“Conference” Edition 1: Live Discussions on Artificial Intelligence

A trio of Algerian researchers formed in the US, in this case Dr Bouache Mourad, Head of Artificial Intelligence (AI) at Intel in Silicon Valley, Dr Senouci Mohamed, researcher at the University of North South Dakota and lecturer in the US Southern Denmark and finally Dr Cheddadi Saoucen, Dr Yacine In collaboration with the ministerial department of Oualid, the knowledge economy, start-ups, micro-enterprises and their promotion was then organized at the Moufdi Zakaria cultural hall in Algiers. The scientific event from December 27 to 29, 2022 turned out to be narrow. Led by dozens of Algerian academics and researchers working in different countries around the world, this meeting attracted a large number of students, scholars and national researchers. various Algerian universities. The “Conference” event was characterized by very interesting discussions that demonstrated the interest and will of Algerian scientists, patriots, and the democratization of new technologies in the economic, cultural, and social regime of Algeria for 03 days. The presence of 05 members of the Algerian government is an important signal of the political will that adheres to this approach so that the country does not fall behind in the progress of the world. Many university leaders participated in the lectures and debates. Even the representative of the President of the Republic, who is responsible for higher education and scientific research, asked questions about the higher education sector in particular. Admittedly, the scientific meeting was the subject of several months of preparations before becoming a reality. At the end of the “conference”, Drs Bouache Mourad and Senouci Mohamed, before returning to the USA in early January 2023, the co-organizers of the event were kind enough to summarize their thoughts on what happened for the first time. Time in Algeria. “We applied to the sectors listed in the national priorities, these areas of reflection were related to 03 topics, AI technologies, digitalization, scientific research and entrepreneurship, said Dr. Bouache Mourad notes that the number of registrations was high. We could not accommodate everyone due to lack of space and then several hours of Algerian researchers and lecturers were available. They were still able to come to their own account to convert their additions to the country, he continues. Students asked their technical questions, especially artificial intelligence and digitization, turning ideas into startups, law 12-75, with the help of the state. I will give you the example of Professor Lachemi Mohamed from Toronto (Canada, editor’s note) who presented his case about the development of 750 startups from his incubator and their direct impact on the economic development of Canada. Professor Lachemi Mohamed wants to collaborate with the Algerian Ministry of Higher Education to implement this strategy of leveraging this wealth in the knowledge economy. We worked on a mosaic of the thermal baths area west of Cherchell using artificial intelligence. We succeeded and intend to do a second one for another archaeological site, the Christian Tomb. There will be a second edition of the “Conference” in December 2023, but from now on I announce that the number of researchers will triple, taking into account the impact of this 1st edition., Dr. Bouache Mourad concludes. Then his compatriot Dr. Senouci Mohamed intervened: “New technologies will control the future of the world in all fields”, he says. We managed to bring our Algerian researchers and scientific friends working in the USA, Australia, Europe and Asia to the country to participate in the “Conference”. Every day, 04 researchers led their conferences, which continued with debates on the topics included in the program. There was wealth. It was positive. He adds that discussions on digitization, digitalization, AI, entrepreneurship, higher education, startups were held during 03 days, and serious work was done. But we have to admit that this could happen mainly because of the goodwill of Dr. Yacine Walid who mobilized the means to make this great meeting a success. “We intend to implement all that has been said, human resources are available and this has been proven, our country can achieve the set goals, I can only give 02 concrete examples that they have demonstrated what they are capable of in other places, Prof. Mohamed Lachemi in Toronto (Canada) and Prof. in Doha (Qatar). Rachid Belamiri, why not here in Algeria. We will now prepare for the second edition with the approval of the Algerian authorities.researcher Dr. Senouci Mohamed concludes.

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