Wind farms: “Taxes should serve a productive economy”

A new calculation method for the distribution of tax on offshore wind power is being examined in parliament. The amendment plans to include second homes in the calculation. Where this population is low, the Saint-Nazaire donation will be reduced. Mayor David Samzun expresses his “incomprehension and anger”.

“Saint-Nazaire can be proud to host the first offshore wind farm in France. The symbol of the fight against global warming, our country’s desire for energy independence, industrial mobilization, and maritime ambitions has finally come true.

For years, Saint-Nazaire and its basin have been preparing to succeed in this great industrial adventure in the service of the ecological transition represented by the marine renewable energy sector. From the consensus of marine stakeholders to the mobilization of local industries, through works in the city, everyone worked to manufacture and install the 80 wind turbines that now make up the Saint-Nazaire Park.

The President of the Republic, who came to the opening of this park this summer, took the opportunity to announce the law on the acceleration of renewable energy production. Great news when you know the potential of France with its 3,500km of coastline. It has the second largest wind resource in Europe and the economic players, France Énergie Éolienne and Syndicat des Energies Renouvelables, claim that at least 50 GW is achievable and realistic in 2050. The port of Nant-Saint-Nazaire is ready to play its full role. definitely. However, even though we seem to be on the right track in terms of combating global warming, re-industrialization and job creation, I am a mayor who intends to express my incomprehension and anger.

Why so? Because most of the parliamentarians played with symbols during the examination of the law on the acceleration of renewable energy production in the parliament. They introduced a new method of calculating tax distribution on offshore wind turbines, off-the-cuff and without consultation. Why? The explanatory memorandum on annex 428 is clear: it is about benefiting the municipalities bordering the project, with numerous secondary residences, to the detriment of others.

This is the object of my anger. He is outwardly modest. That’s what symbols are all about.

Indeed, I can’t get used to the idea that in this country, in the midst of an energy crisis and facing a huge housing crisis, wealthy owners of second homes facing the sea manage to install the idea that they will be harmed. view of some wind turbines. But specifically, why was the injustice done? Their daily life does not change in any way. Is their main concern a possible devaluation when they sell their heritage to someone richer than them? And this would justify the state taking care of it through compensation paid into the budget of the resort community… The same state that advocates a zero net artificial approach and encourages the landowners of the economy. The same State that emphasizes the obvious shortcomings of these coastal municipalities in terms of social housing production year after year?

This is a deeply insulting gesture to an elected official on housing for all who prides himself on housing his workers as close to their jobs as possible, whether they are industrial or service workers, working in our agglomeration or with our neighbors in La Baule. . The gulf between the ultra-rich and the world of business and production is also revealed in this type of situation.

I write this column with the feeling of being in the center of the battle. For the re-industrialization of France and the protection of workers’ employment while the Covid19 pandemic exposes our weaknesses. The war in Ukraine for the energy transition and return of more sovereignty to our country exposes our dependence and the country is afraid of power cuts. For a peaceful society where the “Yellow Vest” crisis shows the cracks, where the work is paid and all citizens are treated equally, which will be brought back to life by the unjust pension reform.

As I am deeply committed to the republican pact and harmony, I cannot ignore such decisions. I remain mobilized with the actors of the area. We are still fighting. The law has not yet been adopted. We hope for consistency and momentum.”

David Samzun, Mayor of Saint-Nazaire

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