In 2023, these 20 cult films will celebrate their 20th anniversary

28 days laterby Danny Boyle

The Walking Dead, before the hour. The revelation of Cillian Murphy, who played his first major role. Danny Boyle’s (then known only by his name Train spottingand The beach, short). A small revolution in the zombie universe: for the first time in history, the undead run fast — “gniagniagnia, they are infected patients, not zombies” who cares, they are zombies. An important, traumatic film.

8 milesCurtis Hanson

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It would be necessary to wait until 2002 (and in France until 2003) before a biopic concerned the fate of a rapper. Although it is based on the true beginning of Eminem’s career and the latter – a very rare occurrence – played his own role, the film took many liberties. What is the key to success in this very conventional and often forgotten genre? Detroit rapper Bold, 8 miles it is a clear achievement that marks an entire generation.

The mighty BruceBy Tom Shadyac

In 2003, the uncontrollable Jim Carrey reunited for the third time with Tom Shadyac, who had already directed him. Ace Ventura and Liar liar. In The mighty Brucet, he entrusted the authority and power of God to the actor to give him free rein to all his eccentricities. Facing him are Jennifer Aniston and Morgan Freeman – just barely – but above all, the unknown Steve Carell as the antagonist Evan Baxter, in a memorable TV scene. Great success in the world, The mighty Bruce It attracted 2.5 million moviegoers in France.

PetBy Merzak Allouache

In 2003, he portrayed the romantic transvestite character created by director Gad Elmaleh for his second one-man show. normal lifeIn 2001, he was consecrated as a comedy star. Gad Elmaleh, co-writer of the film, also took the lead role along with Claude Brasseur, Roshdi Zem, Catherine Frot and Alain Chabat, and underwent hours of physical transformation every morning. But the game was worth a candle from then on Pet It achieved nearly 4 million admissions in France.

PhilBy Gus Van Sant

In 2003, Patrice Chereau, Chairman of the Jury of the Cannes Film Festival, was awarded the Palme d’Or. Phil and the Best Director Award for Gus Van Sant. Rectilinear staging, multiple sequence shots, and long tracking shots that are memorable and accompany the main characters from the back like a video game to their grisly fate.

Inspired by the Columbine massacre on April 20, 1999, which left 15 dead and 24 injured, the film offers no political analysis, but an opportunity to observe the director’s favorite subject – adolescence – as closely as possible. school on the day of the massacre. And twenty years after his release, Phil still resonates sadly with current events.

crazy fridayBy Mark Waters

In 2003, Disney brought together the legendary duo Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis in an adaptation of Mary Rogers’ novel of the same name. In that novel, Tess (Jamie Lee Curtis) and Anna (Lindsay Lohan) switched mother and daughter. body after curse, all served up with amplified female rock music. 20 years later, and long after the desert for Lindsay Lohan, the two actresses will continue to celebrate the age of reason. teen movie to pray.

Gangs of New Yorkby Martin Scorsese

Leonardo DiCaprio vs Daniel Day-Lewis and his beautiful moustache, Civil War atmosphere in New York. Surrounded by a five-star cast (Cameron Diaz, John C. Reilly, Liam Neeson, Brendan Gleeson, Stephen Graham) and directed by a particularly inspired Martin Scorsese – the director always is, anyway. A great film in terms of costume, history and cult.

Farewell, Lenin!By Wolfgang Becker

On October 9, 1989, the eyes of the world were on Berlin. But Christian Kerner, a fellow communist activist from East Berlin, saw nothing of the wall coming down. He was in a coma since the previous day. When he wakes up, the doctors warn his son Alex: he must avoid any further physical or psychological trauma that could prove fatal for him. Therefore, the latter will hide the end of the GDR from him by finding the missing pickle brand, turning the Coca-Cola ad into communist propaganda, or creating fake news.

While Alex kept the story from his mother, the director skillfully mixed it with family drama and comedy. It was written by an inexperienced screenwriter, directed by an unknown director and starred an unknown actor who became a star of German cinema with the film. Farewell, Lenin! he achieved unprecedented success in the country and conquered far beyond its borders.

Interstella 5555: The Story of a Hidden Star SystemBy Kazuhisa Takenouchi

Daft Punk and Leiji Matsumoto (his fatherCaptain Harlock) who join together to tell the adventures of a group of alien musicians abducted to stardom on a blue planet while a hero tries to save them. Dressing up the whole album Discoveryso “Once Upon a Time”, “Aerodynamic”, “Digital Love”, “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” and more, this is without a doubt one of the greatest films of 2003.

Children’s gamesBy Yann Samuell

Yann Samuell’s first film Children’s games Marion Cotillard and Guillaume Canet will also be together on screen for the first time. Sophie and Julien are two childhood friends who love each other but will miss each other for many years in this deviant and brutal romantic comedy based on the famous “hat or hat”. Although a little healthy, Children’s games seen over and over by a whole generation of dreamy teenagers.

Kill Bill: Vol.1by Quentin Tarantino

coming out of a Jackie Brown “Disappointing” (unfairly) at the box office after the Palme d’Or box office pulp fictionTarantino returned in 2003, six years after his last film, with his most striking, most effective hero and one of his best films, a true declaration of love for diverse genres and Asian cinema.

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25th hourby Spike Lee

It is the last day of a person’s freedom before a long prison term begins. Let me say that the film does not give enough desire. Not counting David Benioff’s main novel (before he tackled GoT for HBO), its subdued tone, but still perfectly suited to the atmosphere of a 9/11-traumatic Manhattan, an inspired Spike Lee and a perfect Edward. Norton.

World of NemoBy Andrew Stanton and Lee Unkrich

Ninth in our all-subjective Pixar rankings, World of Nemo It remains a studio classic based on the lovable (secondary) character of Dory, far superior to its 2016 sequel and giving us a taste of unfinished business. The first piece was a fun ride that never got old and took us delightfully on a ship under the ocean, among traveling turtles and mysterious anemones.

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the Kingby Peter Jackson

The conclusion of the most important fantasy saga in cinema. That’s it. It’s a fan favorite, and rightfully so—we’ll forget the final sequence in bed, which in no way detracts from this masterpiece of the genre.

The Belleville tripletsSylvain Chomet

A small masterpiece of animation, the French-Belgian-Quebec animated film told us about the adventures of Champion, his sad orphan, his grandmother and the tricycle he gave him to distract him. After riding the hills of Belleville, Champion would become a rider in the Tour in post-war France before being kidnapped by the New York mob.

If its elegance paid homage to Jacques Tati, the whole nostalgic film was filled with references to cultural figures of the past on both sides of the Atlantic. The unforgettable soundtrack by Benoît Charest won a César award and the film received two Oscar nominations. One episode the simpsons he even respected the celebrity Triplets.

The Matrix Reloaded and Matrix revolutions By Lana and Lilly Wachowski

First, the seventh is one of the greatest films in the history of art. The suites could not have been of the same level. The fact is that at least Reloaded quite exceptional and even if it Revolutions disappointed at certain points, the real fake result of Neo and the Trinity’s adventures is a SF monument celebrating 2003 in red iron.

Mystical riverby Clint Eastwood

At first glance, this is a simple thriller directed by the great Clint Eastwood. In 2003, audiences didn’t expect the actor-turned-director, popular Western figure and important director of the 1990s to turn his career around so far – this gem of a detective story would follow. Million Dollar Baby, Gran Torino, Invictus, American sniper, and others. in the group, Mystical river has to be one of our favorites. The strength of the cast, its plot, its treatment of the trauma rather than the crime itself, and its polished staging.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black PearlBy Gore Verbinski

Yes, first Pirates of the Caribbean It is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Nice shot of the old one, isn’t it? Not necessarily the best of the saga, it introduces the universe, the characters, the cults, and comes from the Disneyland attraction where everything had to be invented. If Jack Sparrow became an instant pop culture hero, it’s because the first film provided all the recipes for the saga’s success.

Punch Drunk LovePaul Thomas Anderson

In the 1990s, Adam Sandler subscribed to very low-quality popular comedies. But her versatile and enigmatic career choice didn’t scare Paul Thomas Anderson, who aspired to her. Punch Drunk Love, his fourth feature film. In this quirky and melancholic romantic comedy, he plays a complex and almost autistic bachelor who frantically collects discount coupons from a cake brand.

The film would go on to be selected at Cannes, win the directorial prize, and even earn The Sandman its only Golden Globe nomination to date. A brand new spotlight for the Hollywood nerd who will continue his fruitful collaboration with Anderson Flowers and blood.

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X-Men 2By Bryan Singer

The best movie of the trilogy X-Men original. If the first is cult, at least because of the universe, his introduction to Wolverine and his fight on top of the Statue of Liberty, the second has a more serious, darker tone. It’s more over. Diablo’s arrival and sequence in the White House is incredible. We would go further and say that it is an important film that will change the attitude of superheroes in Hollywood.

Article written with Arthur Cios.

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