GIGABYTE Showcases ‘Computing Power’ at CES 2023; the power of the computer is serving to change the world

TAIPEI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–GIGABYTE, a leading IT innovation brand and technology industry leader, is introducing its “Computing Power” at CES 2023, where the company will showcase exceptional computing performance that enables the development of innovative technologies. To illustrate this theme, the exhibition will showcase a wide range of IT solutions for businesses and individuals.

Data centers are an integral part of technological development. GIGABYTE has always been recognized as a pioneer in developing new servers for developers and is committed to software integration to provide product solutions that keep pace with the advancement of the digital age. At CES, GIGABYTE is showcasing its next-generation server hardware and computing technology that delivers unparalleled performance, improved energy efficiency and high-density computing with the latest processors and GPUs capable of accelerating workloads. The company is also demonstrating an enterprise-grade workstation integrated with MyelinTek’s ready-to-use MLOps AI development environment. MLOps’ user-friendly interface enables engineers to quickly train AI models according to their innovations, and superior workstation performance makes implementation easy.

Computational performance demands face a thermal dilemma where performance gains become environmental sacrifices. GIGABYTE’s air, liquid and immersion cooling solutions are specially designed to maximize heat dissipation, enabling servers to deliver exceptionally high performance while reducing carbon emissions, paving the way for a sustainable future without compromising economic growth. At CES, GIGABYTE is also showcasing the TO15-Z40, a leading immersion tank-compatible OCP server, to demonstrate future-proof computing to industry leaders seeking to balance technological advancement and environmental sustainability.

Automotive technologies are advancing as they use artificial intelligence and computing power to drive communications, paving the way for safer driving and smarter traffic. With extensive experience in ADCU (Autonomous Driving Control Unit) and ADAS DCU (Domain Control Unit) development, GIGABYTE provides the automotive industry with integrated DCU zoned and high-performance decision control systems designed and controlled according to a centralized architecture. integrated with various requirements and concepts, thus reducing vehicle production costs.

GIGABYTE unveiled its latest generation of AERO creative laptops and AORUS gaming PCs ahead of CES. Both notebook lines feature 13-inch Intel® Core™ processorse generation and NVIDIA RTX™ 40 graphics cards. They also use the latest technologies to offer tech enthusiasts computing performance that exceeds their expectations. The new CES 2023 Innovation Award winner Stealth 500 DIY PC Kit and a giant 48-inch gaming display are also on display for users to enjoy.

Visit GIGABYTE’s “Computing Power” event page here

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