Transat
  • Spring-Summer: technical preparation, training, partner visits
  • September 10: Start of the Ocean Globe Race

* Elemen’Terre: Heritage – 18 projects are in development

Elemen’Terre is a floating think tank committed to returning to simple, elemental thoughts and actions. Pen-Duick VI is the flagship of this association.
Heritage permeates all areas that govern us: social, cultural, historical, financial, scientific, etc. We inherit the world from past generations, which we will pass on to future generations.
Are we proud of the quality of what we deliver?
Part of 22 crew members, 18 Volon’Terre are currently developing environmental or social projects related to heritage. These personal projects were part of the selection criteria for entry into Pen Duick VI.
These programs will be announced during the Ocean Globe Race…

** Elemen’Terre Legacy aims to create connections between companies and young people in their territories by jointly building educational programs based on their socio-ecological challenges: biodiversity, coastal protection, low-tech economic activities.
These programs are aimed at young people as a whole and are tailored to children in school, out of school or in hospital.
Element’terre Legacy offers companies again
solve the crucial question: what legacy will you leave in your area? The pilot phase of the program began in September 2022 in Brittany and is looking to expand to mainland France and Dom Toms.

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