Here are some good decisions to make for your pet this year

At the beginning of 2023, everyone has their own solution. Some decide to exercise, while others prefer to quit smoking. How about making resolutions for your pet’s welfare this year? Whether it’s more walks together or more sporting activities, here are 6 good resolutions listed by Jardiland to start the year off on the right foot with your furry friend.

1 – Pamper her as much as possible

As Jardiland points out, this isn’t really a “resolution” but more of a “recommendation” for your pet to receive more love and attention. This of course goes through lovemaking, play, and grooming. ” If you are afraid of spoiling him too much, remember that your pet knows how to do this very well, for example, offering to listen to you on a daily basis or simply calming you down with his presence. “, reveals Jardiland. Also, don’t forget to take him to the vet at least once a year to check that he’s in good health and take the opportunity to deworm and treat him for fleas.

2 – Prepare a new comfortable corner for him

New year, new cozy corner! To make him feel good, offer him the opportunity to relax in a comfortable place with all the elements he will like during the rest period. quiet times “. A basket, a cat tree, if you have a cat, various and colorful toys for him to play alone or with you, as well as a soft and pleasant blanket. Currently there are accessories for every taste and at every price! Zoomalia, Animalis or Wanimo all kinds of animals offers everything from food to toys for her.Spoil her, she deserves it!

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3 – Teach him not to destroy your furniture anymore

Cut sofa, gutted pillows… This year is over! You decided to put an end to your pet’s nonsense in your absence. Although it’s a tough job, you’re determined to come up with all kinds of ideas to keep him busy. Jardiland shares some tips on her website for getting her used to being alone, especially when you’re at work. For example, gradually increase your walking hours, give him something when you are not there (toys, chew toys, sound toys…). Finally, make sure he gets rest and distractions throughout the day. If he is still a puppy, protect your interior and remove potential danger (cables, shoes, dangerous objects…) and limit his access to certain rooms if you can. ” Reducing the space will prevent your dog from searching the whole house for you (and causing a lot of mischief along the way). “, especially Jardiland reveals.

4 – Get him used to the rope

If you have just adopted a cute puppy, it will be very important to get him used to the leash when he goes out. For this, you will need to arm yourself with patience, because with their energetic nature, it is sometimes difficult to catch the puppies! ” A little training and a few exercises will be enough to get him used to the rope. And run to get a harness and collar to complete this mission with your cat… and enjoy the joy of walking in complete safety! Jardiland writes. Whether it’s a dog or a cat, this gesture allows him to get used to people on the street or in parks so that he is no longer afraid.

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5 – Do sports with him

Physical activity is important for people to maintain good health, but also to exercise as much as possible. It’s the same for animals. Indeed, it is important that he goes for long walks and long play sessions to take care of his joints and heart. Why not kill two birds with one stone by sporting it in 2023? Whether it’s walking, running, or cycling, there are plenty of daily exercise activities that you’ll enjoy as much as he does and will certainly develop your special garden.

6 – Listen to it and decipher its language

Thanks to their gestures, our pets can explain a lot to us. If they feel good, if they like us, if they are sad or hungry, for example. To meet their expectations, as a master, you need to know how to decipher their language and mannerisms so that they feel listened to and loved. ” We don’t necessarily know it, but there are many tricks to deciphering and understanding our partner better, such as learning to recognize the postures he adopts or the sounds he makes! By the way, this also applies to our guinea pig! “Jardiland says. Find, there are tips to understand them ” language “. This will make your garden even stronger!

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